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Short haircuts and razor-sharp bobs are becoming the new dissemination and are here to stay. From catwalk models to Hollywood celebrities, all of them are following this new trend. ELLE Magazine has a great article about this in July's issue.

Images above from ELLE

In the fashion world, old styles – from beauty to clothing - become new trends after a few years. These so-called revivals are happening right now and causing an haircut frenzy.

Images above from ELLE

I personally prefer shorter styles to sharper bobs, and to be honest I think the bob haircut will be gone in a few months.

Images above from and google images.

Style icons from the past, such as Audrey Hepburn, can be a source of inspiration. I always loved her short hairdos, which prove that women can look classy and feminine with short hair. But haircuts from the past can also be transformed into something more up to date. In the images bellow you can see very similar versions adopted by different generations.

Images above from and Google Images.

One of my favourite models from the past is Twiggy Lawson. I am a huge fan of her personal style and haircut since ever. She also used long hair, but the truth is that the shorter style looked much better on her and became her personal image.
Even though model Agyness Deyn has a very funky style, that can't be compared to twiggy's (back in her modelling days), I think they look kind of similar, specially in the picture bellow.

Images from Twiggy Lawson and

Sienna Miller's hairdo, for her role as Edie Sedgwick in “Factory Girl”, is also very cool and stylish.

Images from google images and Fashion Stat
I've cut my hair from a bob into a shorter version, like Sienna and Edie in the pictures above. What about you, do you like your hairstyle or are you thinking about getting into this new trend? Do you prefer a sharp bob hairdo or the new shorter look? Give me your opinion.
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Alison said...

I really like short hair, it looks so good on some people
I wish I was one of those people *tear*
love your blog, as usual

Baby Jess said...

Honestly, I'm flattered that you commented on my blog! I'm a secret admirer of yours! :)

This is really funny esp since I just cut my hair yesterday and I told my mom how everyone's cutting their hair shortshort! Vbecks, TomKat, Rihanna, etc...

I only wish I have the amazing bone structure to pull Posh Spice's hairdo. But, regardless, I did follow through on "half" of the cut... sharp angled bangs and extreme layers! :)

ps: Exchange links?

coco said...

ooo nice pictures
i think short hair is hard to pull off
selma blair and audrey hepburn look so chic with it
i would be scared to cut all my hair off, i prefer the girly look anyway
although kirsten dunst looked so pretty with short hair

Calleth said...

Well I don't like the hair on the model with Agyness Deyn on the first picture, the girl with the brown very short hair.. but other than that I like Sienna's hair and Agyness really pulls of her short hair. And of course both Twiggy and Audrey Hepburn looked great with their short hair! Personally, though, I think I'll keep my hair in a length that at least allows me to wear it in a pony tail if I should feel the urge to, but I actually cut it from long to a bit shorter last week! However it's still longer than to my shoulders, so it's still long..:P

sophia said...

thanks for your comment ! thats flatters me. i love cory haha

love your blog
love short hair
love stiletto
love audrey hepburn


Dani said...

If I had straight hair I'd definetely get the Sienna Miller look. But I've got curls, and believe me, short is definetely not recommended.
Great post.

lazitoss__ said...

absolutly glam this bog!

loveeeee it

ure song is very cool ^^


lazitoss__ said...

love ure log!
very glam! song ^^

bye ciao adios!

Great post! I'm a big fan of short hair!

Love this hair cut.
My hair is a little bit short now.
You can see i picture of my hair in my blog.
What do you think?

molly said...

i personally cant pull off short hair but some peopel look AMAZING

thank you for such great comments guys!
Su and Cris

Bella said...

I LOVE short hair....i really wanted a Sienna Miller hair cut my my hairstylist made it COMPLETELY different then how it was so i was sad...and terrified of short hair but I <3 it :)))

G.G. said...

I wish I could do the pixie, but I've such a round face I'd look like Charlie Brown :(

Jennifer said...

i looks amazing on amika kaddur (sp?) and twiggy! I could never cut my hair that short but I think it suits certain people so well especially if you top it off with a little headband;)

oh i love the short bobs they are so pretty and shows you don't have to have long hair to be feminine but i don't think they would suit me that much!

Mrs Fashion said...

Love the chicc short cuts but too scared to chop mine!
Mrs F x

Luana said...

I would not look good in a haido like those, but if i reborn again i wanna be like sienna and her gorgeus hair. Looks great on her.

Kaye said...

I'm in love with Edie's hairstyle, but am wondering whether it still looks good without product in it! Was thinking of getting it cut like that... but my hair is getting so long now- I had a short crop a few years back before growing it out

Anonymous said...

I have been wearing a version of the short graduated razor bob for about 10 years now. I think it will always be a classic style, you just tweak a few things. At my most recent session at bumble and bumble we decided to skip the harsh posh look and instead add little short bangs this time around and a softer cut up front. It's really lovely. I love short hair, and love this post!

Bojana said...

Short hair looks so nice and cool...Wish I had the guts.

Bojana said...

I forgot to say : great post and very nice to read/look at

telestreet said...

kool place here!
I really like all.


Audrey Hepburn is like my fav. old-time actress with short hair! Nice post.

SICK. said...

i had short hair cut and it was so easy to maintain and i rarely had a bad hair day.
but now it's growing out and it doesn't look so great, but maybe that's just me. i think it might be because my hair was slightly longer in the back so now the back is flippy but the front isn't.
i had it cut like the redhead/brunette model on the shopbop website.

good luck with the hair!


DIDDY 8A said...

Im gonna cut my hair like Rihanna i love it!!

i could never ever again cut my hair.

Elle said...

rihanna is sooo amazing right now. and your added on my links list, u can add both my blogs :)

I've wanted to cut my hair for years now, just too chicken to do it. But I love a great full bob, like Thandie Newton's right now. Short hair is so sassy. Love the blog, keep up the great work.

Heck, it don't get a lot hotter than young Harrison Ford eh :]

Man, I am sooo ahead of the curve for once! I've had this supershort hair for a while, I was letting it grow and just got it cut again, in a very pixie-ish cut with little wispy bangs. Love you guys for it =]

paula said...

Short hairs might be in style, but I love my long locks. They looks awesome when I keep them carefully careless.

blushing apples said...

who better than audrey looks perfect in short hair!

I definitely envy those who can pull off short hair, I wish I was brave enough to hack mine off.

It's taken me years to get my hair long again from having it short a couple of years ago. I'm happy to keep it long for now, for when it comes back in fashion!

1AMcoffee said...

Ive cut my hair recently I thought i'd regret it but i never did!
I love this blog btw!!

the bob is such a scene-stealer, and it seems to be a career-maker too... i.e.: sienna in factory girl, rihanna's good girl gone bad' etc.

sarissa said...

i usually like bobs better, but i think that some people look awesome with pixie cuts- my fave short styles are posh spice's, keira's, and twiggy's but i absolutely LOATHE agyness deyn. loathe loathe loathe.
want to exchange links? x

Kira said...

I just loved your blog!! It´s so cool! You colleted almost all the best top models of all times!

Specially the ones with short hair are so modern and cool!!!

I WILL add you as my friend favourite...add me i you can ;)

a kiss
keep passing in my blog!

take care

Hi Kira,
sure I want to link you too, but you forgot to tell me your blog name! Please tell me ok?

Sarissa: sure let's exchange links :)

Thank you ALL dear readers, for the lovely comments :)