My addiction to bags

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I'm addicted to bags!!! For me, they are the real "girl's best friend", not diamonds. Sometimes I go out looking to buy some clothes but as soon as I enter a store I go directly to the bags department, and instead of buying something I really need, I just go and buy another bag... oh well... that’s just me!
Below you can see some of my favourite bags. Some are from the new collections, others are classics and two are just mine..Let me start with Chanel. What can one say about it?!!! The bags are just beautiful, iconic, timeless and a must have.
. . . .
I can proudly say that I own a Chanel shoulder bag, a real one. My mother bought it maybe 15 years ago or even more and to be honest it's in a very bad shape. But I wanted it so badly that she gave it to me (she wasn't using it for ages, anyway!).
The other day I was reading the Daily Mail when I saw an image of Lily Cole with a Chanel shoulder bag very similar to mine (probably the modern version of it). See the pictures bellow.
. . . .
I have also a cute small shoulder bag from H&M that reminds me of a Chanel bag.
If you are looking for one that looks like a Chanel bag, go to Accessorize (see picture bellow).
I'm also fascinated by the following Sonia Rykiel's shoulder bags..
. .This season's Gucci's bags are also very stylish! See my favourites bellow.
. . .
I also adore this one by Stella McCartney:
But the bags I'm really obsessed with are the ones by Longchamp and Louis Vuitton
.Let me start with Longchamp. This season's ads are very cool and both Kate Moss and Gaspard Ulliel look sexy as hell, not to mention the bags that are to die for. I've been a fan of the "Légende" handbag since ever, but the new version of the "LM" handbag is also very stylish.

In the picture bellow you can see the "LM" bag that was created to celebrate the brand's 60th anniversary. This line is a bestseller from the 70's.

The "Légende" Bag (bellow) has become a cult object this past winter, worn by Kate Moss, Claudia Schiffer and Madonna. They are available in a pallet of materials and colours both original and urban. I must say I love all the colours and sizes.

..The new "Cosmos" bag is inspired by old travel bags, from the beginning of the 20th century (see bellow).

I'm finishing this post with Louis Vuitton. The classic "Monogram Canvas" is my line of selection, being the "Speedy 30" my favourite handbag ever. I'm still saving for this one hehe!
What about you? Which bag or bags from my selection do you prefer? Or which one is your favourite bag ever?

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WendyB said...

Those Sonika Rykiel bags are great!

~alison said...

I am a total Isabella Fiore girl! I am sooo bummed that she sold her line.

the Chanel 2.55 bag is my ulimate. One day in the near future it will be mine. thanks for the great post.

OMGGGG.. i have the exact same chanel shoulder bag but in red that my mom gave me too!! and to think i was the only one.. (obviously not.. bahaha) im gonna do an outfit post or somethign and when i do im gonna link it back here! i like your colour better than mine though. its so much more wearable.

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-a fantastic post-thanks for stopping by!! I'll admit, your Chanel bag to me is one of the best here-I'm a sucker for a vintage, especially Chanel!

shamblebaby said...


my blog's got a translater :)

i don't think i'm gonna start writing english,because most of my readers are german/swiss i think.

so just try the translater :)

Capuccino B. said...

yeees, chanel it's beautiful, but too expensive!

Kikas said...

Eu também sou totalmente viciada em malas. Adoro a chanel com a bandeira inglesa. Neste momento é a minha favorita. Mas também gosto muito da linha Sonia Rykiel. São o máximo.
E que tal comprarmos a LV speedy a meias???


Fashion Guru said...

im working on getting my first chanel bag. great post

Dana said...


I love chanel bags!!!

enc said...

You have good and classic taste in bags. I love the Longchamp, and may be ready for a brand switch.

I'm a real purse addict, and I can really understand how it's is being in a shop with purses. I do also go straight to the handbag section!

What every woman wants.

Luv the first iconic Chanel bags.

Great post !!

Hugs !!


Thanks for the comment!

I love Chanel bags.. they are such classic ones! I like the H&M purse you found too!

I think Sonia Rykel's are so cute! I'm obsessed over studs as of the moment.

I love LV's speedy bags (I have 2 because 1 is just no enough). Their monogram and damier lines are just timeless!

i adore chanel bags.... they are such classics and all the ones i have purchased i don't regret, maybe except for one.... : )

vicki archer said...

Your shoulder bag is the one for me - vintage Chanel is way cooler I think. Thanks for stopping by French Essence today. xv

Your Chanel bag is so beautiful! I want one too! I adore Chanel bags!

Lindsay said...

ohh tough choice! i vote chanel!

nv said...

great post, my goal when i get my first real job is to get a chanel <3

morena said...

love the bags :]

dolce chic said...

Love Chanel and Louis! They're all gorgeous!!! I love Isabella Fiore too. I will never rid myself of my Isabella bags :)

from your selection I def. like the Chanel shoulder bag you and Lily share :)
from my own, my absolute favorite one I own is my studded Bal city bag in white
though I looooove the regular city bag, which I do not own (yet).

Trendology said...

Oh how I long for a quilted Chanel.

Jillian said...

mmmm..... chanel
i just drooled on my keyboard i think


Trixy Tran said...

I totally agree! BAGS ARE A GIRL'S BEST FRIEND. I want the Balenciaga City!

Jenny H. said...

yessss. i love bags as well!

I went to the Longchamp store a couple months ago to check out the bags. They are surprisingly huge.

I recently saw a Stella McCartney bag that was really nice. It looked like a doctor's bag.

Anonymous said...

So cute!
I just love it...

Sil Saraiva - B&B

Carla said...

I love the yellow one worn by Kate Moss in those heavenly black and white photos!! Great post Carla x

Those studded bags from Sonia Rykiel are making me swoon.
And how nice of your mother to give you her old Chanel bag! That is a keepsake.

i am yearning for a quilted chanel bag!!
such a classic.
i wish wish wish for one.

maxima said...

I adore those small Chanel bags O__O

Thanks for the cmt!

freya said...

i really like your chanel bag, it looks great.

and im sooo in love with 2.55, i hope i'll be able to buy it one day :)

rachel said...

don't throw away the skirt!! I agree it has a Chanel vibe, you go and rock that skirt! It has a long stylish life left in it, I'd say :)

thanks for the comment!

♥ R

glory said...

i like all the chanel bags, but lv it`s not my style, i don`t live the monogram allover and the color....

MizzJ said...

All those bags are so hot! Personally, I'm a Gucci girl at heart, but those Longchamp are very intriguing.