Falling on the runway... ooops!

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High fashion models are famous, beautiful, have perfect bodies, travel a lot and yeah also earn lots of cash, but sometimes it's not easy to be on their skin! For example, when they have to walk on the runway with very high heels, or with awkward outfits, or even on difficult surfaces (such as a wet floor). Poor girls!

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And now about me:
1. I often cry when I watch romantic movies
2. I couldn't live without music
3. I'm obsessed with McFlurry (with Oreo cookies) ice cream
4. I'm a dog person
5. I love to dance
6. Vogue is my favourite fashion mag
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STEFANIE said...

Yes so many models tripped this season! Poor girls indeed!

i cant imagine how embrassing this would be! :X

enc said...

I feel so sad for the girls when they fall.

poor girls!

thanks for the lovely link, you've been linked too!

Annie said...

Not to mention shoes that don't fit properly!

coco said...

I nearly tripped in the street a few days ago. I'm so on trend ha ha.

Kira Fashion said...

She must felt terrible...

a kiss friend :)

Capuccino B. said...

it's very sad, but well, it can also be funny!

La Condesa said...

Ouch! remember that chapter from SATC where Carrie falls on a catwalk? she says... all you can do is stand up and keep walking with your head really high like real people do in their everyday lifes, and if it feels difficult...you can always rely on your friends.

Do you think models have friends?

that girl ? said...

Poor girls! It is a no win situation - shiny catwalk, V high heels and a whole lot of pressure not to fall! Who says it's all about the glamour? As Carrie said.... Fashion Roadkill! Looks a bit like me trying to walk my my platforms after too many glasses of wine!

Trixy Tran said...

Ouch! Poor girls - some of the shoes are so cruel!

AsianCajuns said...

Ack! I couldn't watch the whole thing- I feel so bad when they fall. I never realized how slick those catwalks are!

Sunniva said...

It must be so embarrassing to fall on the runway. Still, it is understandable that they might not always be able to keep their balance on those shy-high heels and shiny surfaces. I love the way Jessica stam handled her fall. Cute and charming!
Have an amazing weekend, dear xox

Andy said...

Hum, that's kind of funny!
new on my blog check it out

Dana said...

I tagged you :) xoxo.

Romeika said...

OW, poor them, indeed! haha I remember last year, or in 2006( not sure), a model fell down several times in a Vivienne Westwood catwalk, I guess she was a new face and not very confident... The most memorable fall was Naomi's in the 1990s, and I guess it was also during a Westwood's show. Her heels are the worst!

Cool vid!

I feel really bad for those girls, but we all make a fool of ourselves some times... but, sorry, I laught a lot...

Anonymous said...

Is it wrong that I find this so hilarious? I only find it funny because it is exactly what would happen to me! I fall all the time.

thank you!!
comfy, too ;)

xo/ fashion chalet

Bedroom Talk said...

omg I love this post this seriously made me laugh out loud my boss loved it too!

tt was hilarious
it made me want to pick those girls up
btw: lovin the blog :)

Cris Lazoru said...

Oh poor models! how embarasing! Nice post


AusAnna said...

poor girl... its the price you pay for having a fantastic life.

Dapper Kid said...

Awww I feel so sorry for them when they fall! They could lose getting hired simply due to a designer with a wacky design. Annnd McFlurries are totally awesome!!

Kat said...

jessica stam's infamous fall looks so painful although she is so adorable they way she handles it afterwards.

Mimi said...

Oh so many models fell on the runway lately.I feel always sorry for them.Must be so emberassing..

Imelda said...

Nice to know more about you :)
And if you are a model and you fall like that, OMG I can't even imagine!

Bella said...

I feel for them.... but it just goes to show that everyone has their moments, everyone falls!

freya said...

some of their heels are sooo ridiculously high that i think i would fell on my face just after a few steps.

yes quite a few girls tripped this season.I cry at romantic movies,then again i cry at most movies ;o) im so soppy!

Anonymous said...


the prada shoes were so high, the poor girls, however I think the heights will be reduced when they come out

Is McFlurry from McDonald's? Sounds yummy!

Those poor girls are made to walk in ridiculous shoes. Even Muccia Prada has said the Spring/Summer 2009 shoes were too high. The ones that will hit the market will be lower than the runway versions.

CazMc said...

I felt sooooo sorry for them but some of those Prada heels were ridiculous...but I struggle in most heels!! I love your Blog, could you do me a favour and check out mine? I will link yours:)


Thank you x

hidzume said...

thanks for your comment and sorry for the lateee reaction >.<

Nicee blog <3


ivoreece said...

I don't think it's so horrible! The best way in that case is to laugh, get up and smile! :)