Lily Allen's Collection

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I'll finally talk about Lily Allen's Collection. I already like her music a lot and now she has her own collection, isn't that great?

This is a very funky collection as you can see bellow. I think her style is great and these dresses are very cute and suit her very well.

The following dresses are so 70's, but while the first one is for a more casual look, the second one is great to attend a party.

This collection has also great accessories. I love the earrings and the bracelet.

Check the necklaces and the scarf bellow, aren't they great and funky? I love golden jewelry, its definitely a must have. Some of these are kind of similar to the ones "Carrie" used to wear in Sex and the City. The second one is so her.

The shoes are also lovely but kind of 50's look, while the trainers have a groovy style.

That's the thing about this collection, its a mix of various styles that turned out to be just fab.
For more information about Lily's Collection go to What Lily Loves
For more information about her music go to Lily Allen Music

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really? she has her very own collection? i like her style...

lluviaschick said...

ugly! but in her way

just another celeb collection... hate that! can they be doing what they are suposed to do: just be celebs?

another one is Elisabeth and James by Mary kate and Ashlay olsen...

I am still unhappy about these celebrity clothing lines (Bitten). Some poor girl in the midwest is going to buy this because she doesn't 1.Know any better 2. have a mother who cares what she looks like 3. have a subscription to Vogue.

Seriously, Vogue should be mandatory at 13-14 years old.

lol atlanta social, you're right haha Vogue should be mandatory at 13-14.
We don't really hate the collection, we like the accessories and 2 or 3 dresses only, but for people who likes her style, the collection is great!! :)
In our opinion the worst celeb collection is "bitten", it was a huge disappointment :(

i like it on her but other than the shoes i wouldn't wear it. and i agree with everyone else, bitten is terrible! i like elizabeth and james, kate for topshop, etc a LOT better.

Jennifer said...

I love her entire collectionand the shoes she paired them with it's so adorable!

lily is the absolute cutest. i only hope they bring this to the states.... or offer international delivery

Emma said...

She is so sweet, but I'm not positive her collection is going to be a hit. I love her anyway though.

a lice said...

Great blog!

Kisses from Portugal!:)

I kinda like these. Sort of Carmen Miranda meets over the topVictor Costa from the eighties!

fun dresses and shoes!!!