Sarah Jessica Parker vs. Carrie Bradshaw

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"Sarah Jessica Parker has at last given in to her talents and is launching a fashion line. According to WWD, her new collection, named "Bitten", will be an affordable line of casualwear, swimwear, costume jewellry, handbags, belts, sunglasses and shoes, sold exclusively at American retail chain Steve & Barry's. The items, a world away from the couture worn by Carrie Bradshaw on screen, will mostly cost £12 and less. According to a press release from the retail giant, the name for Parker's collection came when she was "bitten by Steve & Barry's bug", and the collection will be inspired by her personal wardrobe. The clothes are to be divided into four components - "Classics", for the office; "Casual", for slouching around at home; "Trend", featuring more edgy, bright items, and "Lounge" - a mix of eveningwear and underwear. Fabrics used in the range include linen, khaki cottons, fleece hooded tops, thin ribbed tank tops, delicate knitwear tops and layered, floaty dresses and shoes will include espadrilles, wedges and flip-flops. T-shirts will be emblazoned with Carrie Bradshaw's best lines in Sex and the City - "fashion is not a luxury, it's a right," and "Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself" are our favourites. The collection hits stores on June 7."

Well girls, since Sarah Jessica's line of clothes will be "a world away from the couture worn by Carrie Bradshaw on screen" check out these photos from "Sex and the City", for us to remember how beautiful were the clothes she used to wear!

Photos from Vogue; HBO

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Sarah Jessica Parker, always the fashionista ... well, I think it was more the Carrie Bradshaw bit in her, but regardless, stylish.

Anyway, I didn't know that t-shirts were in the line she's putting out.

Anything that says "Fashion is not a luxury; it's a right" deserves to be worn ... hopefully by me!

Anyway, your blog's adorable and fresh.
Keep at it!

What an amazing post!