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Did you ever think how some of our favourite bloggers rooms, desks and closets look like? Well, I did and that is why I've asked some of them if they would like to reveal a little of what's going on behind closed doors.
Today I'm showing Susie Bubble's blogging desk, Ashley Heaton's closet, Ale Garattoni's makeup, bags and closet, Coco's accessories and beauty products and Jen's closet and accessories.
Susie Bubble is the writer of Style Bubble. Her love of fashion was initially an act of rebellion against her parents and the 'popular' people at school, which then developed into something all consuming and now is her number one passion. The name Susie Bubble wasn't made up by herself, it was a friend at primary school that gave it to her. Then the whole class started calling her that, because she always looked like she was in a world of her own, in a bubble!

Susie has also a daily wear blog. If you want to check it out just click on the link Style Bubble Daily Wear.
Susie Bubble's blogging desk


Ashley Heaton is a Los Angeles-based fashion writer and the show director for UCLA’s charity fashion show, FAST. She also has a fashion blog named Chic Shopper. Ashley has worked in marketing and PR for two jewellery companies and a fashion publicist. Ashley is fascinated by the artistic aspects of fashion, and, having worked backstage at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, is devoted to building a consciousness of fashion-as-art in her home city.
Ashley Heaton's closet

Ale Garattoni is a brazilian fashion journalist who was born in Rio de Janeiro, but now lives in São Paulo. She has worked for the brazilian designer Isabela Capeto. She was also sub-editor of
Glamurama and editor/assistant to brazilian RG VOGUE. She now has her own fashion blog Top It Girls and is also a fashion contributor to RG VOGUE.
Ale Garattoni's makeup, bags and closet


Coco is the writer of Coco's Tea Party. She lives in London, and has studied fashion design and textiles. She doesn't really have official hobbies, unless watching Sex and the City re-runs counts. She is not Chloe Sevigny, as people have asked her, because of the header - which is now Giselle, who according to her own words "sadly I am not either".

Coco's accessories and beauty products




Jen the Mahalo Fashion writer was born and raised in Ottawa, Canada. She speaks fluent French and English. She graduated college in 2006 and moved to Australia for a year. She also went to New Zealand and Fiji in that time frame.
She loves to travel, go to the beach, listen to music, drink coke, cook, shop, read, sleep, blog, watch tv, and hanging out with her boyfriend!

Jen's closet and accessories




Photos by: Susie Bubble; Ashley Heaton ; Ale Garattoni; Coco; Jen.

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ChiliLady said...

wow, that was a "backstage" kinda report. it's always more exiting behind the scenes.

addicted said...

what a great post!!

This was an awesome post!! All awesome Bloggers!

hey girl i linked you
i think you mentioned it in the email but i forgot that's so me.
I posted about your post xoxo

ps. it turned out fantastic!

Neekoh said...

That's an awesome post!

On Track said...

I love this post, I am so nosy, I love to see into peoples lives, especially those who's blogs I like to read :)

I feel like a spy or intruder...yet I'm enjoying myself!

emsie said...

really amazing post, i love the insight. i wish my desk was as creative, mine's just plain mess at the moment.

i always enjoy to look behind the mirror......

Aisha said...

I love posts like these that shows a little more of the girls behind such great blogs!

Great great great post

awesome post! thanks for sharing!

Héloïse J. said...

wow! i always adore such posts. supergreat post :D

Elisabeth said...

Wow, what a great peek into the world of some of my favourite bloggers!

In Yr Fshn said...

So interesting!

Mary-Laure said...

I love peeking into other girls' closets, desks and bathrooms, thanks for the post.
Coco's remarks cracked me up!

coco said...

great post!
I'm glad you asked me to take part
I love how Susie has the picture of Chloe S on her wall that used to be my header
kind of links all the blogs hahah
x x x x x x

Imelda said...

Great post!
it's always nice to know a little bit more from the bloggers we all know!

Kira Fashion said...

it´s great to see people´s stuff!!!

;) a kiss and a hug for you dear!

Molly :] said...

Wow! This is a really great post! You should definately do more of these- its always great to spy on other people's closets :) x

Kwana said...

Oh thanks for the sneak peeks! I just found your blog from Ondo lady and love it. Fab!

great post, thanks for asking me to participate! :)

Secret Agent said...

What an interesting post. Quite unique.

penelope said...

this is so fun!!! great idea(:

Love the concept -- very voyeuristic. I wonder if everyone cleaned their room before taking the photos. :-)

Seraphine said...

I love it. Even when a little cluttered, each is very organized and focused. I guess that's the kind of personality it takes to be a good blogger.

Kat said...

Fabulous post, seriously fabulous! There is just something so satisfying seeing other people's stuff! Susie Bubble's mood board wall around her desk make me so jealous and i love the pics of Coco's things. Great work:-)
x x x

ChiliLady said...

su, i'm a little pissed!! how come "kate moss style" isn't on your red carpet anymore? changed your mind???
please reply!

I love this blog! already the header picture is totally awesome, and i see you're also a SATCfan! I'm addicted.. ;o)
if you like to visit my blog, we've got almost the same interests :o)
Very nice, again!

Hi Chilylady :)

Of course "kate Moss Style" is a fav. :) it was my mistake. I sent you an e-mail explaining what happened :)


Ondo Lady said...

This is sooo cool, I love this. More please!!!

Jillian said...

It sounds silly but seeing other's closets/makeup/desks is kind of inspiring to me... and it encourages me to keep doing what I am doing and loving what I love... silly I know but it's true.

Would you mind if I linked to you on my blog?
I can't believe I didn't find it sooner!

Curella said...

very clever post! You are like the ultimate journalist on the blogosphere! i love ya!! xoxo

Seraphine said...

I'm always thinking I have to organize my closet. What I really mean is I need to throw half of it out and give the useful stuff to charity.
So sometimes I actually do it. I clean and organize.
Two weeks later, it looks the same as before.
It's like there's two of me, each expecting the other to clean up after the other.

dreamecho said...

this is such a genius idea...loved seeing "behind the scenes" of my fellow fashion bloggers.

thansk for the insider view it was awesome!
p.s.check out my new post sometime!

Jillian said...

i added you :) thanks for exchanging links with me!! i love your blog i've just about read every entry in the last month haha

Natty said...

What a cool post. I am so nosey and nice to see other peoples environments and inspiration!

Great post, very fun to get to know a bit from them! Loved the pictures!

love the susie bubble is so chic!

Kikas said...

Gostei muito do post, mas gostava também que nos mostrasses o teu espaço de trabalho e o teu closet.


Romeika said...

I guess everyone has a little bit of a voyeur inside themselves, I really enjoyed this backstage report, so cool!

I love looking at people's photos of their rooms etc, voyeristic or not, its so much fun! Makes you look at all your own stuff and wonder if you need it all...or make you want to rush out and buy stuff!

iñaki said...

This was such a bloody amazing idea! :)
I always love when we can see a little deeper into the people behind those great blogs we all love!


Trendini said...

that is such a cool idea! going behind the scenes of your fave bloggers? love it!!! very different from anything else we are used to seeing!!

Anonymous said...

The post is amazing. I loved the Ale's wardrobe. She's a great journalist and her blog is really awesome. I read it every single day ;)

Plus, I'm glad that I found yours. Congrats Su!!

Kiss you

ps. If you have some time, please, check my blog out:

you missed one fashion book

i love to read fashion babylon

excellent post! from the book selections to giving your readers a sneak peek backstage.

Nice post !!

I'm glad to see u still blogging

sydneydoll said...

i read some of rachel zoe's book.
it was quite good.

Asia said...

now thats a REAL fashion addict:DD
oh, and I loved Susie Bubble's blogging desk . I heard once, less mess on table, less work:)))

Songy said...

Loving looking at people's workspaces and closets. It feels so intimate.

Susie bubble's desk is heaps of fun to see. I didn't know that she posted her desk photos, how cool.