Favourite style icons and my own style!

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Today I'm going to talk about my favourite style icons and also about my personal style (along with some photos). There are 3 women that have a style that I truly love and think it's very cool. I'm talking about Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and keira knightley.

kate Moss - Casual meets rock and roll chic!
Kate is one of the most influential persons in the fashion world. She is beautiful, she has an incredible sense of fashion and style, she has her own clothing line and she has thousands of fans around the world.
I really like her style and to be honest it is my favourite from all the 3. She is a fashion inspiration for most girls/women and even to many designers.


. .

Sienna Miller - Stylish meets classy!
Sienna is a very stylish woman. She can make an outfit shine just by adding it a fabulous accessory. I really like the way she combines styles, clothes and accessories.
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keira knightley - Casual meets cool!
The drop dead gorgeous actress, besides being very talented, has also a very cool style. Her daily clothing is very casual as you can see in the pictures bellow, but when she goes to an event she knows what to wear and how to look amazing.
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My style
I have a very casual look these days and this season my favourite colours are black and gray. .

In the pictures bellow you are going to see some of my daily outfits. I hope you guys don't get bored with so much black lol but I've also posted some photos with coloured outfits.

Outfit nº 1

1- Mini black dress Zara; 2- Sandals Lanidor; 3- Bracelets Accessorize; 4- Brooch Parfois; Shoulder bag H&M.

Shoulder bag H&M

Sandals Lanidor

Outfit nº2
1- Dress/Top Zara; 2- Black leggings Zara; 3- Golden necklace Stradivarius; 4- Coat Bershka; 5- Shoulder bag Chanel (Vintage); 6- Flats Zara.

Dress/Top Zara
Coat Bershka
Shoulder bag Chanel (Vintage).
Flats Zara
Outfit nº 3

1- Black top Ralph Lauren; 2- Grey top Benetton; 3- Belt Massimo Dutti; 4- Jeans Zara; 6- Shoulder bag Chanel (Vintage); 7- Flip flops Havaianas.

Jeans Zara

Outfit nº 4

1- Mini black dress Zara; 2- Black leggings Zara; 3- Sandals Lanidor.
Outfit nº 5

1- Flower dress/top and black leggings Zara; 2- Sandals Lanidor.

Flower dress/top Zara
Outfit nº 6
1- Top, black leggings and boots Zara; 2- Belt Accessorize.

Boots Zara
Outfit nº 7

1- Top and jeans Zara; 2- Shoulder bag H&M; 3- Necklace Stradivarius; 4- Flip flops Havaianas.


Top Zar

Outfit nº 8 and nº 9

1st Image: 1- Blue dress Zara; 2- Necklace Stradivarius; 3- White socks; 4- Shoes Zara.
2nd Image: 1- Blue dress Zara; 2- Necklace Stradivarius; 3- White leggings Pull&Bear; 4- Golden flats Stradivarius.

. Shoes Zara

Golden flats Stradivarius

Outfit nº 10

1- Top Sisley; 2- Black leggings Zara; 3- Brown belt Pull&Bear; 4- Necklaces: one from Stradivarius, two from a flee market in Algarve (Portugal), another from Accessorize; 5- Flat sandals bought in a flee market in Jerusalem (Israel); 6- Bracelets Accessorize.

Top Sisley.

Brown belt Pull&Bear; Necklaces Stradivarius, flee market and Accessorize; Bracelets Accessorize.

Flat sandals flee market
Outfit nº 11.
1- Mini black dress and jeans Zara; 2- Shoulder bag Chanel (Vintage); 3- Black necklace flee market; 4- Bracelets Accessorize; Black belt H&M.
Sources: Kate Moss photos: Kate Moss Style; Sienna Miller photos: Sienna Style; keira knightley photos: keira knightley Fan ; Winter 07/08 Clothes and Accessories photos: net-a-porter

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With a body like yours, you will look good in almost anything.

Love your personal looks. Very evocative of Sienna.

-ciao bella- said...

love this post! ok to start, we share fashion icons- adore them all, especially keira knightley. i love all your outfits and i am seriously obsessed with that vintage chanel bag- it's so pretty! and your zara boots as well as that zara blue dress. and oh my goodness, your scarves are gorgeous!

ah thank you both so much!!

the vintage chanel bag belonged to my mother (it has at least 10, 12 years old). She was not using it anymore, so I asked her to give it to me.
I love it :)

Emma said...

God, this post was AMAZING, as is your stuff. You look like a frickin' model...I am so jealous.

thank you Emma :) *blush*

WendyB said...

Love all your outfits, but especially #1!

LML said...

love sienna's style!
and im obsessed with your gladiators! they are trluy "authentic" being from jeruslaem and all!

Aretha said...

Your collection is amazing! I love everything you have and your outfits are pretty cool..
Sienna and Kate are also my top inspirations

Gloria said...

you're back! woohoo ;)

personally, out of your 3 icons, keira is more my style. but i totally GET the hello kitty thing! I used to have a super obsession...I have like 4 DOE Hello Kitty Tees.

I esp. got obsessed over this fluffy white dog Sanrio character...Cinnamoroll...hey, it's cute!

Anonymous said...

your wardrobe is fantastic, some of it has to do with current trends, though (cough leggings) Sorry don't mean to be beyotchy but I am so iffy about them, they look great in outfit number 5, but that blue zara dress is standout, just wear it with a pair of heels and show off your obviously fit and to die for body! I may just be a a bit jealous ;-)

Hey countrygirl :)
yes the leggings are a current trend but I find them cute hehe but I agree with you, the blue dress looks great with no leggings :)

satin pump said...

BEAUTIFUL OUTFIT , great style!!!!

Ellen SB said...

I love that vintage Chanel bag.

rockandvogue said...

i love the pictures of kate, she is fabulous. sorry for my bad english :S ,i`m trying tu study more in the school xD . ok, postme! ,kisess

omg i love your flat sandals frm the flee market.

they look alot like alexander mcqueen sandals.

my fave is outfit no. 7

opps. i meant outfit no. 6.

haha but no. 7 is good too.

-S said...

what a lovely long post! much appriciated!
i agree with sienna and kate, but i'm not much a fan of keira knightley.

Fantastic post! I think Sienna, Kate and Keira have great style! And you too! Love your shoes and your Chanel bag!

miss fashion said...

and i want all of your outfits. they are so chic and very model-esque.

Baby Jess said...

absolutely LOVE ALL YOUR OUTFITS. and omg, those gladiator sandals must be rediculous to get on everyday. hahah missed reading your great posts! :)

Amazin'.... absolutely fabulous haha.
And good choice bout Zara & DKNY Parfum!!

coco said...

i can see why theyre your icons now after seeing your own style
you wear a lot of black, very chic.
i think keria is my favouirte out of kate and sienna.
kate and sienna have had their runs a little too long now.
great post yet again

Kat said...

Great post, great style icons, great style:-)

great post! i love the marc ankle boots and the cavalli accessories :)

Libertygirl said...

Love the Chanel vintage bag!

Cris Lazoru said...

I loved everything so much I can't even pick something to talk about! Chic style!


Ana said...

sigh. i love kates style.
you have very signature style. by that i mean you dont flit about capturing different trends...its all very together. hope that made sense.

Romeika said...

Vc tem razão, as celebridades citadas têm muito estilo e são uma inspiração! Gosto particularmente da Keira, inclusive falei sobre ela no meu post de hj, postando coincidentemente uma foto que vc postou aqui (ela usando um chapéu estilo Chaplin).

Seu estilo tb é ótimo! Parabéns! Adorei os sapatos com as meias brancas.

G.G. said...

What an absolutely FANTASTIC post! Kudos!!! Great style and OMG you have killer legs, I am SO envious!

Amy said...

great post!

Kamila said...

Su, adorei as três celebridades que você usou como exemplo de estilo atualmente. Sienna Miller, Kate Moss e Keira Knightley são únicas no seu jeito de vestir. São modernas, mas vestem roupas leves, práticas e confortáveis.

Bom final de semana!

Kaye said...

WOW. I LOVE YOUR STYLE! I would wear just about every outfit you tried on! I like that it's laid back and casual, yet still put together at the same time!

Sienna and Kate Moss are some of my fav icons too! They make everything look good... even when it's out of this world!

lluviaschick said...

I like some of your pieces (specially the shoes), you look good on them.

WendyB said...

Hey there, I added your link to my blog...go check it out :-)

you have such a nice figure!Your style is simplicity and elegance.very nice.i loved this post!

emmanuel said...

i like ur style.

Fendi said...

I love Spanish Clothes Zara! Come here and let's go shopping at Zara!

The leggins and knee socks are my favorites too!


Emily ♥ said...

You're right about the style icons.
YOU have great style! Really!

summa07babes said...

love your jeannssss and all your outfits...

I love numbers 3 and 5, they look fab and so well put together. X

Aisha said...

great great post =)

My favourite outfit is number 8 =) I looove high knee socks (: and I also looove the necklaces you're wearing on outfit number 10 (:

Love your style ;)

Kate, Sienna & keira rock.


penelope said...

haha thanks for d comment(:
anyhow; love yr closet to bits!! totally fab!


Mash said...

wow you have so much things :) i love the outfit number 3 <3 and i love your chanel vintage bag , how lucky you are :)

Curella said...

goodness, u have cool stuff! where did u get chanel vintage from? i never have such luck! x

Curella said...

goodness, u have cool stuff! where did u get chanel vintage from? i never have such luck! x

Curella, the vintage chanel bag was my mother's! i love some of her clothes and accessories and sometimes i "borrow" stuff from her hehe ;)
a few months ago i asked her that bag, cause she wasnt wearing it anymore :)

Once again thank you and everyone for the nice comments!


Anonymous said...

Sienna sometimes does my heading however she manages to put things together in a stylish way, she'll be my fav. of your three style icons,the channel bag is fab, :)

Naroniel said...

Love your style. I love Keira's style too....so pretty. :)

I love the Lanidor sandals the most and the purse from H&M.

You have very good style.

I fall at two sides of the spectrum and stick to them: jeans and a t-shirt or nice top or some fabulous prom-like dress.

It's all or next to nothing. I need a grey area. Hence, your grey (and black) area may serve as some inspiration to me the next time I go on a shopping venture.

Lovin' the blog.
And two of you write for it, yes?

Regardless, keep at it!

jadorevogue said...

All your outfits are great! Of the three style icons I love Sienna the most.
Thanks for the comments :)

satin pump said...

i prefer sienna miller's style but kate and keira are great too!!

kiss from France

Anonymous said...

Kate Moss always have a keen sense of style and of course Keira is so hot as well.

Ooohh and those are lovely outfits!

Aisha said...

thanks for the nice wishes <3

Hope your friend can contact her friends =/. I think comunication is a little messes up here after the erathquake, for example, my cellphone didn't work and my home telephone didn't work either. I guess it will get better in the next days =).

I'll be waiting for your next post ;)


Anonymous said...

hi! this is really odd that this is really the first time i've clicked on your blog, considering i've heard so much about you! shame on me, so here's the first and obvious question, do you wanna trade links?

great post overall, love those 3 women!

and your sense of style is awesome, the perfect mix of classic and trendy.

Jennifer said...

Longest post in history! Love it! keira and kate till the end!

Candid Cool said...

kate & keira are two of my favorites style wise

CC said...

Where are you in the world? I'm guessing somewhere in Europe because of Zara and Pet Shop Boys heheh :)

hey Chelsamajiggy,
The Stiletto Effect belongs to me, but my friend Cris already wrote 2 or 3 posts (I got to put her name on her posts). She wrote the one about "Dita's Style", the one about "Bags are forever" and also the "Tag Game Post". In the Tag post we both spoke about 7 random things about us!

hey CC
yes I'm from Europe :)

******* to you both

hi Jayne :)
sure lets exchange links!

dorkas said...

totally adoring the blue dress with the knee-highs.

krissy said...

what a great post. i love seeing how people put their outfits together. neat to see your scarves, jewellery, makeup, etc too. do you know about the wardrobe_remix group on flickr? your outfit pics would fit in perfectly over there.

gilda said...

wow, you're so slim and i'm so jealous. :) it's great that you have your own personal style, which is all very evident in your clothes!!

dreamecho said...

quite envious of your vintage chanel...and your flea market lace-up sandals! fantastic post and fantastic style.

a. said...

gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS!

nic said...

wow,you have so much stuff. Love the chanel bag and that cute coat!

Trendini said...

i am loving your chanel vintage purse...and the hermes scarf? oh la la.

La Fleur said...

Oi Su!
Vc sabe se tem alguma loja de Portugal que se interessa em revender peças de roupas?


La Fleur said...

OI Su!! Td bem? Vc parece ser bem simpática!!
Se vc puder tentar saber de alguma loja que faça revenda de roupas e que eu possa entrar em contato, eu agradeço mto!!!