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Remember when I've asked you all to give me your opinions about my skirt that looked very much like a Chanel one? Well, after reading all your opinions, I've decided to cut it into a mini skirt. I love the way it looks right now! Thank you guys!
To check the skirt back then, click here.
Now that I have a "new" mini skirt I've decided to try it on with different looks. Which one do you prefer?
Look 1: "Going classy"
Look 2: "Blair Cornelia Waldorf"
Look 3: "Playing Punk"
Sources: My own photos

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oi!!! os três ficaram ótimos! super diferentes e estilosos! bjs!!!

triss said...

Prefiro o terceiro, mas agora está um bocadinho frio:-)

definitely Waldorf!!!! visit my blog and you'll know why, lol

Xris Falagil said...

The third!! is perfect to be wild and rebel. The second one is too much good girl.


Congratulations for your new mini skirt!

the broch is a great touch!

Eu sou daquelas que tinha votado pela mini-saia e resultou muito bem!!! O meu look preferido é o "Playing Punk". Gosto muito da mala e das meias vermelhas do primeiro look. Parabéns!!!

You have the BEST accessories!! :)

I agree Isabeli is a STUNNER ♥


Classy - a Chanel type skirt will make any clothes classy so I am also fond of the punk look.

I am doing similar thing on my blog - two weeks of different look based on the Ten Iconic Styles (according to Lucky mag, anyway) is Bohemian, yesterday was Posh Eclectic, and so on. It's a great way to find a new look and stretch your wardrobe!!

Classy - a Chanel type skirt will make any clothes classy so I am also fond of the punk look.

I am doing similar thing on my blog - two weeks of different look based on the Ten Iconic Styles (according to Lucky mag, anyway) is Bohemian, yesterday was Posh Eclectic, and so on. It's a great way to find a new look and stretch your wardrobe!!

I just read the "booties are made for walking" comment haha, thanks. LOVE that song! :D



{hehe nice style girlie!}

Imelda said...

I like all 3 looks! But the Blair one is my favourite, looks fabulous!
Love the skirt like this, much better actualy!

*Lady D* said...

Love that you did different looks to go with the skirt! Especially the rocker chick look!

I love your skirt

jaime said...

hey sweetie! oh my goodness, i am in love with all your different outfits! especially the skirt! oh gosh i LOVE! i think the skirt goes well with every type of outfit! that is sure a keeper :)

WendyB said...

I love #1.

Cindiddy said...

great accessories!

love the broch =>

ELVIA said...

tres bien [x]

Anonymous said...

your Blair Cornelia Waldorf look is superb!!

My favorite is the first look -- totally classy indeed. I like it as a mini skirt with leggings or tights. Love the clutch too.

Now all we need is you in 5" stiletto heels and you are ready to conquer the world. :-)

Meg said...

A great change to the skirt. I think the first "Classy" look was my favourite, but they were all very good.

i.d. said...

I LOVE the new length! I like the first look with the red tights. :)

Trixy Tran said...

It's so similar to Chanel - it's gorgeous! I love the outfit in the first photo.

Eres la Reina de Inglaterra!

i especially like the 2nd.. and i love the shoes on the third!

yiqin; said...

I love them ALL! But I'll go wit the first one!!

coco said...

Great skirt. I really like the Blair look.
This post is really cool.

Lina said...

Oh girl, i could kill to have hair as nice as yours ! ;)
hugs <3

thank you SE

hoping all is well <3

xx love.....

Dana said...

Oh I love them all!!!!!!

Cate said...

Oh yes, I remember I loved that skirt, and it does look like Chanel. I can't remember if I commented on that post though. It looks really good as a mini skirt, you know I'm always one for short skirts. I doubt I could pluck up the courage to cut one of my skirts, though ^^ So did you take it to a tailor or did you cut it yourself? It definitely looks even better now it's short.
I think I like the 'classy' and 'punk' style best.

styledigger said...

Love the clutch and the brooche!

Bella said...

Waldorf all the way baby... both looks are classic!

The shoes.
The skirt.
The tights.
Love it.


STEFANIE said...

haha you really nailed the blair look! ^-^

Cindiddy said...

everytime i come to your blog and see that header i cant help but stare at it and wish one day i will have a shoe collection like that!


i lurve it especially the first one, that is so me ---afraid to take risks. BTW, the color of the nailpolish that you've asked from my site is the Rouge Noir. It's black, sweetie. Sorry, it's my camera's fault that it appears brown in the photo. Take care!

Franco said...

perefect for a night out in the town.

i love the third.... if u wanna go rebel but the first is pretty much more versatile.. :o)

do drop by my blog n show more love got a new interview.... :o)

Love the clutch!

melly said...

the chain in your hair!! love that!

Cate said...

LOL ;-) but the tailor did a real good job! I bet now you'll be getting lots of use out of that skirt! By the way, I love the creative ways in which you stay anonymous in your pics.

great styling ;) a saia é muito gira, muito Chanel mesmo


jaime said...

thank you darling! it's a jacket :) ahh i can't get over your amazing skirt!

The Seeker said...

Def Waldorf, love that look on you anad the brooch OMG is sooooooo great.
Also like very much #1.

All the best, take care


nikkimoose. said...

a+ to playing punk x

Carla said...

I love this look, the long necklace and short skirt. Carla

penelope said...

Love your Blair's look! Spot on! You look amazing!!!

the.ramonas said...

love the title of your blog! we added you to our bloggers list!


Mad Hatter said...

those boots are so kool !!!

Anonymous said...

im loving gossip girl style. you got blair to a T. xo

LaCouturier said...

i absolutely love that skirt!

La C.

Diva said...

amei o look da saia:)
Já agora onde comprou o alfinete!?!?


LML said...

all of these outfits are lovely and something i would def wear!

First of all - you have a great blog. I love it, and your pictures are fabulous. That said, you left a comment on one of my posts on fur in fashion. I really had no idea about animals being slaughtered at such a young age, that's really terrible. I really value your opinion and I'm glad that you responded to what I wrote. You had a lot of good points. However, I was not in anyway promoting animal slaughter. I was stating my own personal opinion and nothing more. I live in New York, and as a citizen of the United States I have the freedom to write and believe whatever I choose. So if I did want to promote animal fur, I could, but I didn't. Please do not tell me what I can and cannot do - because that's really not your place. Once again, great blog - love the outfits. Hope to hear from you soon.

Sofia said...

eu sei, o post já "passou do prazo", mas é capaz de se adaptar à semana toda!
quanto à saia, LOVE IT! ficou espectacular, adorei :)

Anonymous said...

The blair waldorf look is definately amazing ! All the others are adorable, but that is my favourite,

lovely blog :)xo

Romeika said...

O look inspirando em GG eh o meu favorito, adorei o detalhe do broche!!

TheMinx said...

I love all of them, but especially the blair adaptation. It's so spot on :)

Alice said...

you look amazing! love your outfits.

Héléna D. said...

Ton sac avec le style GOSSIP GIRL c'est un Benneton ? Non ?