"No one saw your face..."

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. Sandals - ASOS
White tee dress -
Green gloves -
Leggings and black tights - Forgot
Black warmers for the sandals - Made it myself
Leg chain - Street store
Rings -
Hair bando -
Blue nail polisher - Chanel Le Vernis (Blue Satin)
Sandálias - ASOS
T-shirt/vestido de cor branca -
Luvas verdes -
Leggings e colans de cor preta - Não me lembro
Perneiras para as sandálias - feitas por mim
Aneis -
Fita para o cabelo -
Verniz azul - Chanel Le Vernis (Blue Satin)
Sources/Fonte: My own photos, youtube; Fotos pessoais, youtube

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Eri said...

I love your legwarmers for sandals, great idea, the zipper looks really cool, giving it a nice touch.

love these shoes im obsessed!

Bonnie Klyde said...

I love that you made the warmers they're awesome! I like the t-shirt dress it's so cute.


Tiffany said...

wow! such a fabulous outfit and those leg warmer for your shoes are fantastic!

Meg said...

I love the leg warmers. I looks like you just folded down high boots.

GoldDustGirl said...

great rings!

i love the boots!!! your hair is looks glorious, by the way; =)

you look fantastico!!! those shoes, that tee!!! love!

PUNKIE said...

nice idea to make the warmers by yourself!!! cute outfit!!

oh tao fofinho "front", "back". nunca tinha visto assim...

I adore this outfit, it looks so punky style. The sandal warmers are really something. What a great idea of you to make those.
I also love that song.

LoveMore said...

oh i ADORE REM! and you look awesome..what you have done here with the shoes look hot as girl!

hope you have a great weekend now dear!

xxx LM

Sininho said...

POis não ..ninguém viu a tua cara ..tu tapaste!!! jinhos

Não dá mesmo para ver a tua cara...adorei as fotos as always!!:))
mts mts bjs Su

Adorei! Tao simples, mas tao bem acessorizado. Fantastico! Ah, amei as polainas.

Felicia said...

i adore your shoes!
thanks for the lovely comment, bb


exchange links?

Zakuro said...

I like Hair Band, Leg chain and Unique Sandals!

Simple colors but Lovely style;)

wow, those black warmers are an amazing idea, cool outfit!

Fantástica!!!!! como sempre!!!!

and i thought those were boots!? bummer!!! oh dear me.

anyway, THANKS Su! =)

a. said...

those warmers for the sandals are a great and creative idea.

G said...

I love the tee/dress plus the warmers, how cool is that!?

MR style said...

so cute

yiqin; said...

Your shoes are to die for.

Dana said...

Nice outfit!!

Congrats on your award!

Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog :)

M said...

Gostei muito do teu blog, verei mais vezes:)
Já agora deixo-te aqui o meu: http://luxuryandlust.blogs.sapo.pt/

Cathy Voyage said...

Thank you for your nice comment! I adore your outfit!

Sofia said...

AMEI o outfit, fabuloso mesmo :) e as perneiras para as sandálias super originais!


- Daniela - said...

LOVE the dres... I want one!!


freeTEYme said...

i'm so impressed! very creative with the black warmers for your sandals. funky!

HoneyBunny said...

I love the outfit! and that leg chain is soo innovative..I've never seen anything like that before and I love it!

those boot warmers or whatever are AMAZING! i love them so much.

Cate said...

That's true... We never saw your face... But we see your absolutely rockin' glamourous style.
I've never seen leg warmers and gloves look this good on anyone, seriously.
And I have that nail varnish too!
R.E.M. is one of my favourite bands, I'm going to listen to the song now! It's from their new album, isn't it? I just have to buy that album soon.
By the way, my nail varnish you asked about is sort of brownish red.

LoveMore said...

thanks for your comment honey! i am still DEEPLY wanting those gloves!!! hot hot hot.
xx LM

FELICITY [!] said...

such an awesome look! x

Mi said...

Os legwarmers são muito cool! Também gostei do pormenor da corrente na perna.

Mimi said...

Amazing talent you have!

Hot hot hot!


Paradis said...

Uau...esses sapatos são...diferentes! Hhoaiahihiao! :)

Connie Hsiu said...

those shoes are spectacular!!

Yes! oui! Si!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pandorix said...

Esses teus aneis...=))) Fantásticos!

Tina said...

wow the boots are so so amazing! great outfit too!

kaitlyn said...

i love the zipper covers on the sandals

Krystal said...

well done! love that look x

that girl? said...

Loving your sandal warmers and am V. impressed that you made them yourself! Haven't been by for a while and love the new look with all the great photos!

rachel said...

amazing shoes!! and i like those armwarmers and rings. so fab :)

♥ R

you rock!!!

love the warmers! very creative.

so cool!

Sanxeri said...

Bem, apesar de não me vestir assim, adoro o teu estilo. Encaixa em ti na perfeiçao. :) Parabéns pelo bom gosto.

Austere said...

I like what you did with the sleeve for the shoes! Very cool.

Franco said...

I love the front and abck shirt, and the smittens, very cool

Love the sandals and the whole look

MJ. said...

OMG!! Your boots!!!!!!!!!!!
They're incredible!!!!!!


Tem selinho lindo pra ti
em meu blog viuuu!!!!!!!!

sou seguidora e seu link ja esta la!

Passa la para ve-lo

kisses for you! :)

I love your leg warmers and your RINGS are awesome!!!! Have I told you i love your HAIR??!!!

Kat said...

those are awesome, over the sandals - love it, fantastic idea. seriously loving your rings too

prettyneons said...

Hello's...jeez them boots are fierce girly! Wish I knew how to put such effortless style together ha ha! =)
Peace and Kites...

Cindiddy said...

dont hide!!! =>

Dana said...

I just stopped by to say hi!

ambiquitous said...

great rings!

Andy Warhol said...


Bella said...

You're a rockstar... the shoe covers are incredible! I sooo need a pair!

lily said...

Oooh! Love the glittering black sandals! Hot outfit! Love it! :)
Alize x


I have similar arm warmers (in black) love your green ones so much more, though. Can you make me those sandal warmers??? ♥ Gorgeous!!! =]


filthy lust said...

sweet rings.

hanna said...

OMG, those DIY shoes are just genius!!

Great look, I am in love t\with those leggwarmers with zippers, so cool!

fhen said...

the leg warmer and leg chain are so cool!

Bee said...


Adorei as tuas sandálias! São lindas :)

She said said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog. Those leg warmers are amazing! How did you make them? I want a pair!

ChiliLady said...

youre a rockstar :D
and i really really like your hair (the colour is so...uhm RICH! haha)

Love the heels but won't the legging/warmer get dirty very quickly?

Tiphaine said...

I've just bought the same zara tee ! It's a great article, I can wear it with everything, it suits to all my outfits !
Fashion contest on mainchicavenue.blogspot.com !
see ya'!

susana said...

adorei a liga na perna! uma ideia soberba:)

Anonymous said...

a ideia das perneiras para sandálias é simplesmente genial, porque assim podemos usar sandálias fixes quando faz frio porque aquecemos os pés. vou copiar :P
amo o look mais uma vez.

J. Smith said...

I think you are too cool, show us your face.

Woah, what a cool idea!! The shoe covers a great idea to make an old pair look new again. They also give them an interesting shape. Love it!! Good job :D


Nil said...

Love that leg warmers!

Anonymous said...

this outfit is a favourite, you look really cool.

Su, thnx for visiting my blog! you're blog is da shit! I love it! - btw I'm soo in need of some sexy high wedged sandals, any ideas?!

Anonymous said...

you look very cool with that outfit, love the warmers

Jessie77 said...

awesome warmers!!!

Planetalf said...

the warmers are so cool especially because you made them yourself!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

This is a favourite outfit!

nice t shirt

Anonymous said...

the way you added those leggings to the shoes..SO GENIUS!

I absolutely love this outfit (the warmers rock)