Pearls - from classic, to modern, to mine...

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Pearls are an indispensable item for all women, no matter if it's a necklace, a bracelet, a ring or a pair of earrings. You can buy them expensive or affordable, but one thing I know, you must have them. Maybe your mother or grand-mother have some you can borrow, and honestly those are the ones that have a true full meaning and a family story behind!
.I adore the picture above, of a Model with pearls. It's so 60's (her makeup, her coat, the beautiful hat, all the accessories and all the colours)!
Designer Marie-Helene Arnaud looks amazingly stylish above. Just look at her outfit; the pencil skirt, the gloves and of course the pearl necklace!

Since I'm talking about pearls I must not forget to mention one of the most fashionable and iconic women, Mademoiselle Chanel. She wore her fabulous pearls almost every day (haha shouldn't we all?!). She was indeed a very chic woman!.
. .
I've added a few of my favourite Chanel necklaces to the Portrait above.
. . Audrey Hepburn bellow, had a timeless and natural elegance, and as we can see she always looked stylish with pearls, didn't she?

. .
Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, most known as "Jackie O" was an American icon and a symbol of fashion for women all over the world. She set the style for the early sixties with her clean suits, silk Hermès head scarves, large and round dark sunglasses, sleeveless A-line dresses, beautiful jewellery and the pillbox hat that she often wore.
. .
Even to her wedding day she wore a simple but beautiful pearl necklace. And as a funny fact I must tell you that back in 1996 a $80 strand of fake pearls belonging to Jackie O, were sold at an auction for $211,500.
.But wearing pearls doesn't mean we must have a classic look or outfit. We can be creative and wear them with modern outfits, making a fabulous pearl necklace or bracelet (real or fake) look extremely cool! See "Carrie Bradshaw" in the following picture.
Doesn't she look cool and trendy?
Bellow she looks much more sophisticated, what means that the same person can look both modern and classic when wearing pearls, depending on how they wear them.
. .
Be daring, wear them with tees and chains, on the hair, with brooches or badges, with lace, as a belt, etc, etc, etc....
Next, some of my pearls:
.White and black pearl necklaces, with grey David Bowie tee, black vest and aviator sunglasses
Necklaces and bracelets
. .Too much? Or do you dare?
. .
Pearl necklace with lace, brooches and badges
.White top with white and black pearl necklaces and also some chain necklaces and a badge
. .
Pearl necklace and brooch

Sources: My own photos; Google images; Chanel; HBO; Wikipedia; Audrey Hepburn; The One Hundred

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oi!!! ah, adoro pérolas! falei esta semana da audrey e da jackie o. - super poderosas! além da carrie, claro! na viagem, usei mt pérola! bjs!!!

I love pearls and your's are gorgeous! Audrey Hepburn and Carrie Bradshaw are two of the most amazing fashion icons. I have loved Breakfast at Tiffany's since I was a little girl and Carrie Bradshaws style (via Patricia Field)has inspired me own sense of style, and made me un-afraid make my own trends instead of following others.

Trixy Tran said...

I absolutely adore all the pearls! This is a truly glamorous post, I especially love all the CHANEL! Pearls are definitely a fashion must.

Franco said...

one has to be careful with pearls as it can go tacky, but these are gogeous.

i.d. said...

I am a huge fan of pearls! I have a couple of pairs of pearl studs and I wear them to death. My mom also gave me some of her necklaces and it makes me feel warm and fuzzy whenever I wear them. :)

Estefanìa said...




Cate said...

Vintage pearls have style!
I adore the first picture too, especially the coat ^^ I love the retro style so much because there you could wear items during the day that are nowadays considered "going out" clothes. Coco Chanel was really COOL with pearls because she wore heaps of long pearl necklaces.
Audrey Hepburn always looks very elegant with pearls, but then she would look elegant wearing a sack!
I dunno, I think Carrie Bradshaw's pearls are already a bit too much. If, she should have combined them with a black tank top.
But I really love your combination with the David Bowie tee, vest and aviators. Where did you get the Bowie tee?
With the dark red nailpolish, as you showed it to us on yourself, the pearls look very elegant and classical.
I love the necklace with the brooches and badges! Did the necklace come with them or was that a personal touch?
You definitely make pearls look cool.

My opinion on pearls is go all the way or don't go there at all.

So I think you should wear all your pearls together like in your photos. A simple strand or two works for church functions and weddings. Elsewhere, it just looks dowdy and grandmotherly. :-)

Bella said...

I adore that you've included Hepburn and Bradshaw!!!!! And I couldn't agree more!

Lovely post!

Anonymous said...

there's something so classic about pearls, lovely post

Elena said...

pearls are the ultimate all time classic accesory! Love them!

thanks for the comment!

my recent obsession with blair-waldorf-esque prep style has recently had me hankering after some pearls - but i can't shake the old grandma ideas? haha! i absolutely adore those black & white ones though, they're looovely :)

i'll add you to my blog list! :)

coco said...

How odd. The last few days I have been thinking about how amazing long strings of pearls are all the time. Yes, I have no life.

Xris Falagil said...

Qué buen post, enhorabuena, muy completo!! Las perlas no es mi estilo, me gustó vérselas a Carrie en Sex and The City. Me gusta verlas en las demás, combinadas con ropa informal, sino la veo de madre.


Muchas gracias por tu enlace, lo he visto y me ha encantado el que hiciste de top models!

pearls are so classic. i have some costume jewelry pearls, which i love, has a removable ribbon and a sparkling brooch.

i have one that was a gift from an aunt, who doesnt really know me, that's so conservative (simple single strand), that i just wear it with the costume jewelry, its too plain and not me to wear it by itself.

Anonymous said...

I love the pics that you posted here, from Coco to Audrey... pearls are timeless!

Wow! I love your pearl collection!!! I like the way a strand of pearls can add glamour and chicness into an outfit!!!

Me gustan las perlas, cro que dan una elegancia clasica e intemporal!

Blicious said...

love!!!! i want a big chunky pearl necklace!

love pearls !!i was wearing some yesterday



oi su, adorei o seu blog e já adicionei nos meus favoritos!


When i was about 16 or 17 i had a t-shirt that put "Pearls and diamond's are my best friends", i used to loved it, but it looks really old now...:____(
Nice post!!!

The Seeker said...

Love love pearls!!!
What a great post.


i'm not really a pearl person but i have to admit you did a great job putting up pics that showed pearls in a new light. i love the pic of carrie bradshaw and also how you matched the pearls with a vest and t-shirt. very creative and cool!

SOS! said...

This is great for some pearl inspiration, and long live Coco. x

LaCouturier said...

i love pearls; i love whipping them out on days i feel like a lady & layering them over a tee & vest (like in that outfit!) :)

La C

yummy post! love the images of chanel,she did love her pearls. the ones of Audrey H are terrific as how you showed them worn in more adveturous way via the carrie bradshaw shot.

Love all of them! Especially Audrey & Jackie :)

vicki archer said...

simply the best xv

Dapper Kid said...

I do love pearls, they just have that classic appeal. I like the fact that they are such a natural adornment, they are plucked out and look beautiful without having to do anything to them :)

Cate said...

Hi there ^^
I almost guessed the Bowie tee was from H&M, but I wanted to make sure.. Thanks for answering my questions! I'd love to have that t-shirt, but I don't think they'll have it anymore at H&M.. But I'll visit H&M anyway because I want a new jacket ^^
Great job on the necklace with the brooches and badges!
x Cate

Kikas said...

Hello! I love this post and I love pearls. Right now I was wondering where I can buy a nice ones but not too expensive. Do you have any ideas?

ooooh your pearls are so cute! You know what I simply love are pearl earrings! So classic, pretty and feminine. Even if I'm in a hurry and don't have time to grab some jewels or pearls - the pearl earrings I NEVER miss. love em! ;)

Kira Fashion said...

as amo!!!
No Brasil temos as Maiorca que são super lindas!

Mil beijos!!!

Annie said...

The pearls and chains look soo great together!

Aisha said...

You've just made a great post, classic pictures are always very inspirational. I love your pearls necklace with a UK flag.

rachel said...

great post! and a nice look on history too :)

♥ R

Romeika said...

I love pearls!! I loved this post: the pictures, the text, and how you show it's possible to look both classic and modern wearing this gorgeous and timeless accessory.

STEFANIE said...

who doesn't love pearls ^-^?
Chanel had/still has the best ones!

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-a great post and I love your selection too! I need to stock on some more!!

dolce chic said...

Beautiful post! I love the photos!!! I love's my birthstone! :)

Andrea Rose said...

Love pearls, Love your post, Love your blog.

enc said...

I'll always be a fan of pearls. This was a great post. Thanks!

great post! i've never been a big fan of pearls, but this post just made me want to buy some!

penelope said...

Another fabulous post! Loved all those women you've mentioned and your pearl collection is INSANE! SO SO GORGEOUS and my fav is the white tank layered with TONS of pearl strands!!

You make me wna grab my purse and run to the mall this moment! AND I've actually JUST came home; with a strand of cultured pearl bracelet in my bag; a la Blair Waldorf~

yiqin; said...

I need to have more pearls! I love the one Carrie is wearing! Layering of pearls is awesome :D

great post. i adore pearls, real or faux.... they are just perfect for casual or dressy!

Linnéa said...

Pearls!!! <3<3<3 I love it, I wear it, I buy it, and I will always have it whit me !!

Oh wow, I love the hat in the first photo!!

Whoaaa, you do love pearls a lot. I agree, they are wonderful and look very classy or casual, depending how you wear them.

no sabia q hablas espanol!!
a mi tb me encantan las perlas! y me encanta q pusiste a sjp con mujeres como jackie o.!

Nay'Chelle said...

Wonderful collection of pearls! I really liked this post. Especially the part about Jackie O.

Marina said...

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Marina (from France)

Sunniva said...

I love pearls because they can make an outfit look both classic and elegant or rock-chic and edgy. You have shown both examples perfectly, dear. Love the way Audrey Hepburn wore hers, and the way Carrie Bradshaw wore pearls. Must buy a really nice pearl necklace soon! Thanks for this great post, lovely xox

penelope said...

Look at this lady here;

She looks SO gorgeous and classic! She reminds me Coco Chanel! REALLY! She uses pearls so so well!


Pearls are truly a classic piece. it is worth investing a couple hundreds/thousands on a set of beautiful pearls because they are classics and will NEVER EVER get outdated. you are so right about that! i enjoyed this article and enjoy your blog! looks like we have alot of similar interests!


saray said...

you got to love pearls!

Mirthe said...

I looooove Audrey Hepburn! What a wonderful post:)

Edith said...

Pearls never go out of style. I'm very fond of my black pearl studs, which I wear almost every day now that my hair is short and dark. They look great with almost every outfit, casual or dressy. They are a wardrobe staple.

escritora said...

i like pearls. i have one necklace (gift) but i rarely wear it - don't know why... maybe it is too classic for me

eu-mesma said...

I adore pearls, i'd say they're my second skin. But I have somewhat a little correction to make: the 1st picture looks to me like if is's out of a 50's Dior's New Look.

I don'tt know, maybe I'm mistakened...

60's to me are all about geometry, mondrian, Yves Saint Laurent, Ungaro...

That's what I think - and what I sudied twenty eras ago, when I majord in fashion design...



Eu adoro perolas! E acho que Audrey, Jackie e Carrie usam de um jeito lindo!

i love pearls and i just started my collection! your combination with the tank top is amazing! Rock chick gorgeousness!

pearl is classic!