Behind Closed Doors - Closet Confidential 3

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Today I'm revealing what's behind Erika Marie's, Fashion Chalet writer, closed doors. I love Erika's style; she is cool, creative and fabulous! And she is also an adorable person, she is very sweet and always, and I really mean always, replies to our comments (and most of the times she gets almost 100 comments per post)!
Hoje vou revelar o que se passa por detrás das portas da Erika Marie, do Blog
Fashion Chalet. Eu adoro o estilo da Erika, as roupas, os acessórios, para além de que ela é criativa nos conjuntos que veste. Como pessoa é adorável e super simpática. Nunca deixa de responder aos nossos comentários (e na maioria das vezes ela recebe quase cerca de 100 comentários por post)!
kitchen (cozinha)Photobucket
makeup (maquilhagem)Photobucket
laptop (computador portátil)Photobucket
hair and body products (produtos para o cabelo e para o corpo)Photobucket
shoes (sapatos)Photobucket
fragrances and makeup (perfumes e maquilhagem)Photobucket
lunch (almoço)
closet (guarda roupa)Photobucket
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Para verem os posts Closet Confidential 1 e 2 sobre a Susie Bubble (Style Bubble), a Coco (Coco's Tea Party), a Ashley Heaton, a Ale Garattoni's (Directora do Site "It Girls" e colaboradora da "Vogue Brasileira"), a Jen (Mahalo Fashion) e a Jamie (Jamie wears black) basta clicar
aqui e aqui..
Sources/Fonte: Erika's photos - modified by me (Fotos da Erika - alteradas/modificadas por mim)

38 comentários:

Awesome post, I love Erika and her blog Fashion Chalet (^_^)

ai tudo tão direiinho!!!! LOL aquié o terror LOL

Sofia said...

Gosto tanto destes teus posts ! São originais e inspiram-me.
Adorei as fotos, tão chic :)


Mimi said...

Amazing insight, the photos are fab!


cool post. i loved seeing different aspects of erika's life besides her outfits. :)

Amazing feature baby, I will seriously take a look on all the others you have. Ah it's kind of nice to be ill and bed ridden once in awhile. I now have the time to scourer your brilliant blog. Love you babygirl.

♥, China L.

Meg said...

Very interesting look at a fellow blogger. BTW, I've given you an award!

CRISTA said...

GREAT post!!! I totally agree .. she is super sweet and always positive!! We need more people like her in this world. Especially with all the negative anonymous commenters around!!

STARR said...

She's great. I love her shoes and her style :)

Charlotte said...

This is a great idea, showing us the secrets of other bloggers. Very nice ;)

Sininho said...

Que feminino...tudo tão em ordem :) :) um bom dia para ti ..jinhos

ChiliLady said...

i like how you edited the photos :)

oi su! esta série de posts está ótima! bjs, querida!

the head said...

oh just love those sequin leggins!

i really like this post...
its always nice to see what someone elses closet and house look like..

i must say that you have an amazing shoe collection!

i love all those stappy heals!!

luvv, xoxo

- Daniela - said...

i love when u do this... it's great to see the people behind the blogs

Thank you so much beautiful! I loved it! =] and thanks to everyone who commented as well! <3


Dooder City said...

I like her shoe collection.

That last outfit is awesome, love it from head to toe...ahaha, great jacket, hot pants, and super cool shoes!

I really really love your multi color sandals!! The ones on the left Are them from gojane?? I love love them! I need them!

Loooove this glimpse inside the closet and life of FC! Brilliant idea! The shoes are my favorite part :)


Amazing post idea! Love it!

Ah, love this!!

Indy said...

You have a really awesome blog! Your style is amazing! I love your shoes!


Tessie said...

No wonder Erika's blog is so popular...she is unique...I will check out Fashion Chalet. - Tess

Jennifer said...

Lovely interview! I love Erika!

Cate said...

Hi Su!
Yay, I love this post! I like to read Erika's blog too, and I was especially curious about what her house looked like...
She has amazing shoes, doesn't she?
And all those Chanel lipglosses! Wow! I like her Dolce & Gabbana "The One" perfume too.
haha, and so cool that you featured a picture of her lunch too!
And the last caption of the photo was cute: It was all labelled parts of the house, and the last part was - Erika! :)

Love and a big kiss!

TiKeDi said...

actually...i love the top

TiKeDi said...

i love her blog..her shoes are amazing.

Great post! I usually read her blog :D

Andy said...

she is absolutly gorgeous.
i really like her blog and her style !
I'm a daily reader hihi.
check out my new post


love the pailletes pants!! Cool blog!!

this was a fun entry to read! :)

a. said...

erika's style is cool. and that shoe collection is awesome.

she has a fab style and a great personality

maria memi said...

the black and white picture heart

She's a doll

J. Smith said...

she is very pretty and has a fab shoe collection