Autumn - Winter Basics

My best friend Cris who is also a blogger, just posted about the main pieces of clothing, women should have in their wardrobes for the new season. I loved the post, but since her Blog is written in Portuguese, I asked her if I could translate it and post it here. She said yes, so I hope you enjoy it, as much as I did. For the original post click here: Through Kikas Eyes.
"Since the new season is here we really have to bring back our Autumn/winter clothes. Sometimes it's not an easy task and it can be pretty hard, because most of the times we don't like the stuff we already have and the idea of wearing that again is unbearable.
There's nothing better than update our wardrobes. But what should we buy? Besides what we read in fashion mags about the new trends, I recommend buying some essential pieces of clothing.
We can wear these clothes at any time and also in moments of crises, when we don't know what to wear; I assure you that we will always look great and stylish!
Before you start looking for the new season's must-haves, just check if you already have the following pieces that can make a real wardrobe."
Trench-coat - Burberry
Jeans - French Connection

Leather Jacket - Mike & Chris
White shirt - Vivienne Westwood
Little black dress - jcrew


From Cris list, I'm only missing the leather jacket and I so want one! What about you guys, what are you missing in your wardrobes?

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I'm shopping for the perfect leather jacket right now! that M&C would of course be the Most Perfect one, but I can't fork up that kind of cash, hahah. Ebay it is!

thanks for your lovely comment! would you like to trade links?

STEFANIE said...

I'm missing the trench coat and the white shirt! But I've seen a great trench coat at A.P.C. and another at GAP... not sure if it would suit me... Oh well :)
I got my leather jacket at zara! I love it. But it's from last year and I haven't seen any other nice leather jackets lately. Hope you find one soon^-^

some great pieces hun,as a stylist I get the ten basics for many a clients. I love the trench coat/mac that you featured.

Jessica Chu said...

hey gorgeous!! i missed you. i think i might come back. i miss all the fashion blogs and your amazing posts.


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-love this post!! I found my perfect black leather jacket last week-I've got a post coming out later on it!!

coco said...

Oh how I want that trench coat....

And thanks for the tip on the nail varnish. I think I will get some when I'm next at a Chanel counter.

i do only miss the white shirt, if a red trench coat counts? I really want a beige one to complete my wardrobe..

glory said...

nice tips, i need the trench and the leather jacket but here in mexico it`s hard to find one.... saludos

glory said...

nice tips, i need the trench and the leather jacket but here in mexico it`s hard to find one.... saludos

i think i got everything already.... i would add a few more nice cashmere sweaters.

Capuccino B. said...

i NEED a trench

Blicious said...

love!!!!! i want them all!

that girl ? said...

Great post and very timely for me. Having started to read The Little Black Book of Style I have done some intense wardrobe editing! I have a white DVF shirt, trench by Hobbs (last season but a good Burberry ringer), 2 pairs of 7 For All Mankind jeans and a Next version of the black leather biker jacket. The quest for the LBD is now officially on - I feel that on reaching 40 next year I should have one, and a Chanel at least! a 40th birthday perhaps?!

I don't own a little black dress because I'm a boy...but I have all the above. :-)

seriously that leather jacket is to DIE for.. and seriously i don't know why im browsing on blogs when i have two midterms tomorrow! oh dear!!

thanks for your sweet comment :) do you want to trade links?

i.d. said...

This is a great list! This year my mission was to collect all of the wardrobe basics and finally I have them all! :)

I love your blog btw!

TRISH said...

Omg, i love that vivienne westwood white shirt. :)

E said...

Very smart post. I want a trench!

Domonique said...

Love your post, I have almost all, but need/want a leather jacket unfortunetly unable to find "the one" i will continue my quest.

You must to add some with lace, a dress or a pair of tights!!


thanks for your visit and your post

Su, can you e-mail me. Your e-mail is not on the blog page.


Wow! Thanks for sharing this with us... it's very informative and only makes me long for Autumn and Winter even more...heehee

oL said...

yes yes yes!
Maybe i miss some of lace and baggy pants!

ryder said...

im missing leather jacket. im trying to find one that will sadisfied all my wishes but i can not find it no where. anyway, i do think that trench coat is not so important for this season, but sure its a classic-i have one as well, and i love it. but white shirt as the one here is a must have must have!

Anonymous said...

oh yeah i def. need NEED a leather jacket!
its on my shopping list for tomorrow!:)
and i need a dark blue and dark green pair of skinny jeans..:)
thx for ur comment!enjoy reading your adorable blog!

stylekingdom said...

absolutly right with the choices!

Anonymous said...

def the leather beautiful leather jacket! and the white shirt.

hannah said...

i need that leather jacket! it is perfection.

Crave said...

Love the Mike and Chris leather bomber....