John Galliano 12 Saddle Bags Limited Edition

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We always enjoyed the Dior Saddle Bags. They came in many different colours and paterns and are great to wear in different occasions. That is why we've decided to write about the 12 Saddle Bags Limited Edition, created by John Galliano to celebrate his 10 years working as a designer for Dior.

John Galliano Image at Design Museum

This collection has 12 bags and each one of them represents a country: France, USA, UK, Spain, Russia, Mexico, Morocco, Japan, India, Egypt, China and Argentina. Galliano was inspired by his travels around the world to create the collection and each piece was designed with special characteristics from the country it represents.

"The story behind the Saddle bag creation is a great example of how haute couture ideas can enrich another lines of ready-to-wear. Nowadays, seven years after its creation, the Saddle Bag, is one of the most wanted bags" - John Galliano

"China and its millenarian culture fascinates me. I wanted the majestical mandarin dragon over the coral fabric reproduced in this bag and also on the logo, where I used jade and coral stones" - John Galliano

Argentina and Mexico

About the Mexican Saddle Bag "I wanted a one hundred percent etnical bag but with a touch of modernity" - John Galliano


France and Uk

France inspired Saddle Bag: "Marie Antoinete, spouse to the King of France Louis XVI, was in love by the toile de jouy printed fabric and that was where I got my inspiration for this bag. The pearls are equal to the same she used to wear. The letters on the logo are made of porcelain with hand painted flowers" - John Galliano


"I'm in love with Spain. The flowers with strong colours represent the passion for flamenco traditional dance and also the bull fights" - John Galliano

Morocco, Japan, India and USA


My favourite Saddle Bag is the french one. It is lovely and its classic style makes this bag unique. Cris prefers the Egypt Saddle Bag. She says the colour makes her remember summertime. What about you, which Saddle do you prefer?

Images from Telva Magazine

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Anonymous said...

I prefer the Spain version b/c of the handle. Most of them are tacky.

It will be interesting to see how John's work is in the future due to his right-hand man dying suddenly. They say the assistant did more designing than we actually know

coco said...

ooo very clourful post
i would never buy a bag like any of these by i still think they are amazing
though not my style

lluviaschick said...

like the egypt bag

I like the Saddle Bag, but I would not buy one of these also. I think the French version is beautiful, like I've said on the post, but only to wear on a very special occasion.

Wow, great bags! My favourite ones are Egypt and Argentina.

omg. love it! *-*
kiss ;*

not my style! he has done saddle bags before too.

-ciao bella- said...

damn i want egypt. actually i want them all. that's a great idea of his. fab post

missx said...

I think they're slightly tacky, my favorite would have to be Egypt. I wish they were a bit bigger...

Tru said...

I really want the one from France, its wonderful

LADY said...

I think it fair to say that I might sell one of my friends into white slavery for the China one.

Love your blog darling.

Hi !! I saw ur comment y another blog and i just fell in love with ur pics and material.
I hope you can like my blog too.
Is about desing too.
I'll be signin'

G.G. said...

My favorite is China. Russia looks like a fun one for winter.

Argentina and China, definitely.