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Since her early days that Dita Von Teese fell in love for the elegance of the 40's cinema actresses. Hollywood stars like Rita Hayworth were an inspiration for the woman who is now the most famous vintage model.
I really like Dita's style because it is very glamorous.

This photo was taken at the backstage of a Christian Dior fashion show, and she really got the Dior spirit. The hat gives her a misterious look... we certainly can't get into her mind... The black and red colours are good to create a dramatic look, that makes her unique. To look like a drama queen, you just need to put some red lipstick and nail polish and dress in black.
Next I'll give you some make-up and clothes tips for you to create your own Dita look.

1 Eye Liner Artliner by Lancôme 2 Eye-shadow by Lancôme 3 Mascara Fatale by Lancôme 4 Red Lipstick Kiss Kiss by Guerlain 5 Nail Polish in red by Estée Lauder
Images from www.sephora.com and www.neimanmarcus.com

This black Alexander McQueen dress with high heel shoes (http://www.yoox.com/) will help to create a dramatic look. Don't forget to accessorize it with the Gucci clutch (www.vertiche.com).

For a red look I suggest the following dress and shoes (

The look can be completed with this clutch by Dior (www.vertiche.com)

The following red girly look is one of my favorites. It is casual and she looks very nice and sweet.

Amd for a casual vintage look I suggest

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CHIC NOIR said...

I love Dita, I need to write a tribute to her also.
She is so fab and a true Dior woman(Gialno interpertation).

Dita Von Teese is absolutely gorgeous and perfect and glamorous, I love her!