Bags are Forever

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Bags we will always love!
These are the bags we would like to have and leave for our children and grandchildren to wear.
The following ones are, in our opinion,essential in a wardrobe.

The Hermes Birkin handbag, it’s the Holy Grail of handbags and makes us wish for one every time we see a celebrity carrying them. (

There are Birkin bags in many different colors, in the picture bellow we can see Lindsay Lohan wearing a light blue one. (Source)

The Gucci Bouvier bag is a classic that became very famous since Jackie O started wearing one. This is a very feminine and classic model, that we can wear either on the shoulder or carrying it on the hand. We can also wear it in a more casual occasion or to a more dressed-up event. We will always look nice wearing this Gucci bag. (Source)

The Speedy Bag by Louis Vuitton is an icon and one of the label's famous handbags. Its definitely a must have. (Source)
Jessica Simpson walking around with her LV Speedy Handbag. (Source)

But there are more recent designer bags that are also very beautiful, like the Chloé Aubrey Bracelet Bag. It makes an outfit by itself. If you are carrying this bag you don’t need to worry with the rest, just put a little black dress on and you are ready to party. I think Sienna Miller would look adorable with this bag, it is definitely something she could wear. Its so her!(Source)

To wear during the day the following Chloé Bay Leather Bag is perfect. Isnt it gorgeous? (Source)

Just check Mischa Barton carrying one in the picture bellow. (Source)

Now that Spring time has come, we all want to start wearing some lighter colors. For that the following Zac Posen Aurora Bag is a must have. (Source)

Rachel Bilson loves her Aurora bag very much, because she was seen in many different occasions carrying it. (Source)

Cris's favourite is the Hermes Birkin handbag and Su's favourite is the Louis Vuitton Speedy handbag, but now we want you to tell us wich one is your favorite. Please tell us your opinion.

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Jessica said...

I love both Birkin and Kelly models. They are classics.

beate aka. dieklane said...

my favourite is the hermes birkin handbag - if i just had one life would be perfect ;]
do u know the "sex and the city" episode where samantha is using lucy liu to get one?

Thanks for commenting on my blog:D
I love bags that last forever - like the LV Speedy. It just ages beautifully!

Anonymous said...

I have a speedy, but I want a Chanel tote. I will get my Mom's Birkin. Love the new Aurora

The speedy is just fab. Its my favorite but I don't have it yet. I have a Papillon and a denim one.

Sophia said...

too many people carry Speedy here. it's like one of the cheapest among all other vuitton bags (less than US$1000!!! I KNOW!) but still, i wouldnt wanna carry a bag that every other person on the street has. i like Chanel's a lot. Birken is the holy grail of all handbags but i dont think i will save up for it. i'll get one when i finally make it one day hehe!