Fashion Effect

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The Seeker said...

Very nice effects indeed.


A La Mode said...

Oooh love it!

Trixy Tran said...

Nice effects - I love all the Chanel (:

syd vicious said...

cool! :)

Anonymous said...

wow those are A LOT of chanel products
lucky you ;)
- robbin

i.d. said...

I love it! Especially your bag collection. :)

Seraphine said...

oh you're very talented! i love the way you play with your photos to make them interesting. wish i had all those chanel products.

Franco said...

i love creating pictures for my blog as well!

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there! Great pictures indeed!

coco said...

That is a fabulous collection of bags. You are very very lucky ha ha.

Cate said...

Cool! Olala I adore all the Chanel stuff in the first pics and I really love the second pic of the Chanel products - the effect you used there.
Wow, and such expensive bags! I like the second effect you used on those too!
:* Kisses

Diva said...

What a fine collection ;)


enc said...

Someone's having fun with Photoshop!

Love the pics, great effects. So good :D

You're so luck to have such a good collection of bags and chanel make-up!
I think some of them will disappear misteriously one of these nights... haha

talk about envy...I'm a cuker for great make up! love it! ;)

ambiquitous said...

wow that is a whole lot of makeup and bags! love your outfits from a couple posts ago as well :)

Xris Falagil said...

Los efectos justo han dejado la marca destacada!! un efecto consciente o inconsciente!


I love your collections! Chanel comsmetics ar just perfection. <3

I'm jealous of all your chanel makeup, so lovely.

Mimi said...

Lovely collections! Very cool effects, jealous over all the bags :]

Thanks for stopping by my page,


you're always such the gem, the way your comments sparkle!! thank you! :)


nice work with those images, they look great!

Victoria said...

EhmyGod! Your soooooooooo lucky yo have all those bags and the Chanel makeup! Beyond perfect! Love everything about it! Cool!


jaime said...

LOVE these all!

wow!!u must love all the cosmetics!

María said...

Un efecto genial, me encantaría tener todo!!
Un besote

dapper kid said...

Loooove these, the cosmetics look awesome!

Andy said...

cool chanel stuff.
new post on my blog
check it out


yiqin; said...

I love the last one most! Very nice effects!

quite a collection.

MOLLY GRAY said...

you have that many chanel's??

Meg said...

I love the third picture of all the Chanel!

Claudia said...

as fotos estão um maximo

jaime said...

Hi Su!! thank you for your sweet comment, oh and it's a vest :) the pictures are on the way, but i'm not quite too sure what to send haha i'll think of something!

sure baby I would love to trade links.

mwah♥, o.~, China L

Jenny H. said...

wowww. cute pictures.
you have a nice collection of chanels.

super cool effects on images dear! ;o).can see that your an ardent chanel fan :o)
muah x

alyssa said...

jealous of your collection!`

dolce chic said...

Loving these photos!

this is super cute and original:)

Sunniva said...

Oh I just adore these photos! Wonderful dear :) xxx

Blicious said...

wow! so cool!

Chanel from above, I like it. I forgot to mention that before.. :)


ChicLisboa said...

que sorte!!! invejo as tuas colecções!!!

Bella said...

This is WICKED. xxx

OMG, those are amazing photos.

Great job!

Cate said...

I actually don't hate Chemistry that much, only sometimes it's a bit boring. But I ALWAYS draw, or write lyrics on ALL my notepapers for every subject. It's great to look at after a year or even a month or so :) And thans for the compliment about my black outfit!!
Love & kisses!

In-tree-gue said...

These pictures are all great =)

Anonymous said...

oh YUM to that first photo, what nail polishes do you have?

Charlotte said...

Cool! I love photoshop.

Kat said...

So jealous of all your Chanel make - up!!!


SO MUCH CHANEL! SO MANY BAGS.. so jealous girllll! bahahah, great effects though !

Love this! Wow!

Alice said...

you have great chanel and dior products, and the bags are to die for. you even have an lv denim one and chanel bags too! wow


believe it or not..i havnt seen any of those movies and im gonna have to go rent them tomorrow since im doin absolutely nothin but hangin out at the hosue for christmas tomorrow!

i love ur blog and hope u have a wonderful christmas!

Chris L.

Lluviaschick said...

merry xmast and happy 2009