Ohhh New York! Don't you just love it???

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One of these days I was checking some clothing catalogues (something I do a lot) when I suddenly came into some amazing photos of New York City, in a Gant Catalogue.

That was when I've decided to look around for more great pictures of the "Big Apple", and I was delighted with the amazing photos I found, and since this is one of my favourite cities in the world, I'm dedicating this post to it.
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As you all know we just entered a new season, so I'm leaving you with these amazing lyrics... "Autumn in New York"!


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Amazing photos!
I looooove NY!!!

amy said...

i adore new york...

Kikas said...

How I which to be in New York in this time of the year.
I love that photo with that cozy apartment!!!

Susanna-Cole said...

Do I love NYC? HECK YES!!! haha My favorite place in the world! Love all the pictures of this amazing city!

Thanks for your comment by the way! :)


Juliet said...

I am longing to get to NY. And Paris. And Rome. To the world.

juliet xxx

Anonymous said...

omg i think im meant to live in NY.. i want to go there so badly! and in autumn, there is something so romantic about it.

Ashleigh said...

Thanks for checking out my blog =) I love that 2nd pic...must be my "gloomy" obsession this season :P...wonderful shots!

Su....welcome back!!

Yes, that's my home -- NYC. Beautiful place to live but oh, so expensive. :-)

Central Park pics make me swoon!!

WendyB said...

The best place in the world, IMHO.

finally you are here!

love to live in NY

coco said...

Yey you are back!

I love NYC, it is my favourite place on earth. I can't wait to move there oneday.

Thank you for your email, it was so lovely.

I enjoy NYC. Love the photos. =)

Kira Fashion said...

não posso esperar para conhecer a cidade no próximo ano!!!

Mil beijinhos!!

Ediot said...

I really want to go there!really
and about oasis/blur.. it really was a thing like that- both in school when i was younger and in the media..

Incredible pics - love this post!



Songy said...

You've found some amazing pictures. I love them all. When I found out how big Macy's in NYC was I did a big rant in my blog asking people to take me to NYC! ;)

It must be a fantastic place to visit. I would really really love to go one day.

New York definately is beautiful city... but not my favorite :)

Elisabeth said...

Wow, wonderful photographs! I haven't been to NY for ages, but need to return!

Sunniva said...

Yay, you're back!! I've missed you so. This post is absolutely fantastic..I love every single photo you've found. Looking at these make me want to go to New York even more!

And I'd love to exchange links with you! I'll link you up straight away.


Nemerae said...

Great pics, some of them are really stunning!! *.*
I would like to go to NY...

How fun. I've always wanted to go to New York City! I love all of your photos. :) Thanks for the comment in my blog as well. I would love to exchange links, thank you for asking. Tell me when!! :)

xo/ fashion chalet

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding me why I choose to live here. Screw the ridiculous rents, those pictures are superb. I will get back to blogging regularly, I promise. soon. In the process of moving and then I will have lots of time on my hands :)

These are great. I like how the perspective/mood is different than the typical tourist shot.

yiqin; said...

Ah New York. I have always loved the place ever since Sex & the city came out! Thanks for sharing those photos :) They are beautiful!

Bojana said...

Uhhh I wish I could live there!

I'm so jealous because my whole family is going there again, the second time in six month and I have to stay in poor little Belgium because I go to uni and can't miss class, baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

adding you now.

xo/ fashion chalet

ryder said...

i wanna wake up in the city that doesnt sleep!
ny ny, i just love ny during fall and winter. it brings that romantic feeling.

I can't wait to go to dylans candy bar

Imelda said...

I'm so glad that you are blogging again, I really missed your posts!!!
And this post is amazing, I love these pictures, I love all of them! I really need to save up and make a trip to NY!

Crave said...

These photos are so beautiful! NYC is so wonderful this time of year and the pics really show it off!

Cool Blog too!

atelier said...

I'd love to be there anytime. I really think it's the most fascinating city in the world

♥ You are invited to my Tiffany party, so, come & take a Tiffany cupcake @ Glammy !! ♥

Kate said...

I've only been once but these photos make me yearn to be back there!

Faz de Conta said...

Obrigado pela tua visita e palavras simpáticas!
O teu blog foi uma agradável surpresa, principalmente com este post... é que eu sou NY addicted!
Vou lá todos os anos pelo natal!
As fotos são fabulosas!

Bjos :o)

what a visual delight!!
Acity that doesn't sleep indeed...autumn or whenever...really!
I'm new to your blog...loving what i see!
You have a lovely new week dear...