Chanel lover - face and body

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I love everything Chanel, no matter if it's clothes, accessories or beauty products. I'm a completely Chanel lover.
. Today I'm posting about my face and body Chanel products.
.For the face:.
Chanel Precision - Beaute Initiale Energizing Multi-Protection Fluid SPF 15
..Chanel Lotion Douceur - Gentle Hydrating Toner Balance + Anti Pollution.For the body:..Chanel Precision - Body Excellence Firming and Revitalizing Body Spray
.I love "Coco Mademoiselle" fragrance so much that I had to buy the soap.
..Chanel Coco Mademoiselle - Fresh Bath Soap
I buy so many Chanel products that I always get out of the stores full with samplers, which is something great because I can always try new products, or keep the samplers for when I'm travelling!
.A few of my samplers!
Sources: My own photos

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Marta said...

I'd like to have a body lotion, i love body lotions :D

ChiliLady said...

Wow, send me those samples if you get so many, lol xD
I never used chanel-products - ever in my life - should I start? for which skin would you recommend it?

Chanel should pay you commission for advertising their products. :-)

Chanel N'5 is still one of my favorite scents.

LaCouturier said...

chanel beauty products are truly miracle workers :)

La C.

I wish Chanel would pay me commission for advertising their products lol, but i'm not that famous hehehe :)
And besides that I'm a truly Chanel lover at heart!

darling i think its great to find a brand body wise that you love and stick to.glad the Chanel body and face products work for you. I have always liked the chic packaging dear.
lovely post.have a good wknd


wow you are so lucky to use all the chanel products!!! i've never even tried any of them before! any recommendations?

oi su! ah, é uma delícia comprar por aí e ganhar estas amostras, né? aqui no brasil, não temos este tipo de mimo... uma pena! eu tb adoro guardá-las p/viagens! bjs!!!

foolfashion said...

of course stilettos are two show off, not to ruin the with stupid invents :) Was just a joke.
Btw, I love Chanel make up but not treatments... I don't think quallity-prize is worthy. But cosmetics is of course very personal and subjective

jaime said...

aww thank you so much for your sweet comments! i'm so glad you like my blog, but i really LOVE your blog and of course, i would love to exchange links :) you have some amazing inspiring photos, i especially love the madonna ones!

I need to get the Kate Moss style book now, I also prefer vintage to some label brands. :) How cool is it to share that common similarity with miss Moss!? :D

Thanks for your lovely, awesome comments each time! :)


In-tree-gue said...

I too have a bit of a Chanel addiction

ambiquitous said...

thank you for your lovely comments! what a great blog you have here, lots of inspiring pictures, and ideas :)i am also a huge chanel lover...i wore chance for a few years, but i have yet to try any other beauty products. i am waiting for the day i find a great vintage handbag, otherwise its just hopeless! haha

how yummy. i adore chanel too. the best lipsticks and nail colors.

oh, you've got company here. I'm into Précision, as well. As with perfumes, I have a massive collection because I don't stick with just one scent.


thanks for the lovely comment dear!

i love Chanel products as well.
HOw do you like the beauty products for the face though? never tried those


Cate said...

Fellow Chanel lover!!! I don't have any skincare products by Chanel, but two lipsticks and I already have the second mascara by Chanel.
I got that Face Moisturizing Cream in the little round pot you have in your sampler picture too (as a sampler) and I think its smell is absolutely wonderful!! Unfortunately the cream is too rich for my skin :-( I also got some Chanel make-up fluid foundation as a sampler, but I'm never one for fluid make-up...

Sunniva said...

I am such a Chanel lover too! It's pure luxury xox

yiqin; said...

Chanel is good in EVERYTHING. {Period.

Wow, I feel so extra honored that you included me into that list of links!! :)

Thank You. Thank You! :)

I need to get that book, I am asking for it this Christmas Holiday Season, so we'll see. YAY for some Kate! ♥


Trixy Tran said...

What a gorgeous collection of Chanel beauty!

jaime said...

aww thank you i'm so honored and flattered! i'll be updating soon :)

Tienes que tener una piel preciosa! un beso guapa!

thank you so much ♥



Miss G* said...

Waw, all these samplers. You're really a Chanel Addict!

LJ said...

Wow that is one impressive collection!! I've never tried Chanel's face and body products but now I'm rather tempted to try!! That collection of samples if a good incentive :o)

Bella said...

Chanel product heaven!!

Franco said...

channel is goooooooooooood!

enc said...

What a brilliant collection of Chanel!

Tiffany said...

oh oh! i covet your Chanel products! :) I only have their cosmetics. you have inspired me to try their skin care.

jaime said...

ah i finally got it fixed! thank you sweetie :)

coco said...

Wow that is quite a collection. You are very lucky ha ha.
x x x x

yes:X indeed chanel is great,as you said!
very nice blog:)

Tina :) said...

I love Chanel! You've got quite an arsenal of her products - lucky you!


Krystal said...

thanks for this

So many products!
I love make-up and everything, I'm addicted to it

jaime said...

aww thank you so much for your sweet comment, they're so flattering and it's encouraging, too :) oh and by the way, i'm so envious of you and all your chanel products! amazing!

Andy said...

Chanel does some amazing products.
New post on my blog, check it out.

Cas Ruffin said...

I must ask, is there any Chanel product that you're disappointed in or, is not up to par with the Chanel brand?


Mad Hatter said...

chanel products, the collection is not complete with some chanel

glory said...

grate advices.... every girl need a lot of this products ... kisses

Cris Lazoru said...

I didn't put a lot of atention on the products, because I'm loving what I assume is our room! I'm green with envy!


ps. I would love to be your stylist btw hehe

Carla said...

I love a product. I flit around and change my regularly and I never tried Chanel! Is that embarassing to admit. Must put one of those on my Christmas lists. Carla

Imelda said...

Wow, so much Chanel products! I really wish I had the money to buy Chanel products, because I can imagine they're great!!!
Looks like you have a great place to live, seeing the pictures!

I would lurrve the Chanel body lotion!

Miss Pu said...

I also used 2 products from the beauté initiale line and i really loved them!
It was a gift from a friend of mine that is a journalist, i don't believe i'm gonna use them again that soon...


a. said...

wow all that chanel! you lucky girl. you must have a fab life.