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No, I'm not looking at you! (Não, não olho para ti!)Photobucket
I said, no! (Eu disse não!)Photobucket
Are you listening? (Estás a ouvir?)Photobucket
I give up! (Desisto!)Photobucket
Tee -
Hair bando - Accessorize
Denim shorts - Levi's
Black tights and black leg warmers - ?
Black Stilettos - Zara
Black nail polisher - Chanel Black Satin
T-Shirt - Zara
Fita para o cabelo -
Calções de ganga -
Colans e perneiras de cor preta - ?
Stilettos pretos -
Verniz preto - Chanel Black Satin
Sources/Fonte: My own photos; Fotos pessoais

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hanna said...

love this outfit on you! do you play the guitar? :D

ryder said...

great stilettos. now looking at you like this, i could even thought that this is actaully meghan collison ;) black hair, pale skin, same hair... xx

girissimos os sapatos!!! Ficam-te fantásticos!!!!

gosto dos calçoes!

Pandorix said...

Wowww este blog respira stile... Parabéns :)

Está muito original!

Cate said...

Hi Su :)
Oh, you're wearing denim cutoffs too! Join the club ^^

I loved the comments about the photos you wrote :)

I totally understand about the commenting. You don't have to put yourself under pressure because of that. I was so flattered with what you said to me in your comment. And I'm happy knowing that you read my blog, and if you leave a comment once in a while, I'm totally happy. Thank you so much.

Love and a big kiss!
I'm your fan too!

Virginie said...

adorei seus stilettos preto da zara um show.

Xris Falagil said...

podrías hacer el anuncio de guitar heroe con ese look, sin las medias sería ya total para el anuncio!!


LOVE the guitar picture!

Mi said...

Great outfit, as always ;)

Stephanie said...

Thank you so much for your really sweet comments and for checking out leChic!

I don't actually exchange links. The list I have is a list of my personal favourites that I added without exchanging. I'm still trying to figure out how I will integrate an exchange links widget and I when it happens you'll be up there for sure!


Dana said...

Wow, you are a rockstar! I love your outfit!!

Trixy Tran said...

Your legwarmers + pumps look like boots! (:

susana said...

e a viola?? está à venda? eu adorei-a:)

Marta said...

Adoro esses saltos!

Sininho said...

:) :):) bom fim de semana :) jinhos

Sofia said...

AMO o teu outfit!


Cindiddy said...

love the outfit =>

Trish said...

Really cool outfit, dear!! Nice job!! :)

ChiliLady said...

i love your outfit - its so...debbie harry ^^

cool outfit! link change?

oh, thanks love! :) i added you too allready :)
and thanks that kate moss thing, i am a huge fan of hers <3
cant wait your updates!

Ana said...

Cool shorts.
Want to trade links?

LoveMore said...

oh you are FAR TOO SWEET SU! :)

thanks for you warm comment! and all your comment you make on my blog. i love your blog and your style so much honestly!

your outfit here is perfection! i would wear the exact same outfit in a heartbeat!

hope you had a great weekend!

xxxx love LM

cool pics !:)

Frou Flu said...

you've got amazing style:) you totally rock:)

janettaylor said...


Please check my blog for the proximity blog award I pass on you!

xoxo and hug: Janet

Franco said...

love it!
cool pics

Love it, amazing pics!!

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures! I like your style;)

Cris Lazoru said...

Ooohh I like your shorts


coco said...

I love these jeans. They look great with the tights but I can imagine in the summer they would be something you would want to wear with everything.

Rockstar!!!:))) Gostei muito dos sapatinhos!!

Sanxeri said...

Adoro a roupinha. Entao o conjunto sapatos+perneira... amei!

- Daniela - said...

love the shoes!!

francis said...

just play it...

Eri said...

Hello there,
I came across your blog and very much enjoyed.
Please come and visit mine too!
It's a fashion blog with outfits and blurbs inspired by Portobello Road, London.
I hope you enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

rock style great on you i adore that association of denim short & black tights! Tee-shirt is cool :-)

Fantástica composição de imagens :O

Laroux said...

Great outfit, I love you Levi shorts


Prémio na minha "casa"...estás na lista junto ao último selinho!!:))

Pandorix said...

Obrigado pela dica ;)

Renate said...

Love your shoes ;D

chauss said...

super cute pic. and try chanel blue satin sometime, my persoanl favorite....:)

Brigadeiro said...

Ola! Gosto das polainas co meia calcas e saltos altos!


Miss Pu said...

Love the outfit!

molly said...

you rock star you :)

love your blog! & was wondering if you want to exchange links?
mine is
let me know ♥

hola hoy descubri tu blog y me encanto lo sigo desde hoy

vício said...

não há problema que não olhes! eu também só fixei o olhar um pouco mais abaixo da tua cara!

i didn't know you played the guitar, rocking look!

Sunniva said...

Love your editorial, and your outfit is so great! xoxo

a. said...

love your style and clothes, totally rock chic. that tee rocks.

pure rock and roll style

I love your shorts and boots! Awesome, rocker. =]


G said...

| also love your shorts and stilletos but also the awesome tee (:

Lux Lisbon said...

Comprei hoje uns calções parecidos! love it!

sweet setup you've got there! :)

Alecca Rox said...

wicked denim shorts! really like the leg warmers too, tend to wear them a lot these days, especially during my visit to cold-cold Paris. Styling is cool too, x

aurelie_lily said...

thank you for your comment !
this outfit is so great :)

Lauren said...

love it!

leyandrea13 said...

haha i love the cutoffs... and the opaques + matte shoes = winning combination. cheers!
andrea xooxoxx

Love the Zara heels. The clothes at Zara has gotten better over the years. I remember looking at the shop 10 years ago and the stuff weren't as nice OR expensive.

Are you enjoying the Wii??

"you're a rock & roll star" - just like the song
fantastic outfit

J. Smith said...

I also play the guitar

wow you are a rock & roll chic! great outfit, loving the tee

Cáti said...

Encontrei agr o teu blog e gosto muito :)