D&G love Bowie and so do I!

20:49 Susana Rodrigues 23 Comments

Dolce & Gabbana - Fall 08 RTW
My H&M David Bowie Tee.
I also bought an H&M Iggy Pop Tee. . .
Sources: My own photos; Style.com

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LaCouturier said...

i love graphic tees & pairing them with blazers =) that tee would look so good with a leather jacket & ankle booties!

i LOVE this runway look. i tried recreating it one day last winter. :) i wish we had an H&M around here- that bowie shirt is awesome

Bowieeeeeeeeeeee makes me sooo hot !!

I love him !!

What a great ideaa

OMG what an awesome teeeee!!
I like H&M's better than D&G's

penelope said...

Aw Su! You're finally back!!! Love the David Bowie top! It's so grungey!

Wonderfull t-shirts!!! Very interested your blog

Dapper Kid said...

Looove the David Bowie top :)

Those are awesome. I'm going to have to tell a friend obsessed with Bowie that H&M has tees...

Blicious said...

i love the vintage T's!

Wow I've not seen that Bowie tee in my H&M, but its fantastic!

alluretone said...

i have to have one of those plaid pants.

simply.steph said...

i was going to buy the bowie shirt! but it was like 30 bucks... student budget did not allow for such splurging

coco said...

Those are really good for H&M! Well found!

Kira Fashion said...

i love the rock and roll style!

a kiss my friend!

iñaki said...

Rock tees never really go out of fashion. IT's just what surrounds then that changes.



i really would like to find an old looking music tee. i have a ramones one, but it looks too new.

J' ♥ David Bowie my boyfriend looks like him !!

I ♥ mad boys hehe.

Anonymous said...

i heart graphic tees! a way of expressing oneself and oh so fabulous!! i did a post on tee's recently...i love tees.. they go anywhere.
xoxo WS

Love them. Unfortunately, the sizes for H&M clothes run a little smaller than usual.

Kikas said...

Eu gosto muito da t-shirt do David Bowie. Também contribui para a escolha. LOL


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-love, love these!!

Love the t-shirts!