Christmas Present #1 - Presente de Natal nº1

13:47 Susana Rodrigues 27 Comments

I know Christmas time is gone, but since I cut my hand during the holidays and didn't site for a while, now that I'm back, I'm going to show you a few of my favourite presents, that my family and friends gave me!
(O Natal já lá vai, mas como cortei a mão e durante uns tempos estive afastada do site, agora que voltei, vou mostrar-vos fotos de algumas prendas de Natal que recebi dos amigos e da família!)


I've been Tagged by Stilettoed Praline who gave me this cool award, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
(Fui Tagged pela Stilettoed Praline que me deu este prémio, MUITO OBRIGADA).

Sources/Fonte: My own photos - Fotos pessoais

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janettaylor said...


Wow! I die for it! What a beautiful piece! Congratulations!

xoxo: Janet

oi su! que lindo!!! super presente! bjs, querida!

Rosanna said...

thanks for the add! added ya back :)


coco said...

That is lovely. Is it to actually hang clothes on or more to look at?

Coco: It can be both! Since it's such a beautiful piece it will serve as a decoration item too, but I'll use it also to hang clothes, if I want to photograph something :)

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-Happy New year my dear!

- Daniela - said...

I've always wanted one of those...!

what a cute award.

Fantástico!!! Demais a prenda!isso dava-me jeitaço!

The Seeker said...

Wow, Su, gorgeous gift!!!

Have I wished you happy 2009 yet???
If not I hope you'll have a fabulous and gorgeous 2009.

All the best, take care


Sininho said...

lol lol lol...tenho de confessar..o meu inglês é péssimo :( ..nem sei como fiz inglês na universidade à primeira:) ..mas vou tentar passar por aqui sempre que possa..e aos poucos tirar o excesso de ferrugem nesta língua estrangeira...jinhos

ELVIA said...


how'd you cut your hand? hope you're okay and all is well!

happy 2009! {xox}

Diva said...

que lindo!!!
tb quero....


ryder said...

wired mannequin was a present? if so, that is a great present! i got one for myself though this xmas. that is a perfect gift.

fixed the link =]
how's your hand?

Added the new URL to my site.

Cool Christmas gift.

You're welcome, sweetie!
And I hope this doesn't irk you a tiny wee bit...another tag for you. HOpe you can take a peep at my site. (*wink!*)

thats super cute!

Trixy Tran said...

How cool! You could dress it up and everything!

Cate said...

Oh, the word verification is "bless"! That's nice!! The thing (I don't know what you call it in English :D) you got for Christmas is good! Do you sew much?
And "Stilettoed Praline" is a really cool name :D

BTW, I linked your new home!

Claudia said...

um espectaculo. agora faltam fotos com as peças

nice change in blog format!

a. said...

It is lovely

a. said...

grats on the award

a. said...

love both the sandals and the bag. the bag is sooooo chanel.
I also like the new blog format and again grats for the awards, you deserve all.

Charlotte said...

It is lovely! I wish I had enough space in my room to have one of those!

G said...

great to hang stuff and to decorate