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I really like animal print, especially leopard print. I already bought one coat to wear this season, at Mango (ALWAYS FAUX FUR FOR ME). It's not a long leopard print coat; it's small, but enough to make a statement! See images bellow:
. . .Me, myself and I...
.I also bought a cute alice band and a ring at Accessorize (see photos bellow):...
Wearing leopard print is a way to be a little bit daring, although if we don't make it simple, we can turn a fabulous and chic outfit into something tacky.
There are a few rules a girl/woman should keep in mind when wearing an animal print, or any print at all:
1. Wear only a piece of animal print at the time, you want to look cool not a real animal (unless you are Kate Moss (see bellow), who can pull any outfit and look cool);
2. Keep it simple;
3. Pair it with neutral colours (black, white, camel or khaki);
.Bellow, Kate Moss with a leopard print dress and heels:.
.I also found some cute leopard print clothes and accessories online, see bellow:..1. 2 x Skinny Animal Alice Bands (I have these two - see my photo above)
2. 6 x Animal Bulldogs
3. 2 x Animal Clic Clacs
4. Leopard Faux Fur Ear Muffs
(From Accessorize)

.1. Leopard Print Silk Scarf
2. Woven Leopard Scarf
(From Topshop)

.1. Pedro Garcia Barbara Mary-Janes
2. Pedro Garcia Greta leopard flats
3. Leopard Print Flats
4. Christian Louboutin New Simple Pumps
(#3 from Accessorize, #1 #2 #4 from net-a-porter)

.Manolo Blahnik Houristra Leopard Print d'Orsay - From Bergdorf Goodman
1. Hairy Animal Print Coat
2. Leopard Print Insoles
3. Leopard Ring Detail Skinny belt
(From Topshop)
1. Animal Angora Trilby
2. Large Leopard Print Notebook
3. Oliver Peoples Chelsea sunglasses
4. Lionel Leopard Beret
5. Leopard Print Compact Mirror
6. Leopard Print Tights
(#3 from net-a-porter, #1 #2 #4 #5 #6 from Accessorize)
See bellow a few celebrities wearing leopard print clothes or accessories:
.Kate Moss
Keira Knightley
Daisy Lowe
Sienna Miller
Rachel Bilson
Lily Cole
"Serena van der Woodsen"
Heidi Klum

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A La Mode said...

You look fantastic, Love all the leopard print! Its so timeless, and fabulous!

oi! eu tb adooooro estampas de animais! tenho lenço, arco, prendedores de cabelo, braceletes... acho o máximo! adorei a sua produção! bjs!!!

Franco said...

I've never seen a guy wearing animal print in real life.
but great findins. :)

enc said...

Oh, I wish you'd included that photo of Angelina in the leopard trench.

Leopard can be fun, if done right. too much is, as you say, too much.

The Seeker said...

You look so stylish with that coat!!

Yes, one must wear animal prints right.


Love the tights - where can I get them?

WendyB said...

Great jacket. I'm a big fan of leopard.

Great coat!

I *heart* your purse in Photos 1 & 2. Is it a Chanel?

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-fabulous post, I love your little jacket, very cute indeed! I love leopardprint soo much!

Kikas said...

I'm not a big fan of leopard prints. But your little jacket looks realy nice on you!!!

Lluviaschick said...

i'm not a big fan of leopard print right now, i think the moment has passed... but I do have a pair of leopard shoes that I bought about 3 years ago when all the madness was starting and they are one of my fav pairs cause they are very comfortable, perfect to go out at night and party hard without painkilling feet! haha!

coco said...

I swear we are always thinking the same thing. I am so into leopard print right now.

the animal´s prin is the best..
beautyful blog
....and kises

Elena said...

Animal print can definately transform the simplest outfit! I love it combined with black! (Love your hair by the way!)

Pas en total look, mais par petites touches... yes.

I loved the headband!!!!

Fayoona said...

i want that agent provacateur leotard daisy wears very much. leopard print is the ultimate in party wear.

Bella said...

You look amazing in your "daring" little leopard!!!
And let it be said that the Oliver Peoples Chelsea sunglasses and silk scarf(#1)... lustful, very lustful!

LaCouturier said...

love love LOVE leopard print!!

La C

I love leopard print! But I agree that it is hard to pull off if you overdo it. Love the shoes!

i love leopard print! i think it never really goes out of style. think roberto cavalli or betsey johnson. :) they have made it work for decades.
great coat!

penelope said...

Daisy Lowe is just, insane! Kate Moss looks amazing! As always!

And I have a leopard print scarf which I love to bits! Love those shoes which you've picked uo though! I've ben wanting to get a pair of flats in this print; but I cant find any good ones so I settled for Tiger prints?! LOL it's still cute though:D:D

And you look so chic! That Mango coat is so pretty!

Carla said...

Thats it!I am going shopping I want a leopard skin coat like Kate. Oh to be like Kate. Carla x

Andy said...

I really like printed stuff!
these photos are great !
Maybe not a coat but i have a cut leopard headband and stuff !
New post on my blog check it out

syd vicious said...

Leopard print is my absolute favorite! And those
Manolo Blahnik shoes are gorgeous!

i think wearing leapard print the right way definitey spices up an outfit! great post!

Erin said...

Thanks for the congrats :D!
I love leopard print! Never goes out of style if it's done well.

hi honey! i like the piece you got from Mango.looks good on you. the alice band is super cute too dear.
like Pearl lowes look of the leotard the best.

Sarah Von said...


But Daisy Lowe? Where are your pants, girlfriend? This is neither a jazzersize class nor a pantsless party.

Miss Pu said...

I'm a big fan too!
I have scarfs, belts, leggins, earings and i'm deseperatly looking for the perfect coat. I like the Mango one, but i'm reaching for one bigger, like Moss or Sienna's...
I'll be at London in one week and i'm truly expecting to find there the perfect one for me!

Nice blog.
See mine @ http://fashionistaaddict.blogspot.com/

PS: É portuguesa??

dolce chic said...

So many pretty photos. I love leopard and zebra print. I'm glad they're still in vogue!

saray said...

I really need leopard print something

dapper kid said...

Love the coat and ring!! And holy smokes, this post was leopard print galore - love it!

Your jacket is gorgeous! Looks so great on you!
I adore leopard print shoes! Those are beautiful!
Great post!

Tina :) said...

I love leopard print, especially for accessories!
You look fabulous. :)


Cate said...

For me it's always faux fur too - and leopard print looks so damn cool! I love the little jacket you bought! You seem to have a great taste in jackets! Combined with black, it looks so great!
Ya, Kate Moss... She looks great in anything, but she's probably the only person who can pull off full-body leopard print in real life.
The Pedro García leopard flats are so cute! I wanna have them! But well, I already have a pair of leopard flats...
I dunno, I only like animal print in the "original" colours though. For example I don't like Fearne Cotton's trouser colour that much. I like the trouser itself though!

Kira Fashion said...

Amo, é super sexy! Tenho um biquine que amo da Salinas!

MizzJ said...

Great outfit! Why do you cover your face? I love how Kate and Keira wear leopard, it looks so chic.

Ladybird said...

ahhh...many great ways to add leoprad to a wardrobe!