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Almost one week after Kate Moss's Topshop Collection release, on May 1st, we are finally going to talk about the frenzy sorrounding the model and the clothes. The thing is, Kate is a natural trendsetter and if you love her, you are going to love her clothes too, because even if you think a certain piece of clothing is not so beautiful, if you see her wearing it, you immediately start thinking how great it is and how good it looks. Its like having a piece of Kate, just by wearing her Collection.

Moss posing as a mannequin in the window of TopShop. She stayed for only 30 seconds, but it was a publicity coup splashed on the front pages of many newspapers around the world.

The crowd in front and surrounding Oxford Circus Topshop. Fans and photographers went wacko! People camped the street for hours just to take a look at Kate and the Collection.

We've seen the Collection and we like most of the pieces. The Following dress is one of our favorites. It makes us fly back to the 70's. You can wear it along with a pair of black pumps or put on some black tights and a pair of black or white flats.

Shimmering gold muscle back mini dress

The following blazer is also cute and there's also a pair of trousers and shorts you can dress together, but in our opinion since the pieces have stripes, we would rather use them separately.

Striped Blazer

The next black dress is also very beautiful, specially to go out at night. You can put it together with some high heels and a clutch bag. All from the Collection.

Wet Look Halter Neck Dress. Snake Detail Pointed High Heel. Patent Clutch Bag.

The waistcoat in the picture below is very fashionable we admit, but we also think its not for everyone to wear it. A great sense of fashion is necessary otherwise you can look kinda cheesy.

Coin Covered Waistcoat

The Corset Tee below is very very cute, specially if you put it together with some shorts, just like Kate did in the picture. You just need to add a pair of black or red flats to look adorable.

Black and Grey jersey corset style t-shirt

We are going to finish this post with the following dress. Its a cute darkest navy mini dress with a multi-strapped neckline. The thing about wearing clothing from Kate's Collection is that everyone tends to wear the same. Just check the pictures below.

Pictures from Topshop, People and Face Hunter

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coco said...

thank you for the lovely comment on my blog
i am flattered that you read it so regually
i wasnt at all impressed by the quality of kate's collection
the fabrics were horrible to touch and the cut of the hotpants were awful
i loved the pictures you used in this post though
and i have to say that i love the corset top she designed
great blog

dusk&summer said...

thanks so much for your comment, lol it helped me find your blog! which rocks :)

as for kates collection
I agree with coco I was also dissapointed and I also love the corset top but not much else.

Emma said...

fabulous blog, want to exchange links?

Candid Cool said...

the coin vest is very tempting

Ellen SB said...

Hey, I love your fabulous blog. You are on my “blogs I read list” now

Kates clothes are amazing, I long for the black mini dress the face hunter girls are wearing. It’s so unique in its design.

I love (and bought) the corset top, but was disappointed in the gold muscle-back dress. I think it must be pinned tight in Kate's photo, because the fit is horrible in real life. VERY big in the bust, which I wasn't expecting from Kate Moss.

not impressed by much of kate's line, but i love the gold minidress and sequined vest, so cute.