My new fashionable purchases - books and more

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I've ordered the following items on Amazon and they finally arrived!.
Kate Moss: Style by Angela Buttolph.
I'm a Kate Moss fan since ever; I admire her career as a model and I also love her style (regarding her personal life, I think it's up to Kate to decide what's best for her). Even when she is wearing casual clothes she always manages to look great and stylish. She has a je ne sais quoi I just can't explain but obviously Angela Buttolph can explain it... or the book wouldn't have 208 pages lol. Anyway, now I will know the secrets behind her style. Check a few photos bellow.
. . .
I also bought The One Hundred by Nina Garcia
.This book is brilliant and a must have, in my opinion it's the real fashion "Bible". Throughout the pages, Nina explains everything about clothes, accessories, makeup, style, outfits, icon items,etc. and the illustrations are also very cute!. . . ..Ok, NEXT!!! Sex and the City The Movie.I'm going to tell you a little secret... I've been so busy lately that I didn't watch the movie until yesterday (when it arrived). Yeah I know, shame one me! How can a girl who loves the show, bought the "Series Shoebox", the "Trivia Game", the "Kiss and Tell" book and even wrote a long post about it (check it here) missed the "so talked about" movie?!!. Anyway, I didn't enjoy the movie as much as I've enjoyed the TV Series, but I loved all the outfits, clothes, accessories etc. In my opinion the fashion surrounding it was better than the plot! .
. Oh... and to prove you how fanatic I am for "Sex and the City" and how shameful I feel for not having seen the movie before (although I was really, REALLY, busy), check bellow some of my SATC stuff:
.I also bought recently (but not online) the following books:
."Fashion Now" (written in Portuguese)
"London - Shops & More"
. .
"DELUXE - How luxury lost its lustre" by Dana Thomas (written in Portuguese)

"A little girl sitting on Louis Vuitton luggage, in the beginning of last century".
. History of Dress (I bought this one in Spanish because I didn't find it in English or Portuguese).

Well, with all these books I really need to find the time to read them all. But since I normally read more than one at the same time and I'm so curious about all, it will be easy

To buy these books or for the descriptions, click on the links bellow:
Kate Moss: Style Icon
The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own
Sex and the City - The Movie (Special Edition)
Sex and the City - The Complete Series (Collector's Giftset)
Fashion Now 2
London, Shops & More

Sources: My own photos; Amazon

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yiqin; said...

OMG you are so lucky you got all these books! I really want the Kate Moss & SATC one!

WendyB said...

What a fun shipment!

Ooh, that Kate Moss books looks really fab - thanks for posting!

Kira Fashion said...

fantastic books!
I love fashion books and of course i would like to have so much more!

a kiss!!!

enc said...

Those books are brilliant! Thanks for photo-ing them for us.

oi! vim retribuir a sua visita lá no blog... e adorei o seu! que delícia! vou lhe linkar p/voltar sempre por aqui! bjs e apareça - seja sempre mt bem-vinda!

Kikas said...

All those books are amazing. I would like to have the one by Nina Garcia. I think she's very good advices about fashion.


MR style said...

oh god i need kate moss book

yiqin; said...

Will love to exchange links :) Have added you!

Lisa said...

thanks for the comment :)

oh my. that KM book looks fierce.
i will have to hunt it down.


OMG-- I need that Kate Moss book! :)

Thanks for your comment, sweetie.

xo/ fashion chalet

Anonymous said...

ohemgee, I love all your books, esp the kate moss book. tdf.

P.S. I am kind of scared of elevators as well so totally don't mind my new stair hike. Maybe if I do it long enough I can wear the outfit shown on dear kate in your post, ha.

XAVS said...

beautiful set of books and dvd...guess I have to get online to Amazon to see what can I find...

Franco said...

great books, kate moss rule!
I like the illustrations

Dapper Kid said...

I was looking at the Kate Moss book on Amazon and thinking about whether to buy it, I think I might! And the Nina Garcia book sounds quite wonderful. Annnnd you have a veritable SATC trove there!!!

good buys! i really want that kate moss book now...she's amazing:)

Bella said...

All fantastic choices... Kate is stunning, and I can sit down with one of those books and just immerse myself from cover to cover!

SATC... well, I'm a dire-hard fan on that subject too!

Cara Mia said...

don't feel bad, i just watched the satc move last week for the first time and i am a huge fan as well!

thanks for your comments :)
great blog you have here!

cara mia

Capuccino B. said...

i need the KM book!

Bedroom Talk said...

Ok I fully love how you have a collection of SATC games and what nots. lol

Speaking of fashion reads did you snag your hands on the one written by Victoria B. ? And your so right what ppl do with their personal life is their business.

glory said...

so jealous, i want the one hundred of nina and ups i have``t seen the sac movie, i`m waithing to have time... salaudos

coco said...

The Kate Moss book looks like it has some great images. I have to say I've had too much of her recently.
Love SATC, I might watch it tonight.

Imelda said...

You've bought lots of great books! I always buy lots of books like these aswell, but have it hard to find time to read them :)

and don't be ashamed, I didn't see the the SATC movie either untill I bought it last week! and I'm a big fan aswell, cause I've got the shoesbox dvd-collection aswell.

I saw KM book in the bookstore! So Fab!


OMG! Your newly bought books are such eye candy!!!

Filó said...

Vc quer que eu tenha um treco definitivamente ahahahahaha... Adoro livross, colecciono e leio, posso dizer que tenho uma mini-biblioteca de moda em casa, sem contar com a mini-biblioteca de clássicos, então já viu...Fico me coçando para comprar o tempo todo e estou desesperada para comprar o livro da Kate Moss (que não tem aqui, normalmente compro pelo Amzon USA)... Esse da Nina Garcia tbm não tenho, tenho o outro de capa preta, que é maravilhoso tbm. Até fiz uma série de posts sobre ele...

Ooh that Kate Moss book looks really interesting! & I would love to swap links. I will add you now!

thanks for the comment and lincoln hieghts is this show about a neighborhoodn that is full of minorities and is trying to do good things but with many problems
it is a great show :)

Trixy Tran said...

great choices!
they all look so amazingg.

Aretha said...

AHHHHHH Kate Moss y su libro, yo lo quiero ahora!!! Tienes una colección de items que envidio totalmente, me encantaría etner por lo menos un item de esos :)

Secret Agent said...

That's a lot of books. More books than I've read in my life.
Is that an all Kate book? That's cool cause Kate's awesome. So carefree and doesn't care what others think.

you aree so lucky you get to have all these books!! they are so expensive!! but they look really interesting!

Annie said...

Oh wow--lots of interesting stuff! I've been wanting to get Nina Garcia book..

Annie said...

Oh crap, I'm not sure if my comment went through. :] Here, I'll type it again:

Oh wow--lots of interesting stuff! I've been wanting to get that Nina Garcia book..

penelope said...

Love the Nina Garcia book! Kate Moss is just such an iconic person!

Sunniva said...

You've bought yourself some amazing books! I really need to buy that Kate Moss looks so great :) And I agree with you that the fashion was better than the plot in the SATC movie, but still, being the true SATC fans as we are, there's no getting around that we have to buy the movie anyway ;)

What yummy books and movie!! love the look of the Kte moss one.The nina garcia one has the most fab illustrations ever! also im after the sex and the city dvd too ;o)
enjoy reading your books hon!

love it !!! got myself the sex n the city movie DVD too =)

Romeika said...

Wow, so many cool books, and you're such a sex and the city freak, I can see! hehe

Anonymous said...

so many great books!!! I have to get some of these...

Ondo Lady said...

I have the Kate Moss book as well the one by Nina Garcia and they are fantastic products. Glad to see that you are a true S&TC addict as well.

Andy said...

I want that book!
new on my blog check it out

fashion/style books are my new thing.

kate moss used to be my Numero 1 style inspiration. i remember reading an article in 10 magazine a few yrs ago about kate moss style, that really was the push for me to get my wardrobe together.

but w/ kate for the past 2 yrs or so she just hasnt been doing it for me. and looks like it's all starting to catch up with her too. she's not as fresh looking as she used to be. and it breaks my heart a little.

i liked the 100 a lot, i liked it better than her 1st book.

karla said...

oh my god, best post EVER.

thanks so much for the recommendations, I'm a coffee table book maniac