I've been tagged, again!

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Sweet Penelope from I Love Clothes interviewed me for her blog. If you want to check it out, just click here.

Thank you very much Penelope, it was an honour! :)

I've been tagged again and this time by Miss Zoe from Love in Melbourne a very cool blog :)

Game Rules:
Each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to then report this on their own blog with their 8 things as well as these rules. They then need to tag 8 others and list their names on their blog. They are also asked to leave a comment for each of the tagged, letting them know they have been tagged and to read the blog. Although, since I've been tagged before, I'm not gonna tag anyone special this time, so y'all: HAVE BEEN TAGGED! ;)

1- I love sushi


2- I practice Yoga

3- I didn't like "Ugly Betty" tv series at first, but now I'm addicted to it


4- I heart shopping

5- I dance a lot when I'm home alone hehe


6- I'm a "bag gal" and I just bought this Benetton handbag in dark grey

7- I bought Autumn Winter 07/08 Collection of Spanish Vogue (2,7Kg of pure fashion)


8- I wear black nail polish every single day

If you want to check my other Tag post, just click here

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Ana said...

haha..of course....the love of shopping.

Black nail polish is so HOT. Especially if it's Chanel.

By the way... I love how you have 'moon river' playing in the background. very chic!

Black nail polish is so HOT. Especially if it's Chanel.

By the way... I love how you have 'moon river' playing in the background. very chic!

ugly betty rox my sox. and i love how that sushi's arranged.don't know why but just do.
p.s. check out my new post!

Mariana said...

i got lost in u tag and we tag and everyone gets tagged, anyways... looks like fun

Felicia said...

One can never have too many bags :)

MOLLY GRAY said...

that is so cool !...

penelope said...

let's go SHOPPING!!!! haha!! and sushi equals the healthiest and yummiest finger food ever!!

anyhow GLAD u loved how the post came out!!! haha!!! it was great working with you and i can't wait for our next collaboration(: haha!


coco said...

I really want to be the kind of girl that wears nail polish all the time but I never do
I'm such a chipper it always looks trampy
and I read the interveiw it was very cool

i wear black polish every day too! it just looks so polished but still edgy....

ps - my fashion blog is finally back online!

or go to my blogspot blog for details :)

Bojana said...

Haha I also dance alone in my room when no one is around (hopefully!)

Aah.. i remember when i was first tagged. i agree very much with you on most of your points :)
Love the black nail polish!

oh no, tagging hasn't started again has it?! Ha..I kid!

hoorahh for dancing solo and black nail varnish.

-S said...

i love the look of short black shiny nails, but i hate chipped nails. so i rarely wear nail polish.

atelier said...

I don't really like wear nail polish every single day, but interesting interview anyway

I love sushi too.

Cool bag you have there.

Imelda said...

I just love your blog! It inspired me to make my own blog and of course your in my list of favourite blogs!
Hope you'll check it out someday!


-S said...

sure! i'd love to trade links, i'll add you to my links now!

Anonymous said...

I've tagged you as well, haha! I recently (30 minutes ago) started a blog and I love yours. Keep it up :)

xoxo, FT

I wear hot pink nail polish:) the exact same:P

coco said...

hey just checking, did you get my email back?
if not i will send it to you again
i emailed someone the other day and they never got it so yours may have got lost somewhere

Sassy said...

cool blog

Hi! I love sushi too! And just like everyone else here... Shopping! haha xD

I've never eaten sushi in my life
i'm scared, raw meat? hahaha
I'm such a picky eater! I love ugly betty too, i'm so obsessed.
wow I haven't seen you around for ages and ages!

molly said...

yess black nail polish
rock and roll!
its good to be back at your blog

Emma said...

Love this...and your blog song. Moon River? Great taste!

ola Su!
muito obrigado pela companhia que nos tens feito! Parabéns pelo teu blog!
Tomámos a liberdade de adicioná-lo aos nossos links ok?
Vamos mantendo o contacto.
Mariana e Tiago

Filó said...

Aiiiii amoooo comida japonesa principalmente sashimi, como toneladas se deixar, amo comprar (quando posso ahahaha...) e querooooo essa Vogue já... Um amigo meu que vive em Londres, foi para Espanha um dia desses e falou que comprou para mim, mas como pesa toneladas nem sei quando vou receber ahahahah...

wow, Moon River! You have such a great taste!
I read the interview, loved it!

In Yr Fshn said...

Love the black nail polish, especially mixed with yoga. A girl of contradictions!

Baby Jess said...

ahh love it! i'm going to do this for my next post!! :)

keep up the great posts<333