Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker

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Style icon Sarah Jessica Parker is launching, this summer, her own fashion line "Bitten".
Bitten is going to be a low-price, high-fashion line. Everything in the collection costs less than $20. According to Sarah Jessica "fashion is not a luxury, it's a right".
The line will be available exclusively at Steve & Barry's stores. For a preview just click here.

SJP went to Oprah's where she talked about her collection and showed some of the pieces. The collection comes in sizes 2-22 and reaches women from different ages, but, in our opinion, above 30 somethings.

To be honest, we were expecting something different from this collection. We knew it was going to be cheap but we also thought it was going to be more up to date. Take as an example the pictures bellow. Gosh We wouldnt wear those even with a gun pointed to our heads (Come on.... if you wanna kill us, at least let us die in style :P) Ohhhh but we bet our grandmas (if they were alive) would love these!

In the pictures bellow, we like the dress, but it needs a vintage belt bellow the clivage, no t-shirt and some fancy stilettos. In the second picture we like the blouse, but we would wear it with jeans and a pair of flats. The outfit in the third picture is very nice. We think the pieces could also be used separately, for example with jeans, the coat with a dress and the skirt with a black top and a huge red or white belt.

In the row bellow, we like the first cashmere sweater (but remember, horizontal stripes make us look larger) and love the second coat, but the third outfit is sooo boring, it doesn't bring anything new.

We like some of the pieces but most of them are something our mothers could wear. These outfits are so Bree Van De Kamp (from Desperate Housewives). Yeah Bree could definitely wear these outfits.

We are kind of disappointed, because after years watching "Sex and the City" we got used to stylish and glamorous outfits and we think this collection is very basic.

In the picture bellow we can see SJP wearing the same outfit as the model, but pleaseeeeeeeeee!!!! There's such a huge different between both... When we look to the model we see a boring dress, mothers could wear to go pick the kids from school. To make that outfit work, we must accessorize it like Sarah did, add a belt, great stilettos and a black blazer. If you dont do that, you are just killing the entire look!

The same happens with the following dress. With a belt and stilettos it might work, but not like that...

We now leave you with SJP's description of bitten:

"It's about affordable, well-made American sportswear. It's about fashion not being a luxury ... that it makes a difference in your life and that you have money left over to live."

Well... we couldn't agree more with you Sarah, in what regards cheap clothes, but we just wanted something more like this:

Images: Sarah Jessica Parker

Images: Sarah Jessica Parker

First image: Carrie from "Sex and the City". Second image: SJP walking around in NYC

Images: Carrie from "Sex and the City"

Sarah, if you say this is a high-fashion line, you certainly need to add something appealing to it, otherwise it will be nothing else but boring. We don't need "Bitten" to buy these, we already have C&A.

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Anonymous said...

I think this line is crap to be honest. She is getting paid to promote and that is it. The clothes do not even begin to look like the outfits that she is photographed in.

It is like saying Jessica Simpson or Beyonce wear the clothes they promote. Totally inaccurate.

And I would not buy a piece from any of their lines. But that is just me

i knew it would be cheap-looking but honestly i was expecting so much better - this IS sjp afterall :(

Jessica said...

big disappointment, big disappointment!!!

Sam said...

I only like 2 or 3 pieces! argh

Megan M. said...

I don't like anything in particular in sjp's collection.
you're right Atlanta the line sucks

coco said...

i love sjp but i think this line is incrediably boring
nothing stands out and what the hell was up with their models?
this is all wrong, i knew sjp shouldnt have done this

Anonymous said...

Just heard about this clothes lining making its debute at Steve & Barry's in my area so I decided to take a peek and see what it looks like. I was not impressed with any of these clothes. Walmart provides more stylish clothes than this. I think Sarah Jessica Parker needs to find a new hobby, apprently she isn't any good at this one!

Gloria said...

completely agree.

I just went to see Bitten in stores this afternoon...styles are kind of disappointing. But I think that SJP really believes in affordable, quality fashion which I really like, and I looked at some of the tops which weren't too bad, to say they were basics, but they had a very nice fit and nice quality (not stiff) cotton.

Clare said...

I went to steve and barry's a couple weeks ago and I agree with everyone that Bitten is looks cheap and is no different than anything you could buy at and old navy, 2 places that offer affordable fashion are a better bet!!