Live from My Red Carpet - Part II

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Hey everyone! lets head to "Live from My Red Carpet" Part II.
?Today I'm interviewing Penelope from I <333333>and Kat from She's in Vogue.
Have fun:
?Name: Penelope, but call me pen =p
?Blog name: I love Clothes or Pearls & Sands (Both are fabb!)
Finish this sentence: 'My Blog is about' … My blog is not really about clothes, celebs, latest fashion purchase but I think it’s all about being a girl - that’s who I am, and growing up, we all have thoughts and issues we feel strongly about whether it be as simple as our fav designers or as serious as anorexic nervosa which I’ve talked about recently.
?It’s fun and I like to think of it as a journal I use, to show off my style =p Having said that - I’ve got a lot of comments on how I dress classy but in actual fact I’m wearing jeans at that time; so I think that my style is kind of like an alternative kind of class. I mean, it doesn’t mean that a girl would have to be decked out in pearls and a LBD to ooze sophistication right? It’s all in the way you carry yourself; I would say!
Do you usually change your look (clothes or hairstyle)? Of course!! I could be in terry cloth pants and Lacoste polo one day, and the next, in jeans and tee and then I could get all girly. I think, it’s important to break out of the usual routine and mix up your clothes to get a different look from them!
As for my hair, it’s been hanging till my shoulders ever since so the only time my hairstyle will change will be when I’m at my hairdresser’s! Haha.
Favourite item in your wardrobe: It would be this gorgeous sparkly burgundy shrug I’ve got a couple of years ago from Topshop. I’ve always loved how it brightens up an outfit instantly!! It’s prettyyy
?What would you never wear? A bright colored bra under a light colored top. Haha, I don’t know. Cos, whenever I see someone wearing stuff this way; I’m like- how long does it take for her to match the right bra with her top?!! Right? lol.
?Favourite Autumn Winter 2007/2008 Collection: Balenciaga!!! The whole collection is so cheery and full of energy, and utterly wearable!! It’s easy to recreate our own Balenciaga look-a-likes with the stuff we have back home!! Nicolas Ghesquiere has kind of like overtaken Marc’s position in my heart =p haha!
Favourite Designer: Luella Bartley, hands down! Her latest collection is so fun and girly!! Honestly - I loved every single pieces and if I could, I wish I had her creativity to churn out such brilliant ideas!!!
?This season Must-Have: SCARVES!!! And of course bright tights!!! Speaking of which - I can break down and cry cos I haven’t found my perfect pair :(
An accessory you can’t live without: My scarves!!!! OMG!! I’m so much in love with them way before Balenciaga showed them this season. Haha I have quite a number and yet I know I’ll be getting more!! (Without my mom’s knowledge of course! She NEVERS understand my obsession for scarves =p)
??A trend to adopt : Prep up your wardrobe!! It’s everywhere and honestly prep cool is timeless!! If you feel that it’s a difficult look to copy, watch Gossip Girls and see how the girls wear their uniforms! It’s so pretty and you’ll feel so posh just by going prep =p
?Do you wear make up everyday? Nope. Sometimes I’m just too tired (or late) in the morning to do so, but I’ll definitely slap on some sun block and moisturizer before going out!
What make up product (s) you can't live without? Lol; that would have to be my Lancome Definicils Pro mascara and my Bobbi Brown concealer. The mascara is the best thing ever!!!
?Do you change fragrances regularly? Sad to say, no. Cos I’ve been alternating between Lacoste’s Touch of Pink and L’Occitane’s Green Tea Solid Perfume for the longest time! Both are great scents and I’m still not tired of them =p haha! Though I KNOW I’ll be getting the Daisy perfume by Marc very soon =p
? ?
Who is your favourite fashion icon? Mischa Barton!! No doubt. I love her ever since The OC and I love her style!! She’s always been classy with a (lil!) dash of grunge in her! That’s how I really want to be =p haha!
If you had to choose a year to live, from the last century, what would it be and why? I love the times of Marie Antoinette, Elizabeth Bennett and Becky Sharp.. Although it irks me so that girls of the era are brought up to only be a good wife to her husband - I love how the girls (from better homes) are so knowledgeable about culture, music and of course! Their clothes are so frilly, girly and gorgeous!!!
Do you have any beauty secrets you want to share? Invest in a good eyelash curler so you wouldn’t have to rely on mascara all the time! Also, if you’ve got a lil bit of inflammation from your pimple, put a small dollop of Royal Jelly on it - it’s amazing!!!!
You never live home without … My mobile, wallet, lip balm and of course a bottle of water!!!!
Last fashion purchase: Lol! Just got a red skinny wool scarf from Topmen yesterday and a pretty black dress from River Island!! And I love, love them!!!
?What music is playing in your Ipod? A mixture!! I listen to all kinds of music like jazz, blues, rock, soft rock, pop, rap, gospel, etc etc etc. But you’ll def not find techno and heavy metal! – I totally hate those and they give me such a headache! Haha. I feel old just typing out the sentence. Anyhow.
?Favourite restaurant in your city? Love love this question!! That would have to be this quaint lil place called Greenwood Fish Market & Bistro. I love how I feel like I’m sitting in one of the piazzas in Rome (instead of ol’ boring Singapore) and of course the yummy food - You’ll feel like a million bucks going to that place alone.
Favourite foreign city/country? LONDON LONDON LONDON LONDON LONDON ALL THE WAY!!!!!!! I wanted to put NY initially but I guess. London has got much more of personality than NY!! It has a cosmopolitan society, rich history and people just seem to appeal to me more than the boutique lined streets of NY I guess =p
Hobbies: I love love to look at other fabulous fashion forward blogs like Coco’s Tea Party, Mahalo Fashion and yours of course - during my spare time. Also, I enjoy doing the usual stuff like shopping, watching dramas when I’ve got the time to and of course curling up on the bed and just read! I’m currently reading Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackeray and it’s no joke trying to finish reading a book with such fine prints!!!

?Favourite song: Haha, there’s too many to mention but of course that would have to be Audrey Hepburn’s rendition of Moon River from Breakfast At Tiffany and right now, if I were to hear Hinder’s Lip of An Angel, I’ll definitely scream!!!
Name: Kat
Blog name: She's in Vogue
Finish this sentence: "My blog is about" ...!? Well I guess it's just fashion told by someone who loves it, and I just hope my passion is evident in my posts. It mainly reflects what I love in fashion and what I would like to read in a fashion magazine. I would hope that people find my posts interesting as they sometimes can be a bit rant-ish! I hope people like reading the posts about like past icons as fashion history is my passion.
Finish this sentence: "My own style is" ... a little rock chic, a little glamorous, a bit retro from time to time, can be a bit eclectic as it tends to reflect my interests and mood at the time, quite creative and trendy at the same time. Probably Grace Kelly meets Debbie Harry with a little Kate Moss and Sienna thrown in.
Do you usually change your look (clothes or hairstyle)? My look does tend to change. I do go through phases and often I could not even look at the clothes I wore a year ago! I guess my wardrobe is quite reflective of my moods and changing interests. Other people find it impossible to know what I would like but when I see something in a shop, I often just know that it's so 'me'. As for hair and make up, I tend to work them into the whole look I'm going for, so yes they do change to, although not the cut of my hair.
Favourite item in your wardrobe: Hmmm, tricky one, I'm not so sure, I'm not really sentimental about anything in there, but at a push I would say at the moment, this most amazing belt, that I got in Miss Selfridge, that just pulls every look together, making outfits really cool and edgy. And it's a waist belt - so this season!
What would you never wear? Those gross jeans with the diamante or studs on the back pocket or with sequins and embroidery - eughh! And they are usually pale blue denim too, even worse, and sometimes accompanied with a tacky, studded, super - sized buckled belt. Things that nightmares are made of.
?Favourite Autumn Winter 2007/2008 Collection: Luella - just fabulous, I would wear everything.
Favourite designer: The same, Luella Bartley. I love her clothes as they are just so young, cool and wearable. I think she is one cool lady herself and I love how she was originally a fashion journo. She seems so down to earth too and the Luella style philosophy is based on rock and roll meets ladylike chic; The Clash meets Princess Diana. I love that, as it's like my own personal style.
This season Must-Have: An oversized knit like those at Stella, grey ribbed tights, beret and red lipstick, the latter for pure 1940's seduction.
An accessory you can't live without: Earrings. I am a total earring junkie. I cry if I forget to wear my earrings. I like bags too though and shoes are quite lovely.
Do you wear make up everyday? I am ashamed to admit it, but I do. Only very subtle make up at school though but if there are days when I don't move outside the front door, then I don't. The weekend is a whole other story though! In honesty I am a little bit of a make up junkie too. I cringe though at my make up mishaps from when I was younger.
What make up product(s) you can't live without? Well I love Clinique moisturiser, Bourjois compact powder, Clinique blusher and I quite like the Smashbox mascara, that I got as gift at the moment too.
Do you change fragrances regularly? Whenever I buy a perfume I tend to try something new, but saying that though there are some that I just love too much, and would buy again and again if I could. I love Miss Dior Cherie especially.
Who is your favourite fashion icon? Probably Debbie Harry, I love her style, so cool, edgy and retro. I do love Hollywood icons like Audrey and Grace Kelly. Oh and I love Edie Sedgewick's style. At present I love Kirsten Dunst's style and I love how Sienna has such much fun with fashion.
Do you have a favourite model? Eek models, not my best subject! Could I say Twiggy? I love her - the face of 1966! At the moment I love Iekeliene Strange, her own style is fabulous and she has an amazing face, would love to see her in more campaigns. I like Jessica Stam too and Irina Lazareanu looks effortlessly cool on the catwalk.
If you had to choose a year to live, from the last century, what would it be and why? Probably 1966, in London! I love love love Mod fashion and I love that whole era - youth quakers, mini skirts, Mary Quant, The Beatles. I would love to have been around when all that was happening, the change in society - music and fashion hand in hand, completely reflecting these changes. I love the whole youth explosion thing and how fashion was youthful and playful again, which it has not been 20's.
?Do you have any beauty secrets you want to share? Beauty secrets? Ha ha i'm not sure! I guess I should say 'always remove your makeup and drink 50 glasses of water a day!' All I can say is there is nothing a bit of makeup won't fix!
Last fashion purchase: Gorgeous oversized grey jumper from Bershka. Cannot wait to wear it.
What music is playing in your Ipod? Well, at present I'm listening to Paul Weller - The Hit Parade, a compilation.
Favourite restaurant in your city: Oh I love restaurants and good food! I am a total foodie! Well for dinner I would say Luigi Malone's for it's international cuisine and it's buzzing atmosphere. For lunch the cafe in the Crawford Art Gallery or the Idaho Cafe, the latter of which is my favourite.
Favourite foreign city: Paris. I adore everything about it - shops, fashion, history, architecture, atmosphere, people, you get the picture.
Hobbies: Shopping of course, cinema, reading, painting, customising (I would paint and sew sequins on everything if they would only stand still!), eating good food, my blog, chatting on the phone, listening to music, travelling, dressing up.
Favourite song: Difficult question. I don't know really, probably something by The Jam. Perhaps 'When you are young'. I love the lyrics, they read like a modern poem.


Thank you all for the interviews!

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coco said...

great interviews
i love both the blogs so its so good to read
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I'm loving your interviews! Part I was great and now Part II, fantastic! She's in Vogue and Penelope's blog are amazing!
Great post!

I'm so excited you interviewed Kat from She's In Vogue, I know a blog is a peek into someone's perspective, but these questions allowed us a very specific study of their minds. In a not creepy scientist way...

Sir Dorian said...

and yours is just fantastic. i´m speechless. will feature your weblog..because it´s a MUST for fashionistas:)

penelope said...

wow it's weird to see myself and all! haha!! but still!! thanks!! it looks amazing!! haha! and i love kat too!! lol!!


Elisabeth said...

Have just come across your blog and it's a great read (especially when I am supposed to be working!) Will come here often!

Lis x

Mrs Fashion said...

Wow! Really indepth interview!!

Kat said...

Hey Su! You're welcome, it was no bother doing the interview.

Wow, they turned out really well and I'm flattered to be featured on your wonderful blog, so thanks for the oppurtunity:-)

Glad people are enjoying reading what we have to say too.
Great job!
x x x

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I have anthor blog( the ice coffee book club) and i was wondering if you wanted to do an interview form it. I have been doing them for about a month or two now and they are so much fun to read. If you would like to, please send me an email @ and i will send you the question.
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These interviews are a nice way to get to now other blogs!

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