Ash Stymest

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Sofia said...

He's a baby bt I like his style and I have a friend who looks just like him, I swear to god lol!


Eri said...

Cool kid!

My god.
He's perfect, and apparently came out of nowhere! :D


he is much skinnier than any girl i know hah

oh cool i like him, he has edge!

Franco said...

if Only i had 1/4 of his looks :(
i swear, some people are so lucky.
now i'm depressed, thanks.

There's something about him..

Anonymous said...

He's the type of guy you wouldn't want to take home to introduce to your parents.

I like him! =D

- Jei

Anonymous said...

I like him. He's the type of guy you wouldn't want to take home to introduce to your parents. He's the type of bf I'd want to run away with, smoke, & rock out with :).

- Jei

selinaoolala said...

LOVE! i have a picture saved of him from outside a show but didn't look any further, but he's incredible!

Tão novo e já com este andamento ahahahahahah!!!:P

Ps-Qrida está lá no estaminé um desafio muito giro!!:)

Lluviaschick said...

i dont like him.... too skinny and too young too!

Marta said...

É giro, sim :)

ChiliLady said...

wow, what a young wild thing <3

G said...

yeah like lluvias said he is too skinny and young, but he is very sexy and hot. I like skinny, young and hot sexy guys.
look at that first photo wow

A 1991 birthdate seems so young, but 18 this year I suppose!
I love his look though, and any guy with stretched ears gets my vote any day! My stretched ears are my pride and joy haha "It" factor. Young or not!

Mi said...

Gosto da irreverência, mas não deixa de ser um bebé :) E ainda por cima é magrissimo.

Mimi said...

Adorably hot, he's got that mystery brooding look!


Anonymous said...

he's so skinny! how old is he? actually he isn't the type of guys i'd usually go nuts about, but these photos are amazing!

leyandrea13 said...

so andro!!! but i can totally see his parisian/european appeal!
btw your boot warmers in the other post = very balenciaga/sam edelman knockoff. i just did a post and you have to see these lamborghini stilettos i put up!!!!!!!
andrea xooxxx
Life In Technicolor

he's so cute! that face & tattoos :D

wow.. hot tatoos..

MR style said...

i met him !! he's cool

he's very sexy (:

sophielina said...

uh my fave boy model !
The sandals u were asking about are from zara.


The Seeker said...

Very interesting. He's so young, but already has great projection.
Nice pictures.

Have a great weekend.


janettaylor said...

A little thing from me on my blog. Check this out! Of couse: new award. Enjoy this because U deserve it.

Have a great weekend ✿

he's young but hot

leyandrea13 said...

i know i shouldnt be posting comments multiple times BUT i put up this post and i gave u a shoutout, it is totally you and u will love it to bits.
andrea oxoxox
Life In Technicolor

Miss Pu said...

Amei a capa da Vogue!

Tem prémio pra vocÊ lá no Fashion Rules ;)


Anonymous said...

love these photos

LoveMore said...

hello MR!! :) single? haha

loved this post..lots of gushing!

thanks for your comments dear!

hope you are well !!!!!

xxx love LM

Sunniva said...

He has such a great face! He's got a lot of tattoos for his age, but I love it...shows he's got personality, a free spirit. xoxox

a. said...

I agree he must be a free spirit. What a face! I'm in love yeahhhh

M Paris said...

i luv his look. he makes greasy look good!

Bonnie Klyde said...

So gorgeous I love the tatoos.
Thanks for the comment!


Connie Hsiu said...

oh i love him!!!

and you totally should redecorate! its a great experience :)

Sofia said...

Oh minha querida n tem problema, melhoras :)



Vickie. said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! <3

Cathy Voyage said...

He really has something special!

Cate said...

Hola hola Su!!
A male model, so so...
Hold on a moment... he's born in 1991? That means he's only one year older than me!!! OMG! He does look like a kid still too.
He IS hot though, especially in that cover of Electric Youth! Or on the Balenciaga runway, arghh! Really handsome! I can say that, I'm younger than him ^^
In that coloured picture he looks a bit like a girl though. That's not supposed to be an insult.
Those photos from Vogue Japan are really special.

Agnes Deer said...

He looks a lot like a child!!

sinceramente não gosto do moço! muito novinho com a mania de que é wild! mas gostos não se discutem LOL

itsajday said...

what a cool kid, I like his tatoos

coco said...

I know so many people that would love this guy, but to me he is just so skinny.
I am not at all into male models, I don't like skinny guys, they have to look strong.
And I'm sure I changed your link a while ago but I will check.

what a cool kid! very bad ass.

Rylie said...

wow, his tattoos are amazing!!!
great blog btw <3

KINHA said...

Gostei muito de seu blog e já estou te seguindo. Espero sua visita.

Mary said...

those hello kitty shots are the best

LoveMore said...

thanks for your comment dear :)

hope you are having a good day!

xxx LM

I read that the androgynous look is in among male models. No more big, buff boys.

yiqin; said...

I will totally want him to be mine if I wasnt attached already. His looks are amazing

how beautiful he was... not handsome, but beautiful

prettyneons said...

amazing! X
Peace and Bows...

Tina said...

oh he is too cool! :)

Todo un "Modelo" de Modelo!!

F Blog said...

Great post, I had no idea he was so young!

Pandorix said...

Carinha de menino... mas já muito senhor de si!

thank you so much for the birthday wishes love- you are too sweet!!! :D

hope all is well


Charmaine said...

he's my younger brothers age! so very young.. but a great model!

Rylie said...

I'm really glad you like it!

vic said...

he looks kindof amazing in a skirt :)

MJ. said...

mmmm...don't really like him, too skinny and too young...
Man models should be more manly and mature...

Charlotte said...

I feel old looking at him! Snif Snif...

Romeika said...

Q menino magrinho!

He seems like a good model, I see some good pics of him!

Cate said...

Hi Su!

Thanks for your comment and good to know that you also like NIRVANA!

Hope youre having a good week.


francis said...

it's your male version...kind of...

Diva said...

So young and so marvellous...


HoneyBunny said...

wow I must admit..he looks amazing! very charismatic:) although he;s by brother;s age:PP;)

he is so sexy.. actually I am hearing a lot of him lately

Sofia said...

Su estás doente ainda? Andas desaparecida, tá tudo bem?



Sanxeri said...

Demasiado magrito. Mas dá-lhe uns aninhos e vai ser um borracho. :P

Anonymous said...

aproveito para mais uns comments. acho que este tipo vai ter um futuro glorioso no mundo da moda. tem estilo, pinta, é sexy, ainda é novinho, é magro, alto, enfim tem tudo aquilo que é preciso.
muito fixe postares sobre ele

J. Smith said...

I know him. he's a cool guy.

Anonymous said...

i always get him confused with nick cave's son jethro. to me they're interchangable

Inside Mode said...

OMG! Ash is just perfect. Even though most people just think that he's an attention whore, I seriously love him. My all time favorite model. Love this post!

Anonymous said...

I love him, he's hot!

GRRRRaaarrw! he looks like just a baby, but then again he could be my baby .. ^^

Anonymous said...

he can be adorable and wild at the same time

I am a die hard head over heels whatever you want to call it crazy over Ash Stymest. God, it's nice to know someone likes a guy it tats too... ;)

Nice Blog! :D

I've read somewhere that he took fashion week by storm and we should remeber his name: Ash!
And his face and body lol :P

rackkandruin said...

i would have died for this boy in highschool. when i watched a clip of him on youtube i felt like a schoolgirl once again. so adorable.

Love Ash he's so brilliant/perfect/amazing. Who doesn't love a hedi slimane boy/dazed & confused man? Great post Su I adore you.

♥, China L.

maria memi said...

he is just W O W

Anonymous said...

speaking as a parent - he was bought home to meet me and he is lovely!

Anonymous said...

Yeah he is cute...but he isnt that nice in person. Back in school he had some people that really hated him.
He also cheated on his girlfriend Eliza so I wouldnt call him "sweet"...

Anonymous said...

Saw that comment on another blog. Petty high school cliques and their petty hatreds. Every adult saw that relationship was not going to last. Maybe his work was done and he did not want to be used that way—or be a part of it. No one knew her before him for the length of time she was modeling. Break up and she gets visible. None of which stops his beauty from bringing it when the camera is on him in this here big bad world.

ahhhh I wish he was my baby (what a baby face) yummy

Ash said...

thx ;)

Anonymous said...

i luv his nose

Kathy said...

Ash's just so fucking perfect. the most beautiful human being in the planet. yes (y) how can anyone be so perfect, like... serious! you can't be real.

melina Lima said...

Kathy,I just have to agree with you xD
I really like his style ♥ Ash is just perfect to me.