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I've been tagged by lluviaschick from Playground Imperfection one of my favourite blogs. I find this Tag Game very funny because it's a cool way of knowing other bloggers and stuff they like.
Game Rules:
Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to then report this on their own blog with their 7 things as well as these rules. They then need to tag 7 others and list their names on their blog. They are also asked to leave a comment for each of the tagged, letting them know they have been tagged and to read the blog.

Su's random facts/habits are:

1- I'm thinking about cutting my hair shorter, something like:

2 - I love to travel

3 - Writting on my 2 blogs, this one, and the Susana Daily is something I enjoy very much and also read my favourite ones

4 - I like to watch dvd's, specially tv series (I already have a huge collection)

5 - I love fashion, designers, bags, accessories, shoes, vintage, punk style, hairdressers, makeup, Kate Moss, Anna Wintour... bla ... bla... bla!

6 - I love animals, especially dogs

7 - Can't live without music (Doves and The Stone Roses are my favourite bands right now)

I have tagged: Darwins Jeans; Coco's Tea Party; Truly, the aberrant ; Cool like Chloe; Alarm Clock Catastrophe; La Femme; Uber Chic; Thoughts of a Fashionista, AWESOME_in a useless way, Local Celebrity, mahalofashion, and if you are reading this post, CONSIDER YOURSELF TAGGED!

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Sonia Luna said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog! Love yours too!

lluviaschick said...

lovely girls!

eurobrat said...

God, I love this abfab song. GORGEOUS photo of you and the dog.

alright, i'll play...if i can make it fit the overall thesis of my blog. that's shouldnt be a problem since the blog itself is the most self indulgent thing i've ever done. i'm sorry to say though...i wont be tagging others. i'm not trying to be a crotchidy old fart...i'm just surly at times. i'll put this in the que for next week. thanks for tagging me. i'll try to make it interesting...

Geisha said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I was tagged, but I never really went along with it...LOL! I adore animals too...I especially love my poodle!!!

MOLLY GRAY said...

hey you guys!
i invite you to come and visit my official podcast : http://mollygray.mypodcast.com/index.html
check it out and leave some comments to tell me what you think.
cya and enjoy it.

+molly gray+

I have not been tagged so this game is like wowwwwwwww. Sounds fun. Your blog is amazing.

molly said...

i love your blog and id be delighted to link with you!

mary said...

ive recently become a big fan of watching tv series, too...scrubs, grey's anatomy, etc. even sex and the city! i know its silly but it's really addicting.
and if you don't mind, i think i'm gonna snag this little game even though i wasn't tagged. :)


i really like your song choice- kinda scared me in the beginning- and thanks for your opinion on my blog!< you commented liek last month

Allure said...

Yes, we can exchange links! :)

beate aka. dieklane said...

hey hey - ohhh - i watch the same tv-series as u do :] and a pitty i don't live in lisbon - we could be jogging together...
u need to send me fotos of u're new house when u moved in - where is it, by the way?
and pleeeease let me know if the celulite lotions work - i definitely could need some of that ;]

xxx (+_+)

coco said...

that you for the tagging
you actually used up a lot of the things i would have written about myself lol
your dvd collection is so identical to mine
good taste

can i be tagged? : O

Of course Little Miss Sunshine, consider yourself TAGGED!! :D

Su and Cris

Mash said...

Really funny

i forgot to ask... can we please exchange links? : )

i sware, this is the last time i'm commenting - (hehe) can i please, please, copy your ipod music player? i'm not going to use the same color... ; )

Sure lets exchange links :D I'll add you to both The Stiletto and my personal blog Susana Daily.
and sure you can copy our ipod (in any colour you wish hehe)!
Feel free to ask anything you want, its ok :)


Elle said...

that's a cute idea, lets exchange links

Jennifer said...

omigod I love this post it's da bomb, I tink you should cut your hair short it would look cute i'm too scared to do it to mine but if you have the courage go for it. I've got the travel bug too I even studied travel and tourism hahaha
should i consider myself tagged?

Bella said...

Magazines=love...i wait all month until I can rush to the mag store and stock up....is that weird? :))

Nice habits haha

Ellen SB said...

Awesome. I actually just cut my hair to a bob. To be recommended, soo much easier to style than long hair. Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

I ♥ Marc is my absolute favorite!!!! And Short hair is my life. Ever since I cut most of my hair off last year I've been craving a new short style.

I also cut articles and put them in folders and binders. My fave pictures are the ones from Allure or Vogue.

I'm already in love with this blog!!!

SandDancer said...

Su - if you've go the face-shape for it (I sadly don't - I'm lacking in the cheekbones) those haircuts are great. I'm getting used to my new cut now.

Good choice of music too and cities - nice to see Manchester in there.

Bojana said...

Thanks for the comment on PDFTM...
And on my blog aswell

Yes Jennifer, consider yourself TAGGED :D

Su and Cris

LADY said...

Fantastic post! Makes me want to have a Sex and The City viewing party right now!

I love to do that hehe! I used to get my friends together for a dinner while drinking mojitos, and after that Sex and the City trivia game and dvds :D

Cheers with a "Cosmopolitan"


Kaye said...

love it- edie is the epitome of cool!!

Emma said...

Thanks for the tag! And I LOVE your Absolutely Fabulous song by the Pet Shop Boys, I have the same one on iTunes.

Su & Cris - I LOVE YOUR BLOG; the colors, the collages, the music (OMG!).

You girls are AbFab. Rock on!

you have been tagged - c website

CHIC NOIR said...

I love your blog darling. We have so much in common and thanks for being a regular vistor at my blog.

I love Twiggy's hair cut. Have you seen the platnium mohawk that an Asian lady sported on Sart a few months back. Maybe you would want to try that.

I love love love to travel too.

I buy so many magazones its insane. Ireally love Japanesse fashion mags.

Men like to say that we nag but they can surely go at it too.

I love handbags more than any other piece of fashion and I think its because no matter what I weight the handbags always fits.

whyioughtta said...

Su, I got my hair cut Twiggy short a few years ago--a little higher than chin length, and quite layered, in the front; boyish short in the back. It was the BEST haircut I've EVER had.

I've since grown it out...now very very long. But I do look back on that Twiggy 'do with fondness. If you do it, get the absolute best stylist you can afford and bring a picture of what you want!!! That's my advice.

Great blog. Thanks for stopping by my place the other day.

sarissa said...

wooowww i love this post its so much more interesting to read lol than mine which was just a rant about my mood lol but woah the first list omg so me, lol i'm the same about tv series and fashion and trvelling and i'm working my way thru the 24 boxsets too lol!! x

Eritia said...

aawww Is that your dog in the picture??? it's a gorgeous photo...

haha I was kinda to lazy to read the post, so I'll come back later

Chic Looks said...

oh wow!!! I love the first track playing on your blog, what is called?!!

And would you like to exchange links?!!

great post! i'm going to fill this out too :)

hey Chic Looks :)

the song is called "Absolutely Fabulous" by Pet Shop Boys
and sure lets exchange links :)

Su and Cris

-S said...

i love how most people in hollywood are going with a more adult bob. much better than the 14 year old boy cut that michelle wiollims ended up with.

Fendi said...

I have been tagged too but i think it's another direction..;)


Lama Drama said...

great post - love your blog!

alexgirl said...

Awesome!! Thanks for commenting on my blog. My wedding was freakin' awesome, by the way.

I love your 7 things. You picked really good TV shows to represent your DVD collection.
And I'm really jealous that you live by a beach. NYC is soooo hot and sticky at this time of year. all i want to do is jump in the water!

Bitchie4ever said...

Or girls u have nice taste i like so mucho the side of one the travels and the other the magazines read love its soo cool a great presonality...

Besos chicas ;)