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I bought this Zara skirt (see bellow) almost 5 years ago, but it has been hanging in my closet since then. I don't really know what to do with it. I don't like it exactly the way it looks now, but at the same time I find it kind of cute and it also reminds me of a Chanel skirt because of the pattern, fabric and style.
Do you guys want to give me your opinion? Should I give it away or take it to a tailor and transform it into a fabulous pencil skirt or mini skirt?
Moving on... last week I finally bought the Chanel Le Vernis Blue Satin. I already have the Black Satin but was kind of curious about this one. It has a very dark blue metallic colour that I just love!
Since I've been talking so much about Chanel lately, I let you with some details from the Spring 2009 Ready-to-Wear Runway Show.
Sources: My own photos;; Chanel

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Pamela said...

I really liek the skirt as it is but if you wanna change it i like the pencil skirt idea! The nail varnish looks a gorgeous colour. You've reminded me to paint my nails actually...

Ohhh make it into a mini, wear it with a crisp white shirt and killer patent heels! I'm staring down at my chipped, faded clue nails as I type. I think I too need to paint my nails!

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-the skirt is definitely a keeper-I'd leave the length and make it a lovely wiggle pencil skirt!

Imelda said...

Keep the skirt, it's a fabulous skirt! It's perfect to make a pencilskirt out of it!
And I'm in love with the nailpolish, I'm thinking of getting myself to gold chanel nailpolish.


I love the Blue and Black Satin, must buy, must buy

thanks for your lovely comments!

WendyB said...

Very Chanel -- keep it for sure.

enc said...

Gosh, I thought it already was a pencil skirt!

In any event, I like the pencil skirt idea. And if you altered it into a pencil skirt, and didn't like it, the option to go mini would still be there.

What a creative and interesting blog!
Thanks for the comment! :)
Have a nice weekend.

iñaki said...

It's surely deceiving, it looks very very Chanel!


Cate said...

Oh do take the skirt to a tailor and make it into a mini skirt. That would look so fabulous!!! It does remind me of Chanel too. I love Chanel.
And I have the blue satin nailpolish too. I just like it better than black, it's so fab.

Thank you for stopping by my blog! I would definitely keep the skirt. It's gorgeous!

nhat4 said...

Hi you!
Your blog interesting!

Jillian said...

mmmm... chanel!
so wonderful

hey I am glad you're back, missed you a TON!

Choubelle said...

oh la la, Chanel! I love what KL did this season. Those shoes with the bows on the heels are so funny! What a take on the classic little maribou slipper...

sueper said...


The skirt is really chanel-style, so totally fits the following pics. Keep it - wear it as an high-waisted skirt with a belt.

MR style said...

the skirt is perfect !! i love it !!! tweed is so chanel !

Keep it as it is - lose the chain thing and make it work with what you put with it - have fun!

lev_i_mote said...

i say tailor it! it would totally make a cute mini :)

thanks for the comment btw!


Miss Karen said...

Wow the Chanel pieces are simply stunning. And I definitely thing you should keep the skirt and turn it into a mini-skirt!

Don't get rid of it, you'll regret it!

I love the skirt as is!
I think it's awesome if you pair it w/ just a white tee, black flats and maybe lots of pearls?
you know, sorta dress it down but keep the chanel 'tude

yiqin; said...

Tailor it! It seems great! :)

Don't trow it! Try to sew it and make it into a pencil skirt, that's very classy and Chanel!

i think the skirt works as it is but if your are not happy with its shape,go ahead and trn it into a pencil the nail colours you got.those chanel shoes are yummy!

STEFANIE said...

yes! keep it! ^-^

coco said...

How are you?
I have always flirted with the idea of Chanel nail polish, but I'm not sure if it's worth the price tag. Does it stay on longer than cheapy polish?

Sunniva said...

You should definitely keep the skirt. I love the Chanel feel of it! And I've wanted the Black Satin nailpolish for so long, but the Blue Satin one looks nice too. Which one do you prefer?


beccajanie said...

The skirt is great! I like it - and I love both of those chanel nail polishes, as well as all the details - they are beautiful.

autumn said...

wow. i love those gorgeous shoes. and that Zara skirt. ahhh. i really have to go to the mall one of these days.

i like that metallic blue. been looking for that color everywhere. plan to color my nails today. lol.

thanks for the comment. ^^

saray said...

I have the blue chanel nail polish and I LOVE it!

Cris Lazoru said...

I think you shouldn't do anything to the skirt and wear it liie it is, well unless it doesn't fit well or something. I loved this chanel post!


victoria :] said...

i think you should get it tailored to a pencil skirt.
ooh, i've been looking for a good navy blue polish! i hope thats in my budget. :)
check out my blog

Chanel, every woman luvs it !!

Mer said...

Just find the right accesories to complete the outfit with that skirt, use it one time, and if you feel alright, let's keep it. If this become difficult...Time to let it goooo!!!!


Caramelo said...

Chanel nail colour, love it.

penelope said...

Leave the length of the skirt! But you would like to tighten it slightly to make it a more flattering shape! It would make an awesome skirt for work!

OMGG those bags are just. GORGEOUS! Esp the Sonia Rykiel's studded bags! It's so perfectly grunge!

Oh and the midnight blue polish you've got is so pretty!!! Now I'm in a limbo! I dont know if I should splurge on this particular polish shade or OPI's pale pastel green shade!! 2 complete different ends of the spectrum;

Any ideas?


The skirt does remind of chanel, so you should keep it if you can find something to wear it with! I love those chanel shoes at the bottom as well!

choppyshades said...

i love blue nail polish. it's the new black, or something.

-choppy shades

Crave said...

The blue nail polish is a great update to the black! I am also smitten with the gloves and the shoes! Great post!

I want to try Le vernis blue nail polish too, it is a must!

dolce chic said...

I love the skirt, and of course the nail polish! I agree with comments here, make it a mini! I remember seeing Eva Longoria a few years ago, she altered a Chanel skirt and it looked so fab as a mini!

Remove the dark colored chain and replace it with a faux gold and plastic chain, like Chanel does. It would go really nicely with a white blouse and sexy heels.

MizzJ said...

Those nail colours are so rich and gorgeous! I say keep the skirt as is, or make a pencil skirt. It'd be a little too cutesy as a mini-skirt, it really deserves a more classy cut.

Thanks for commenting on my blog!

I love the tweed skirt!!! Make it a mini!!! I also bought some blue nail polish back in August.. and was addicted to them for quite some time... I agree... it's gorgeous!!