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Black faux fur vest - Zara
White tee (I cut it myself) -
Black top - Benetton

Jeans - Salsa
Rings - Accessorize
White sandals - Lanidor
Black nail polisher - Chanel Black Satin
Colete de pelo (falso) preto - Zara
T-Shirt branca (cortada por mim) -
Top preto - Benetton
Jeans -
Anéis -
Sandálias brancas -

Verniz preto - Chanel Black Satin

.SEX PISTOLS "Anarchy in the UK" - rare live (1977)

Sources/Fonte: My own photos, You Tube; Fotos pessoais

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As fotos estão mesmo muito giras =)

PUNKIE said...

wow I love this post! the song is great! and the pics are amazing!

a. said...

haha you really look like a cartoon, a very fashionable one.
I like Sex Pistols too.

Sanxeri said...

Adorei, adorei. Sempre linda!

Mimi said...

Amazing effects!!!


Dana said...

Great post, I love the Sex Pistols!

que demais!!!!!! como fizeste? :)

love the tights/open toe shoes look.

Georgie said said...

That fur vest is amazing, it looks so warm and cosy.

Tina said...

cool photo effect! and fabulous shoes!

Tina said...

cool photo effect! and fabulous shoes!

That is sooooo unique, darlin'! Very cute!

G said...

awesome photos hehe
your amazing style plus the effects make the photos look WOW

.Hanna. said...

Adorei,tanto as ftos quanto o sex pistols.

Laroux said...

Great faux fur waistcoat, Zara does some amazing pieces


joana said...

O teu blog é tão giro, não percebo porque é q escondes sempre a cara.

ChicLisboa said...

adoro as sandálias! vi sapatos muuuuuito giros na lanidor. e muuuuuuuito altos também.

Anonymous said...

Su the fashionista super cool, é o nome do cartoon eheh ficou giro o efeito, gosto imenso do outfit tb.


Anonymous said...

Ah tenho uma coisita para ti lá no blog.


LJ said...

Saw the sex pistold perform in electric picnic, that song was amazing.
But crowd was basically consistent of 50 year old wanting to relive their punky youth.. got a lil bit bruised.

xx-LJ from SOS!

freeTEYme said...

i like your shoes!

Trixy Tran said...

What an awesome effect!

love the way how you are wearing the jeans! that ripped top is the same from the other post right? how cool.
you look awesome.

Those cartoons photos are wicked! I want to try it too now. Jealous that it wasn't my idea first though :-P

E para quando uma banda desenhada???ahahahah

Love the pics

how cute :) gostei muito das sandálias! kiss*

prettyneons said...

Oh no you didn't just post up that song, sorry's TUNE! Bloody love the Sex Pistols, always will do...have a fab weekend ;)
Peace and Bows...
PS...Your shoes-I heart, haha!x

Anonymous said...

ahhhhh boa, já se pode deixar comentários sem estar registado hehe. eu sigo o teu blog há imenso tempo e nunca deixei comentários porque não era possível, felizmente agora já posso escrever o que me vai na alma lol
adoro o teu blog, o teu estilo cool e wild de rock chic e também curto sex pistols :P
fica bem...

TeeEmCee said...

Great post, love how you have cartoonised your photos. Gotta love photoshop filters!
Looking good

Pandorix said...

Deixa-me dizer-te que as fotos estão um máximo e as sandálias... são lindissimassssssssss!

J. Smith said...

those cartoons photos are cool!

Those shoes are to die for!!


Austere said...

I love this song. Great post! I also liked the third picture. Are you making a new header?

Franco said...

fore some reason i also like to photoshop pictures and put my blog's name on it. hahaha

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-thats a fantastic outfit my dear, so rock chic!!

coco said...

At first I thought your jeans had those little lines on them but then I realised it was drawn on. It looks good though ha ha.

Pari said...

great pictures!!

Miss Chic said...

Thanks for your comments!!! I love your blog and all of your shoes :D :D
I add you to my fav ;)

closeup said...

your blog is gorgeous!! i love your header!

Anonymous said...

love the fur vest

HEK said...

Cool pictures:) Great blog!

oh, lovely and stylish sandals!

cute outfit! i just watched the sid and nancy movie last week....awesome!

Raquel said...

adoro as sandálias!!

Xris Falagil said...

La verdad es que te ha quedado como si fueras un dibujo animado completamente!!!


Eva said...

Great pictures! And very nice effects! Great blog also. :)


Anonymous said...

i love your outfit!! ;)

Imelda said...

Lovely pictures and outfit!
I love how you changed the photos!

La Couturier said...

Both those shoes & that vest are incredible!

La C.

Anonymous said...

this is a cool idea, is it photoshop?
great vest.

Elana said...

im in love with those jeans :D

your blog is simply GORGEOUS! love it, love it! you have a new fan :)

oooooh.. great effects!! looks like someone really drew u!

LoveMore said...

wow this looks amaaazing! you are so clever. and i LOVE the fur hot.

thanks for your comment :)

xxx LM

Finny said...

nice blog and thanks for ur comment :)

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful vest

Taghrid said...

hey girlie, i love those shoes!

linked you :)

Winnie said...

Cool cartoons, Love the rolled up jeans with those heels!

Nemerae said...

OMG such gorgeous sandals!!! I absolutely love them!! *.* and also the fur vest and the tee (I've to cut sth myself too haha).
Nice pics!

your posts are always so great! i'm happy your vest is faux :D

Anonymous said...

A very diff way to show an outfit; I like it :)

Jen said...

Ooh I love what you've done with your pictures ! And that faux fur vest is gorgeeeeeous.

Thank you for your sweet comment! I just wish my legs were more... dainty lol ! :) x

Oh my goodness, these photos are so fabulous!! i love how you edited them.

Thanks for the comment.

X Hanna

Vintage Tea said...

The cartoon effect looks so cool. Lovely shoes

Please check out


Connie Hsiu said...

these are wonderful!!! great post!

Anonymous said...

loving the sandals...

ines said...


Leia said...

Fab shoes! I just love high heels but living in London I find it very hard to walk in them for long distances. Do you have any tips for walking in heels? I am absolutely fine in my hometown of Dhaka (Bangladesh) because I go everywhere by car, so there is very little actual walking, but over here in 5 minutes my feet start to hurt!

Emz said...

I love the pictures! did you photoshop them?? And great shoes!

Diva said...

passo lhe para lhe deixar um bisou e um abraço.
Agradeço a força que me tem dado.


PS_Passe no meu blog deixei algo para si.


cute photos! love the furry vest and shoes!

Anonymous said...

loveee this!
especially what you did with the pictures!

You just posted my fav song of all!
I LOVE YOUR BLOG, really !
Just my type.:)

How cool! cartoon/outfit
I love Sex Pistols :)
I'm following your blog, because it rocks!

Ida said...

The heels look divine against the dark tights. Perfection!

leyandrea13 said...

lol su u are TOTALLy playing around with photoshop...but er i did that too recently, you saw! haha. its pretty fun making pictures look pretty, i love your folded jeans.
so glad u finally posted again! ive been waiting to give u a comment!
andrea ooxoxooxxxx
Life In Technicolor

STEFANIE said...

wow that vest looks sooo cosy! ^-^

Jei said...

I'd have to agree with some of the comments above, but you do look like a cute cartoon :). Stylish one that is!

F Blog said...

I love this vest!

iñaki said...

I lo-o-o-ove that outfit!


Rosanna said...

wow i'm really loving your fur vest!!!

you look so decadent but SOOOOO COOL at the same time! haha <3 these

i love the way you folded your jeans! and i love your fur vest even more!