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While I was having my breakfast this morning (to be honest I'm still eating it while writing, not that it matters lol) and reading my daily dose of online mags/websites/blogs, I came across this article on Daily Mail "This is not just any nude photo, it's art", says Lily Cole as she strips for Playboy! (Click Here) to read.
Lily posed for the October issue of French Playboy and some were like.... ohhhh I'm soooo shocked!!! Ohhhh and she even dares calling it art!!!
I didn't see all the photos only the front cover on Daily Mail, but to be honest I quite like it. Yes we can call it provocative (it is playboy remember?) but in my opinion Lily looks sweet and I dont think she looks like a porn star at all! She looks more like a cute Lolita. See photo bellow.
And I also think the cover has a 60's/70's vibe. I love the colours, her red hair, the pink background and I think she looks cute.
So stop criticizing the girl ok?
Feel free to comment and remember this is just my opinion!
Souce: Daily Mail

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I think "sweet lolita" qualifies as "porn star"
I don't understand why she'd do this but hey, here's to playboy introducing a diff. body type (thinner, waifier, less boob-y)

Hi Dana :)
I really don't think Lolita qualifies as porn star! I think is something more related to sexyness, because when I look at Lily in this cover I dont see a playmate (like Pamela Anderson)! If you know what I mean!?
But I respect your opinion at all!

iñaki said...

I think it's lush! Some people simply don't appreciate art.


karla said...

Aw she's so adorable, like a little doll. She totally un-skankinized the whole "trashy" perception of playboy's shoots.

karla said...

ps linked you!

Capuccino B. said...

the cover is amazing!

shamblebaby said...

thank you :)

i'm gonna link you,of course.

I'm so glad u'are back!!

Ale (It Girls)

Imelda said...

I think it's a beautifull cover!

your comment made me truly smile.
you are very sweet. thank you.
thank you lots.

Ana said...

I dont think badly of her for posing. I do think the cute little girl look could have been achieved without her being naked but that wouldnt be very Playboy would it?

Ana said...

I dont think badly of her for posing. I do think the cute little girl look could have been achieved without her being naked but that wouldnt be very Playboy would it?

yiqin; said...

I loved that she is carrying a huge soft ow. HAhah & wearing nothing but boots! I always feel that wearing nothing but kickass shoes is super sexy.

coco said...

She looks like the girl Henry gets pregnant in Ugly Betty on this cover.
That is my opinion. ha ha.

I want a pic like her !!

♥ it !!

The Europeans DO take nudity a lot less seriously than the rest of the world.

I mean, look at Carla Bruni-Sarkozy. Her is gorgeous, smart, talented and so sophisticated. But she has a lot of nude photos of her floating around on the internet. The French citizen don't really care too much about it.

If this had happened to an American president's wife, there would be an uproar.

enc said...

I think she looks alright.

I'm not sure it's my definition of "art" (and I'm not going to bother to check out the photos to find out), but I can live with it.

Cindy Crawford did it, and so did a lot of others, and nobody was destroyed as a result. It's her choice to do whatever she wants. And it's money in the bank, after all.

Elisabeth said...

Yeah, I know what you mean - I think she looks cute!

And I SO agree with Coco - she does look like her from UB!

noel said...

I love lily cole, your blog and the cover

That cover is so HOT!


Kikas said...

I love Lily Cole and I think she looks amazing in this cover.


Romeika said...

I think she looks amazing. French Playboy has always the best shots (when it comes to Playboy mags, of course). It's never vulgar, and some shoots are so high fashion.

She does look kind of cute.

But I still don't think it's art, and I am a little offended that a magazine for men to beat off to can even be compared to art.

But that's just my opinion. =)

[PS--I'd comment more often if I didn't have to use my stupid blogger acct.]

Some may say it's strange, but I have quite a collection of vintage Playboys from the 60s and 70s -- this reminds me so much of them! I will have to try and get my hands on this one. She looks adorable.

It is shocking, but I agree with you, she has such a sweet look that she will never look like a porn star! I like the cover!

Jillian said...

I LOVE the 70's vibe it's giving off!

but who knew lilly had such big boobs! (i'm jealous!)