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Our friends from Max&Chloe are offering The Stiletto Effect readers a 15% off discount code!

The code is: MJ15 and can be applied to all merchandise, including sale!

You can take a look to some of my favourite accessories from Max&Chloe bellow. I love these bracelets and to be honest I think they can be worn either for a casual look or to give you a more glamorous style at a fancy party.
Kenneth Jay Lane Black Elephant Bracelet

Kenneth Jay Lane Ram Bracelet

The belt bellow is one of my favourites, great to wear with a dress, a tunic or a kaftan!

Motif 56 Black Jamie Belt

For more items go to: Max&Chloe
by Su

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summa07babes said...

happy to be the first comment! and u like just posted it! so yeh check out my blog please also my friend just got her blog going the link is on my site please check them both out btw huge fan of the stilleto effect

Yes I just posted it hehe, and of course I'm going to check both blogs :)
On my way now...

hey thank you so much for being a fan :)


joice (jóh) said...

oi su querida!! que ótimo esse intercâmbio de blogs né??? ehehe

o meu blog ainda é bem novo, não chega perto do seu... mas me sinto muito feliz pelo seu comentário.. e por favor se quiseres divulgar por aí, fique a vontade!!!

bjo querida, vou add seu blog já!!

sorte sempre!!! e se vieres ao brasil me contacte ;)

Ana said...

cool!i really like those braclets(not so much the belt)

Emily ♥ said...

I really love the belt. :D

satin pump said...

thanks for the comment !!
your blog is nice too!

Kira Fashion said...

tHAT jewelery are so glamorous! i just loved!

i would like to be like the Olsen´s twins: wear a lot of glamourous jewelery! hehehe

many kisses


I LOVE them braclets, they are gorgeous!

That belt is such a powerful piece it would imapct the simplest outfit.

Gloria said...

ah, that's when you know you've hit it big. ;)

Gloria said...

ah, and I was wondering if you'd like to do a link exchange? (rather fond of your blog.)

Jennifer said...

Those bracelets are amazing!!

Gostei de alguns acessórios, os meus parabéns.
Cumprimentos e votos de um excelente fim de semana

Seraphine said...

I like the belt. I like the bracelets too, but the belt is really whispering to me.

LML said...

i love your blog - and those bracelets haha

Paula T. said...

Very nice and stlysh blog

E-MILY said...

ive tagged you! hope u dont mind :) check my blog for more info

thanks for passing by..
where did u take mi blog?

Hey, thanks so much for the comment! Your site is amazing too! And YES, lets exchange links! :)

lluviaschick said...

wow, I like the belt

penelope said...

haha yer. jumbo watches are d best!!

thanks for d comment!!
cant wait for yr next update!!

Moi said...

hey, we should exchange links! :)

Kat said...

I like those bracelets. They are so ornate and different. The belt is very Kate Moss.
Loving this blog! The model post was great and thanks for the lovely comment:-)

kate said...

thanks! i love that bag, too. my favorite color is red :)

sara said...

Those bracelets are very cool

x sara o

LADY said...

love love LOVE (!!!!) those bracelets!

Gloria said...

hey thanks for passing by my blog! I'm very excited to be your blogroll partner ;) and I've added The Stiletto Effect to my links. When you get a chance, please link <3 Life <3 Style back :)

I love kenneth jay lane jewelry so much!

All they are soo pretty.
But the belt is better!!

thank you guys for so lovely comments and thank you for enjoying The Stiletto :)

i feel flattered!

kisses and hugs for all of you :)


P.S: I've seen all your blogs (the ones i didn't know already), and they all rock!

rockandvogue said...

oh! ,this blog is so cute.
really! ,i love it! .,please post me, ok? .kiss

rockandvogue said...

oh! ,this blog is so cute,
really, i lo ve it! .
please post me, ok? .
kiss u.

rockandvogue said...

this blog is so cutee,
please post me, ok?
kiss u.

Love them! Especiallt that belt its so hot!

Kira Fashion said...

i juts loved your slides from Burberry, awsome!!!!

your blog is so cool
thanks for passing by ;)

kisses and hugs

sophia said...

loving the bracelets and the belt !

mua *

I want it all now!!! That's great...can't wait to start spending! Thanks :)


Tui said...

omg, love the bracelets!

i love the animal bracelets, i saw one on melrose a few weeks ago and almost bought one!

Mash said...

Those bracelets are beautiful , i would like one hehe :)

yes guys, the bracelets are really awesome :) I already put them on my wish list ;)

Candid Cool said...

Those bracelets are beautiful. I really like the shine on Kenneth Jay Lane jewelry. Also Club Monaco makes a bag incredibly similar (read: identical) to the 2nd Longchamp bag

Candid Cool said...

oh wait, that bag is actually Mulberry

Lisa said...

The 1980's top model list above is a great one. Does anyone know if there is a website of less known 1980 top models. One of my friend's name was Tina Louise Dean. She was on the cover of over 100 mags in the US and abroad. I believe she was a Ford agency model. Thanks.