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I love the 80's and I also love Madonna. I confess I’m not a huge fan of her music (although I like the songs from the 80’s, because those are more fun to listen and dance to) but I admire her for the powerful woman she is today! Since the beginning of her career, back in the 80's, that she became known mostly due to her crazy attitudes during her shows and in her personal life. The way she explored religious symbolism and sexual themes were sometimes polemic. I also like the way she dressed back then, her clothes and accessories were very cool!
Madonna's 80's vibe was so awesome, that I've decide to write a post about her style in the 80's, but with a modern take. While writing, I was listening and singing to her songs and it was very funny!
Bellow: Dolled up in a white-lace bustier, a ''Boy Toy'' belt, and a flouncy tutu, Madonna performed ''Like a Virgin'' at the first MTV Video Music Awards looking like the world's naughtiest bride.
"Like a virgin, touched for the very first time. Like a virgin… when your heart beats next to mine!" - Like a Virgin Lyrics
"Living in a material world, and I am a material girl! You know that we are living in a material world, and I am a material girl…" - Material Girl Lyrics
Clothes: My-Wardrobe and Topshop
Leather jackets: net-a-porter
Clothes and accessories: Topshop and Claire's
Clothes and accessories: Topshop, Claire's and net-a-porter
.Image: "Desperately Seeking Susan" Movie (1985)Boots: net-a-porter and Gucci

Top: net-a-porter
Accessories: Claire's and Topshop
Gloves and skirts: Topshop

Accessories: net-a-porter, Topshop and Claire's
I love the following image. I think Madonna looks so cool!

“Music can be such a revelation, dancing around you feel the sweet sensation. We might be lovers if the rhythms right, I hope this feeling never ends tonight…” - Into the Groove Lyrics
A few of my Madonna badges (from the 80's)

My Madonna Cds: "True Blue", "The Immaculate Collection", "Erotica"
"True love, you're the one I'm dreaming of... your heart fits me like a glove, and I'm gonna be true blue baby I love you" - True Blue Lyrics

I have also this one seen in the image bellow (in vinyl), although I can't find it anywhere: "Like a Prayer"
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enc said...

I love Madonna's style. It's rare that I can really admire every single look donned by a public personality, but she's the only one who comes close. She's got superb taste. Or at the very least, a superb stylist.

The Seeker said...

Great post.
Love all that stuff, I'm a 80's girl, you know, so despite all the excess there are some things that I still like ;)


ELVIA said...

thanks for the comment!
& i love the 80s madonna + style!
'desperately seeking susan' is one of my favorite movies! :)

the 80s has made a huge comeback [style-wise]... i really want the fingerless gloves, tutu-esque skirts [i love tulle], lace gloves [lace is my 2nd fave fabric], the leather jacket [the only kind of jacket, aside from fur, that is a must-have in my view], and those pants + leggings.


Andy said...

I really liked her style at this time of her life. She used to be so amazing but now she is just trying too hard..
New post on my blog, check it out.


XAVS said...

my god she is so trend setter still!!!!! I think she already dominates the world, seriously...
Cool post!


Franco said...

I think maddona in the 80's stole cindy L.'s look.
I like the old one better

Madonna is always the best A+ ...so funny, I have an I love Madonna post as well ...it's back in the archives. I loved this!!!

either luv or hate hate...she is a true style/fashion icon indeed ;)

SOS! said...

i wish madonna had stayed in the 80s... she is so scary looking now with all her muscles and her obsessive healthiness. bring back madonna circa-like a virgin.
and i want that tux delux jacket from topshop, think i may have to get it as an homage to Madonna, the woman that she was.

Carla said...

I love Madonna's style, looks amazing on her. I am not sure if I want the 80's back. Fab collection of pics. Carla

oi su! nossa, a madonna (e os 80's!) lembra a minha adolescência... tantos símbolos, músicas, estilos... alguns eternos, outros dignos de ser esquecidos! mas, foi uma ótima lembrança! bjs, querida!

Krystal said...

sure thing, im adding you now

LaCouturier said...

i need a pair of studded ankle booties.

loved this post!! :)

La C

Thanks for the comment :)
I love Madonna's style, it's always fun and eclectic and even if it's a total miss it still ends up looking great because she owns it.

Bravo! this was such a cute post! I adore Madonna, she's a unapologetic and a risk taker!

WendyB said...

She had the best fashion! I still want everything she wore in the Borderline video, especially the graffiti skirt and neon heels.

Me encanta tu retrospectiva sobre Madonna!! en su ultimo concierto, en la cancion " SHE'S NOT ME" ella misma pasa revista a algunos de sus looks! Besos!

wow! its not really my style but how fashion foward was she!

Thanks for the comment

ChicLisboa said...

também não sou grande fã da madonna, mas admito que ela tem muuuuito estilo. adorei as fotos!!

Sunniva said...

This is such an excellent post! I love Madonna's 80s style - everything from her clothes to her music to the risks she took xoxo

Romeika said...

It's funny how the early 1980s Madonna is the most unforgettable look of hers. Great post, love the pictures you chose!

Madge has always been phenomenal... omg i heart those lbt studded boots ouch... too bad i'm a boy...wish i had guts like bryan boy

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-I'm a great fan of the
80s too and I love the sets you've created, some real lovely picks here!!

Allure said...

Madonna is definitely not my cup of tea.

Juliet said...

I admire how Madge recreates herself over and over again.

juliet xxx

Imelda said...

Great post!!
I love Madonna songs for patying!
and I got a great deal of inspiration from this post for nice outfits!

Kira Fashion said...

I love her too, more for her attitude than for her songs, which are great too.

She is fantastic!
great post!!!

coco said...

She is one of my icons, I adore her. I love when people post about her. You chose some amazing pictures too.

JuliaFuentez said...

she is a real icon

I don't wanna imagine how long it took you to write/find/search all this! congrats on the excellent job!!

Beijo meu ♥,

A Elite

lily said...

I'm not usually a big fan of Madonna, but your selection is pretty fierce! Well done Miss!

I love your blog really, would you like to exchange links?

Alize (http://alizemorand.wordpress.com) xx

Susanna-Cole said...

Aw I love the 80's, sadly I missed the whole decade, since I was born in the 90's! ;) But guess I can still celebrate the 80's even today! :D


Anonymous said...

i love her 80's style, i often watch some of her old music video's on youtube

thank u for the sweet comment!
i heart this post!
i love the maddona from the 80s and her style there is so appropriate and Fashion NOW!

What an amazing post.
I love madonna's style and the accessories yuo've chosen.
My favourite are the Gucci boots.


dapper kid said...

I do love Madonna, her style has always been amazing. And I adore the pieces you chose :)

Cate said...

Sure I'll add your link Su! I love the 80s too, and Madonna's music and style from that period were cool too, but I don't really like Madonna as a personality nor her nowadays music and style. The 80s were really her time though. Cool you have so many great pieces in the wardrobe to recreate Madonna's 80s look!
Cool, original Madonna badges from the eighties! Not bad!
What a shame you can't find that "Like A Prayer" record...

And about your comment: You're right, who cares about a messy kitchen when one has pancakes?

saray said...

great post..

I spent last night (Thanksgiving holiday) at my friend's place and we sang karaoke all night long, including a lot of Madonna's old hits. :-)

darling this is a TERRIFIC post! love Madonna circa 1980's so this was delish for me.really like how you broke down how to get her style then.I really think that her style always reflects her music direction at that same time.When she was delving into religion and eroticsm she was wearing the multi reliogious jewellery mixed with lots of run of the mill bits plus the underwear look out.
love this post dear.
muah! xx

foolfashion said...

wow, that was a hard stylist work!

I love the 80's too, Madonna back then was so cool, I loved her song, "Open Your Heart" so much! <3


Tiffany said...

oh my goodness. What a great post! I love how you found all those pieces that are so 80's Madonna but now.

Secretista said...

I love old Madonna's style. New Madonna scares me.

such a nice post:)
she is still great,a living legend and her style will aways remain!

madonna will always be one of my favorite artists of all time. great pictures!