Agyness Deyn - Is she the new Kate?

15:43 Susana Rodrigues 23 Comments

Do you know this girl?

The model of the moment is definitely Agyness Deyn, tabloids and fashionistas are already hotly tipping her as the new Kate Moss, because of her rebel and iconic style. We like her style very much and we think she looks fabulous on the cover of June's issue of British Vogue.

The mancunian model, who was born Laura Hollins, on 16 February 1986, at the age of
14, was just an average teenage girl with a part-time job in a chip shop. Today, at 21 and with her unique punky/funky style she is the next Top Model to be.
Agyness can be shaped into various and different looks, like punk, classy, sophisticated, funky and casual, but always looking her best.

In the pictures bellow we can see her in 3 different styles, casual, classic and again, punk. We prefer her punky style to the others, because its really the style that defines her best.

In the next photos she looks so casual but again, great! She has this boy kind of look that suits her very well too.

The House of Holland Campaing is one of our favourites. We also love the t-shirts.

Do you know she also plays in a band named "Lucky Knitwear"?

Next, Agyness at Burberry Prorsum, Lanvin and Dolce and Gabbana (backstage photos).

23 comentários:

Jennifer said...

she has such a unique style and look, I loveee it!

Anonymous said...

Very cute. But do you think she can translate into all the ads like Kate has done? David Yourman, Gucci, Versace? Burberry, yes. Not so sure about Agent Provocateur.

lluviaschick said...

she has better style than kate but there´s a lot of models with great style out there (such as Irina)... I dont know why people chose kate as a icon... maybe for all her scandals

lluviaschick said...

oh, by the way, love your new image

love your blog as well
I´m gonna add you
are u from rio?

she is so kl and i love her style i wish i had her chlothes!

coco said...

i dont think she is the new kate
she looks fab in some pics
but then in others i think she looks like a 8 year old boy
she has one look, which she works well
but kate can pull of more than one look

Emma said...

Ah, Agyness. She's adorable!

Tia Concha said...
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Model Citzen said...

so cool, i love agy. ps. cute please don't feed the models icon... :)

molly said...

if she was ever on antm, you know she wouldnt win
and thats whats wrong with that show!
it doesnt produce actual top models

Mrs Fashion said...

Thanks for your comment - how come I haven't discovered your blog before? It's fab!
(Do you fancy swapping links?)

Mrs F x

She is so beautiful, she allways looks fantatic and has a great style, she really is unique! But I don't think is is the new Kate.

ambika said...

I think versatility might be the question for Agyness. She doesn't blend in, that's for sure.

I love it, Agyness Deyn is my fashion hero. Love Brit Vogue as well. I like this blog, most def linking you!
Much Kudos

regi said...


I love her style!!!

Anonymous said...

she's hot, she reminds me of helen slater in the legend of billie jean. love that look.

L. said...

It took me a long time to come around to her look, I think its because she looks so distinctive. But its very her, if that makes sense.

emsie said...

she's hot at the moment.

oh and btw, cheers for the comment
nice blog here.


CHIC NOIR said...

Love her, I liked how she looked on the American Vogue cover and thought she should of been on the outer fold.

Anonymous said...

She's really adorable and quirky, but I don't think she is as relateable to the average woman as Kate has been. Kate's look seems to appeal to a wider age range. Agy's may just envelop the younger crowd.

Meg said...

I think Agy's too scene to have a long-standing appeal like Kate. I can see someone like Irina doing well though, I'd prefer her too, I'm not a big Agy fan at all.