Are we faking fashion? So what? Here's something to think about

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This post is about a subject completely different from those I have been publishing. Today I want to talk about hypocrisy in the fashion world. I’m so sorry if it becomes a boring post, although it is very important to me to talk about it.

It all started a few days ago when I was dragged into a discussion about the fact of people wearing true designer clothing and accessories and those who buy fakes and on how this can affect the world of fashion.

To be honest and with all my respect for the fashion industry (which I love), I’m not against people who wear designer replicas or only wear cheap clothes. To me what really matters is imagination, creativity and style. – I’m sorry, this is only my opinion, and I don’t intend to offend anyone.

What I don’t understand is why some people get so shocked by the fact someone is using a replica, declaring that it destroys the fashion industry, when these same people worship designers, models, actors and musicians (like Kate Moss, Donatella, Lindsay, Britney, Whitney Houston, oh and most of today’s bands) when most of these celebrities actions can destroy, indirectly, something much more important, as peoples lives.

Nowadays it became fashionable for celebrities to check and recheck into “Arizona” at least once a month. Although, because of that and while that happens (and as you know, I’m referring to dugs) many people and children are working at drug camps, because its their only way of living (and most of them were kidnapped and forced to work there). I can also mention the fact that some designer factories (in asian countries), have employees working for less than the minimum wage.

Lets remember the words of Colombia Vice-President (Francisco Santos) who said: "When she (Kate) appeared to snort a line of cocaine, she put land mines in Colombia, she killed people in Colombia, she displaced people in Colombia, she helped finance kidnapping. To me it's baffling that somebody who helps cause so much pain in Colombia is doing better than ever and winning more contracts than ever". If you want to read the full statement click here (Daily Mail).

But no dear readers, what’s really bad is the use of designer replicas!!!
Well, what I mean is: I'm not writing this post because I'm perfect or because I want to save the planet, no! What I want and think, is that we all should stop with this kind of hypocrisies. Lets not make the use of replicas a huge deal, when we all know that in the glamorous fashion world, lots of bad things are happening and no one really cares about it.
Lets, at least worry about what is really important. To me is better to buy a fake bag, than a real one where the designer used real animal fur.
I have a lot of respect for my planet and for all of us who live in it, but the truth is that, or we live in constant agony and suffer trying to save the world – and even then, we cant do it alone – or lets try to get along with the society, helping each other with everyday actions and feel happy about it.
Oh!! and besides all this huge statement (and since I'm not perfect) I also like fashion, Kate Moss, Marc Jacobs, Donatella and others, because fortunately (or unfortunately) I live in a society. The thing is that I Just try no to be hypocritical about it.
Ahh and don’t worry about the replicas that much, because rich people will never buy fakes and the industry will keep rolling!

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Ellen SB said...

Hm, I actually have nothing against ppl wearing replicas. but I am against logo flashing fake or authentic.

lluviaschick said...

yo can post about pretty ballerinas, doesnt mind! hehe
it´s funny!

lluviaschick said...


I knew this was going to be kind of a controversial post, but I really want to bring up the discussion about this fact (the replicas) and about what else is happening in the fashion world/industry.
I think its important to talk about everything, since the models, the collections, the backstages, the messages and actions behind all this, and even the replicas etc :)

Jennifer said...

I posted about something kinda similar on my blog.
I'm all for replicas, the real stuff is too expensive for people to afford if it wasn't for replicas certen things like louis vuitton would not be as popular and as mainstream as they are today so they should thank the people that make the knock offs!!
If the designers don't want knock offs then they should lower their prices or design for target or something :>

I love this post

and kate needs to stay off of the coke.

I agree with you Jennifer, when you say "certain things like louis vuitton would not be as popular and as mainstream as they are today" if it wasnt for the replicas. It's true. Most designer brands use this fact as marketing and a way to make their clothing and accessories be known by everyone. If it wasnt for the fakes, most people (and we are billions in the planet) would have no idea what LV, Chanel etc are!

coco said...

im not too bothered by fake bags
except i wouldnt wear a fake chanel or something that is a classic piece and is all about the label
all the fake lv bags were so tacky looking i hated it
and most catwalk fashion is copied of past catwalk shows
fashion is all about copying what youve seen on someone else
it is a about taking inspiration, looking at someone and working that look to yourself
i love you for posting this, it was a great post

lluviaschick said...

read this; maybe it´s interesting for you (at least you are mention on the post, hope it doesnt matter to you, if you prefer to be remove tell me!)

Cris Lazoru said...

While reading this I realized something about myself. I don't mind clothes replicas, like Zara or H&M but I do on fake designer bags. I will never aprove a fake Chanel or LV but the dress Emma Roberts was wearing in her Teen Vogue cover and I later saw on Zara I would say go for it! Is that weird? Well just my point of view.


I don't mind at all if you post your opinion too and if you put my name. It is important to talk, think and discuss subjects like this one. We are all different people and we all have our own opinions about what surrounds us.

You asked me, if I were a writer, would I like to see someone copy me? Well! I'm not a writer (not counting the blogs), but my husband is an amateur writer and he also published stuff online and didn’t care about copywriting. Even me, you and other fellow bloggers copy/paste images from other website/blogs, isn’t that right? And when we do that, are we worrying or thinking if that is a good action? Did we all asked for permission? No we didn’t.

Nowadays almost all bands have a Website or a MySpace Page, where we all can listen and sometimes download the songs. This is a way for them to let their music to be known.

Do you know that it is really true that designers and even record labels let this “fake business” roll, because this makes the brands being known? Specially a few years ago. And that is really true. It’s all about marketing.

In my honest opinion, this helps some labels and new accessories become known, because everyone wants them. I also watched a documentary where in Asian countries, people who do counterfeit items, buy fabrics and bags from the real manufacturers, for lower prices, because the material has flaws, and can sell them later in the “black Market”.

Even some jeans manufacturers are selling clothes with less quality than some that are sold in the so called “china towns”.

I respect everyone’s opinion but I stick to mine, I’m not against designer replicas. And like I’ve said, who buys real will continue to do that and designers will not be bankrupt.

I am truly very happy because my article in The Stiletto Effect made people talk about this, and to be honest that’s what really matters – to talk about stuff, to change ideas, opinions and ideals.

Again, thank you very much for leaving your opinion.

Bella said...

Fake bags do not bother me that much i just hate not being able to tell if its real or not? Is that hypicritical of me...what i mean is that even though fakes are ok, a bag really is about the label...i classic Chanel bag isnt a classic if it isnt really Chanel...: <3'd this post :)

Love your post! I really don't care if people buy fake, I never buy fake things, but that's me! And I agree with you Louis Vuiton would probably wouldn't be so popular!

Curella said...

I love ur blog too and im going to add it to my links list! ;-)

Jenny said...

Personally, I dislike the use of massive amounts of logos so I'm anti anything with too many logos--real or fake. I could care less if someone is wearing something real or fake. It's all in how they put it together. :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Cris's post. But remember that YSL won a lawsuit against Ralph Lauren in France for knocking off the Tuxedo that is so famous.

I think it is one thing to copy the "idea" or to make something similar to a Chanel or Gucci. Nine West is based on doing that. Fashion is about recycling and inspiration. However, it is wrong to make the pretense of double c's or double g's. It is tacky and bad business practice. That is not inspiration, it is misrepresentation. I do not agreed with bag knock-offs but respect the rest of the post's opinion.

Also, if you want to tell if a bag is real the first item to look for is where it was made if the authenticity envelope is not in the pocket.

great insight! honestly if you think about it.. some of the most iconic designer bags would not be as coveted if it weren't for the replicas made of them. mainstream people would not know louis vuitton or even coach if it wasn't for all the fakes that have been made with their logos.


Great blog, thanks for the comment! Let's trade links!

LADY said...

I agree with you -it's not about the label, it's how you wear it.

I agree with la petite fashionista

Shaz said...

I think the reason that many people prefer to wear replicas is because it's really hard not to find nice bags at local chain stores that don't try and look like a Chloe Paddington with big padlocks and ruched miu miu bags etc.

Trust me its hard! i went bag hunting today, and every bag i saw either looked like a low quality knock off of marc jacobs, chloe, or miu miu, whether it was priced at $20 or $300.

So replica's provide the a pretty close look without the price tag.

P.S that was not a boring post at all!!

lluviaschick said...

ola! you´ve been tagged:

-ciao bella- said...

fabs post, yeah about the whole replica thing. i mean it's somebody's own business about what they buy and decide to use, and it really shouldn't matter because it's all about doing your own thing. but then again, that's just me

Mrs Fashion said...

The problem with fakes is their links to organised crime, drugs and terrorism. This time the issue goes deeper than just taste or aesthetics! They're illegal for a good reason (this goes for actual knock-offs rather than 'inspired by' high street copies).

Maybe soon everyone will think about the provenance of their street corner bought sac in the same way that people are thinking about where their food comes from?

I hope so anyway.
Mrs F x

Felice said...


SandDancer said...

A very interesting post. I've bought a deliberate fake - its just not my style. But with the high street stores taking their 'inspiration' from the catwalk at such a quick pace these days, anyone who buys from the high street is buying something ripped off designers in some way. I'm not bothered about this taking money from them (none of them are going to starve,unless its deliberate!) - the bigger issue with the fakes is the way they are produced, and how those profits are used.

But it is the same with drugs and you are right, because that doesn't take money from the designers, it isn't an issue mentioned in the fashion press even though it is rife in the industry.

Seraphine said...

Wearing a "knock-off" doesn't satisfy me. I do "steal this look" quite often, but that's different than owning a replica. But but but... if someone else is happy with knock-offs, I don't have a problem it.

I am a long time vintage purse carrier. i have an extensive collection,and would often change bags several times a week. that is until,I had kids.I needed to choose one practical bag.Something that would be suitable for baby carrying,and then later hands-free busy pre-schooler chasing. I decided to take the plunge and invest in a Louis. i chose the ellipse back-pac(no longer made). There is something geeky about a backpack,but believe me with my busy baby it was the best style.Part of me wishes there were no fakes,because atleast then my geeky but practical choice is,ahem,somewhat exclusive. the other part does NOT care,because my bag works so well for me.
I still carry vintage bags whenever I can,especially on evenings out.

knockoffs can be annoying, more especially when they look so shitty.

if you are gonna get a knock off, get a good one. or find something else that you like that isnt trying sooo hard to duplicate a distinct style.