Are bloggers becoming the new celebs?

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Dear readers, we've decided to dedicate a post to the theme: Are bloggers becoming the new celebs? Because we think that the internet/blog phenomenon is getting so huge, that it is the fastest way of throwing someone or a blog into the “spotlight”.

Lets begin talking about Trent Vanegas, the creator of Pink is the new blog (one of our favourite blogs) who is today a very famous blogger. Pink is mostly about celebrity gossip, although Trent also talks about his life and posts his personal photos. Nowadays we can see him appearing next to famous celebrities, from Paris Hilton to Madonna.

Another example are Tina and Kelly, the authors of Bag Snob. They started their blog as an hobby but it became so famous, they are now a presence in most fashion shows. In Tina and Kelly's own words: “What started as a hobby for two girlfriends who love to gossip and shop has turned into a full time business experiencing double digit growth monthly”.
They even had women passing themselves off as Bag Snob girls during Fall 2007 Fashion Week.

“We're flattered that women were pretending to be us to get into shows and parties” - Tina and Kelly

In our opinion this is a fantastic blog, with great update information and photos about handbags.

Another blog we and most people like is The Sartorialist who was selected as one of Time Magazine’s Top 100 Design Influencers. We love his blog, the photos and styles are a huge source of inspiration!
“My only strategy when I began The Sartorialist was to try and shoot style in a way that I knew most designers hunted for inspiration.” "If you have told me two years ago I would have a well-respected blog, a monthly page in GQ, recurring guest blogs and videos for, and countless other exciting side projects I would have kissed you - well maybe not kissed - but I would have really liked you a lot!!” - The Sartorialist

Now we are going to talk about Mark Hunter (author of the The Cobra Snake) and Cory Kennedy.
Who doesn't know these two unique characters and their stairway into "the" famous wonderland?! This is probably the most evidential case of two ordinary persons who became celebrities in the blink of an eye. Specially Cory.
Let's resume the fairy tail: He had a website where he posted photos of cool people and great parties. One day he took her photo (she was 15 then) and because of that first photo of her and the following ones, she became famous and an obsession for many people. A fan even dedicated a website to her. She started to go to celebrities parties, such as Paris Hilton's, Puff Daddy's and Lindsay Lohan's. She is now an "It Girl" and she owns a blog too.
Nowadays they are both famous. His website has 10.000 visitors' everyday and Cory, with her grunge, punk, heroin chic style became a cult.

Mark and Cory

We wanted also to mention those great fellow bloggers who have been denominated by magazines, websites or blogs for being the most well dressed bloggers or for being the authors of the best fashion blogs. We couldn't agree more, because, their blogs/styles are really, really great. See images bellow.



We wanted to congratulate the lovely Ashley Heaton for being featured as an "It girl" in this month's Dirrty Glam magazine. We really like her blog and her personal style.

But after all we just wrote, we wonder?! What makes a blog or a blogger famous? Is it the number of everyday visitors? Is it the content of the blog, if it's good enough? The blogger’s personal style and clothes? The blogger's personality? The juicy gossip? If the blogger is already a famous person?

In our opinion, all things mentioned above are very important to become a bloggerbrity (blogger + celebrity), but a little bit of luck can always help, hum?!

What do you think about this? Are bloggers really becoming the new celebs?

Source and photos: from the blogs mentioned above.
by Su

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Juicebox said...

Funny, I'd never heard of Mark and Cory? I'll check that out.

I think the whole craze surrounding bloggers is heightened by its touch of personality. I'm so sick of celebs - bring on the real people.

I've never heard of these (but then I don't normally look at fashion blogs - until now)

So thanks for the links!

Jennifer said...

cory has great style but I don't like her personality.
I'm checking out pink's blog, i've never heard of it!

Kaye said...

I adore The Sart!! He is so fantastic- truly shows that pictures speak a thousand words!!

I agree that what you've mentioned are all key ingredients to being a bloggebrity, but I think you forgot one vital aspect of it all: product placement!! If a good blog links you, and by good I mean one that generates lots of traffic, that would surely mean more visitors... right?

Bloggers might be famous but they can never replace celebs themselves: bloggers are like journalists and celebs (sometimes) the subject. Without celebs, quite a few blogs would disappear imo...

Allure said...

I agree with you, many people are becoming famous through the net. And we have to get used to it, because it is a whole new era. And the fact that bloggers are the new celebrities, is just a part of it.

Answering to your question what makes a blog famous, I say it is the content. Bloggers became famous because they post their own pics and talk about their lives.

By the way, I am back with posts! :)

Hi guys :)

you are right Kaye, product placement is vital, if a good blog links you, it's a good way of getting more visitors!

I also agree with Jennifer: I don't like Cory's personality (too young and too wild).

Allure is also right when she says that posting our own pics and talking about our own lives is a way to became famous (yeah, I couldn't agree more).

For our dear readers who don't know some of the mentioned blogs, give them a check, they are very cool :)

thx for the opinions!!!! you guys rock! :)


lluviaschick said...

I hope this would never happend to me... by the way, Cory is not a famous blogger, she s just a it-girl from LA that one day decided to have a blog... but the fame came first and then the blog

cool article

Anonymous said...

Jet Braden had an old website similar that gained her notoriety she just
moved her blog

Chic Looks said...

I love the Sartorialist blog, he's supercool.

I dont think bloggers can replace celebs, however I guess the fact that bloggers are real people who are expressing what they think and what they like through their hobbies, in this case art and fashion, makes bloggers more accessible and attractive to the public.

A tiny bit of recognision and publicity for doing something you enjoy and put a lot of effort into is a good thing I think, as long as its for the right reasons.

i definitely think bloggers are becoming new celebrities (and i would guess that is not everyone's original intent!) most of us enjoy the gratification of seeing that people are reading our posts and enjoying our blogs! it's pretty cool that the public is showing bloggers some respect and admiration!


Baby Jess said...

Completely agree about the whole blogging is the new way to get into Hollywood. I mean it has become the new phenomena, just like the presidential hopefuls making youtube and myspace accounts. You really do get to the masses esp if you have something half important to say.

And readers love the fact that they have this type of two-way-street communication!

Ahhh yes lluviaschick, Cory didn't become famous because of her blog. She just created it when she was already an "it girl", you are right. I new that but didn't explained very well :)
Thank you for the tip ;) I already changed that part :)

Once again thank you everyone for the opinions :)


We asked Tina and Kelly, from "The Bag Snob" if they would mind about us giving their successful example on how they became so famous, and they sent this lovely email back (they are really sweet):

The Bag Snob to me
show details 18:30 (1 hour ago)

Hi Su,

Of course we don't mind, are you kidding? Thanks so much, I feel so flattered!!

Bloggers are the new wave - Linda Wells, Anna Wintour, etc. need to make room for us =)


Kelly Cook

Elle said...

love this post! Dont forget about the king of all (gossip) blogging PEREZ, lol but yeah Cory Kennedy how did she even become famous b4 the blog?

oh elle you're so right! how could i forget Perez??? bummer :( he really is the king of Gossip hehe

about cory: she got famous because Mark Hunter took photos of her to post on his website. and he noticed that everytime he posted her photos the number of visitors grow and grow... well one thing lead to another and she became famous!

if you want to know more check this site:

I see what you mean, with all these famous bloggers! (Thanks for leaving out Perez Hilton though, he aggrivates me...)

I checks out the blogs and I can understand why they're so famous, the blogs are great and the people seem really cool. Haha, I hope bloggers are the next big celebs- this bodes well for all us blogging fashionistas! =]

We are living in the Age of the Internet, everything is here and readily available. It was just a matter of time, before the public recognized the power that "real people" have to influence. Like Andy Warhol said, "In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 mins" (paraphrase) It's so true when it comes to blogging. It shows that "everyday people" (God, I hate that term) are equally fabulous, stylish and interesting as the cookie cutter celebrity.

For me, what makes a blog famous is a combination of factors. I love to read blogs with original thoughts and personalities, bloggers who aren't afraid to put their likes and dislikes out there. And blogs that have great content, and bloggers who put thought into their presentation. But, probably the most important factor (though I don't think it should be) is the number of visitors. If no one reads your blog, then how will it become famous? It's imperative that people read, love what they read and connect with your personality, whether they like it or not.

Blogging is a great way to get that "15 mins" of fame, but I think that blogging can definately go further... it still isn't a respected form of journalism... take it from a writer... Blogging is equally tasking and journalistic as any newspaper or magazine. All of the bloggers I know and love, have integrity in what they write and the public still has yet to see that!

Whooooooooo, alright the dissertation is done!

Candid Cool said...

that satorialist i don't consider him a celebrity really. he worked "behind the scenes" previously, i consider him more of an insider.

cory i dont pay much attention to, but that is a strange phenomenon i guess.

i guess some started out to try and get on the scene and others just use a blog to write what they think. i don't each his/her own i guess...

.m. said...

It's amazing how far the internet has come in the last five years! Cory definately made it work in her favour! Her style is too grundgy for my taste, but she seems like she knows exactly what she's doing.
Perez is lookin' for fame.
Trent is...old, I don't go to his blog much anymore.
I have a strange feeling of PRIDE for ashley! amazing article and pics.
The main BLOGGERBRITY (niiice) has got to be the Sartorialist. So chic. He's now invited to respected events around the world!

Charlotte said...

I think another interesting side of the bloggers becoming celebs idea is the fact that journalists in mainstream print media regularly check out fashion blogs for ideas and inspiration. And conversely the mainstream media has had a lot of influence in bloggers becoming famous - recognising some bloggers for their contribution and their skill, for example the Sartorialist as a great photographer with an eye for style. Other bloggers or internet celebrities have just captured the imagination of the media because of their from nobody to somebody story - like Cory Kennedy.

Aretha said...

Well, maybe in the big cities and countries bloggers are very much famous and become the new celebrities but here in Chile, we are just people on the internet hahaha, I don't know if that's for the best but i really love to read fashion blogs and for me that's my way to become more interesting: when I know more about what I care or at least, what I looove: fashion, movies, music.

Cool blog by the way

thanks for the mention, i'm flattered! and very interesting post... the sartorialist and cory are always interesting topics when it comes to the nature of fame (and i love trent!)

Zahra said...

Hello The Stiletto Effect, this is my first time on your blog and I'm loving it! Great job! In case you want to know, I found it through The Fashioniste links :)

In reply to your topic, I do think some bloggers are the new celebs but there aren't many of them. I find that gossip bloggers get more attention than fashion bloggers, there are in the media spotlight more often since they stand next to actual celebrities. Of course you have those bloggers who strike it rich with book deals.

I love The Bag Snob and most of the other sites you have mentioned. I have never heard of Cory. My favorite would have to be The Sartorialist, but as Candid Cool said, I consider him more of an insider and behind the scenes.

Fendi said...

I have been a fan of PINK is the NEW BLog. I think Bloggers are the new Celebrities. :)

This is a juicy entrties. Few Blogs I have never heard but really juicy. ;)


Mark Hunter from "The Cobra Snake" sent me this email:

Mark Hunter to me
show details 06:26 (6 hours ago)

looks cool
nice blog.

its def. becoming more of a trend, thanks for writting about it. I believe that blogs should be each person self thoughts and dislikes! a lot of people are making money out of it. sometimes I heard bloggers getting free stuff from magazines, or companies. Or they get paid for LINKINGS on the blog, what do you think about this? Is it ok? do you get paid or gt any free stuff?

SarahBrooke` said...

Hey! I love your blog so much. Its so PROFESSIONAL! lol I'm still a beginner at this. :DD nice post pictures! :D

- Sarah Brooke

well blushing apples i think it is ok to be paid, or to advertise or even get free stuff. but that only happens to good/well known blogs (for example: Bag Snob).
I agree with that, because when someone is doing a great job with a blog, spending time with it, posting good articles, its almost like being a journalist. For example, magazines are paid and pay for publicity etc, why shouldn't bloggers do the same?
Most of those bloggers dont have another job! their job is only the blog, which many people see and use to buy stuff or get inspiration from, that's the reason I totally agree with being paid.
Regarding The Stiletto Effect, we are not being paid or getting free stuff or publicity, but we wouldn't mind getting a few bucks out of it :)

chase said...

Hmm this is interesting post and you guys forgot to mention Bryanboy!

I think it is also how you market your blog and also the quality of your entries at the same time

Absolutely fabolous

misshoax said...

i just think "traditional" media is sloooowly making room for not-so traditional media. which is us, the "bloggers". we write what we want and how we want and should we get a little something out of it - whether it be a little pocket money or a tube of lipgloss - as long as there is some transparency involved... it doesn't harm or hinder anyone. it's just a pat on the back.

great blog, by the by!

Meg said...

I wasn't sure if bloggers are becoming the new celebrities, but when I think about it, if I met Susie Bubble or The Sart in real life, I'd probably be more in awe than if I met some random celebrity.

Romeika said...

It seems like that Andy Warhol's quote applies to this case. But i must admit i only heard of "The Sartorialist" and "Face Hunter", and now that you mentioned these others, i remember this girl from "Truly, the aberrant" made a small comment in one of my first posts once but then i never heard of her again and i had no idea she was "famous".

About Cory Kennedy, i remember seeing pics of her somewhere last year, i was like "i don't know who she is, maybe she's a new singer or something",and i swear that until this present moment i had no idea she was someone famous just for being famous. *lol*

Oh well, guess i've been doing other stuff than paying attention to this:-) Nevertheless, that's nice to know all these blogs, gonna take a look on them. I wonder if there are other "famous blogs" rather than just style blogs. Vi ses.

Dear Michele from "My Fashion Life" sent us this lovely email:

Michele Obi to me
show details 10:46 (1 hour ago)

Hi Su & Chris,

I thought the piece was excellent and I’ve shared it with our readers. Many thanks for the mention....I have to admit its a very humbling feeling to know that there are people out there who read My Fashion Life and appreciate my work. Lets hope it gets more people blogging. The more fashion blogs out there the better!
You have a great blog. I’ll be checking back for my fashion fix regularly.



Michele Obi

Kimberley said...

Hi Su & Chris,

Thank you very much for the nice plug! The piece you have written is very relevant to today and is a great way of explaining what impact blogging is having on popular culture, especially fashion.

At Catwalk Queen, we are a professional blog (i.e. we blog for a living and get paid for it). I'm not sure whether we'll ever reach 'celebrity status' as that isn't what we are trying to achieve but it's good to have our work recognised and appreciated by others like yourselves.

Keep up the good work, we look forward to reading more from you!

Best wishes,

Kim & Gemma

sarissa said...

i think it's freakin' ridiculous! tbh i am sick of non-celebrities worming their way into the crowd already full of talentless bullshitters.
this does not stop me from watching reality tv shows, but i think bloggers are takin it a BIT too far- famous because they track the lives of celebs.

a shout out in teenvogue is one thing, but chillaxing with the (godforsaken) Parisite- who shouldn't even be a celeb anyway? takes it a little too far,
not that i'd turn it down if the opportunity arose! ;-)

Bella said...

Hey I totally agree!! It's kinda cool though. Love the site. Wanna have a link exchange?

-- Bella,

Miss Zoe said...

Thanks for the nice comment! I think in the blog world there are definite celebs- Scott Schumann is the creme de la creme. Its a really interesting phenomenon I think- kinda like we are all in our all little world.

Sunniva said...

Are bloggers becoming the new celebs? Definitely! But then again, not "true" celebs. I mean, these "famous" bloggers are known by people who have blogs themselves or who surf on the internet a lot (and as we all know, a huge number of people do that!) They will never become as famous as Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie etc., but since the blog world is growing and becoming bigger and bigger as we speak..these people will become more and more famous, whether we like it or not!

Great topic you have chosen, and I absolutely love your blog!

Thanks for letting me know where to get that picture in Carrie's flat..I absolutely love it! Have you got the same one as Carrie?

ENID P. said...

I cant wait to be a celebrity blogger. I love the Sartariolist!!

Enid P.

Model Citzen said...

I. LOVED. THIS . POST!!! can't forget our favorite little whore bryan boy!!!

Chase and model citzen,
I didn't know about bryan boy lol but i've visited his website :)
its funny and cool!

Hey...what about Perez...surely he deserves a mention?

pieterbie said...

Hey, I like your blog here, thanks for your visit to mine!
I'll admit that this is not exactly my chosen subject, but I find the content of this blog very readable. Of course the link between photography, which is my thing, fashion and lifestyle is easily made!
Good luck with susanadaily hope you get that revamped soon!

As a designer who's business has been virutally built on the back of blogs. I'd go one step futher.

THe blogosphere is rapidly becoming the ONLY fashion media that matters.

Chewy said...

ahhh i know! and not to mention agyness dyen is completely gorgeous.

<3 chewy

CHIC NOIR said...

I love the Startoalist blog too. Kory Kennedy isn't bad either. I think you have a very good blog also.

Lola said...

Trent... sigh! I love Pink Is The New Blog! I go there every day, the first blog I ever read :P

Love your blog and have linked you to mine.
Please could you link me to yours in return.

Please take the time to visit my blog as I am back and blogging again!

punky said...

this is a fun test...are you a A-List Bloglebrity?

Moi said...

Go go fashion bloggers!!

btw, yours is way cool too :)

London Fashion Girl of course I will link you :) love your blog too

gia said...

i love the cory kennedy thing. before t.v. i'd never even heard of her.

Teresa said...

Also I've been seeing all these bloggers like Perez and people from TMZ on ABCnews talking about celebs and such, quite amazing it is.

Ann said...

Nice post! You have said it very well. Keep going.