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Dress/Tee - Zara
Bag - ASOS
Sandals - ASOS
Black nail polisher - Chanel Le Vernis (Black Satin)
Vestido/T-Shirt - Zara
Mala - ASOS
Sandálias - ASOS
Verniz preto - Chanel Le Vernis (Black Satin)
Sources/Fonte: My own photos; Fotos pessoais

63 comentários:

J. Smith said...

You love black colours and they suit you very well, but it's nice to see the red on the tee and the white tights.

I love the dress/tee... is that a brooch you added on to it or did it come with it?

Bonnie Klyde said...

Those shoes are amazing! The outfit is sick! I love it!


Meg said...

Great edgy outfit!

I love the dress and the shoes. The writing on the dress is really cool. I like your blog, please visit mine.

Anonymous said...

love the heels

amazing tee and heels. the bag is lovely, looks like a 2.55

AusAnna said...

love the shoes have a similar pair.
ive added you to my link list on my revamped site, hope you can link back :)

Adorei a camiseta! E o jeito que voce a combinou com a meia arrastao cor da pele! Linda!

Jen said...

Amazing shoes! I love the stark contrast between them and the white tights x

Essa ai é tão lindaaaa!!!:)))

alice said...

Hi! I like your outfit, especially sandals - they look so gorgepus!

Dana said...

Wooow, I loved the dress and the shoes!

adoro adoro!

Georgie said said...

Is that a brooch you added?

Claire said...

Love the effect of the t0-shirt dress with the shoes. Fab.

coco said...

I love that you are wearing fish net tights. I think they are going to make a comeback.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Coco, fishnet tights are coming back!
that t-shirt is very cool.

love the heels and the bag

I love you're dior esque shoes, go asos haha.

mwah, China L.

Gira ;b

a. said...

I like those gladiator sandals so much! They match very well with the fishnet tights and tee.

Anonymous said...

olá :) tenho uma t-shirt igual da zara hehe, as fotos estão super fixes, adorei o conjunto.

thank you!!!
gorgeous outfit =]


Pandorix said...

Adorei o vestido e malaaaaa =))

Mimi said...

Great outfit, love the rocker chic look the tee has


Anonymous said...

Adoro especialmente a mala :)


i want a shirt like that. i like your shoes.

Oh yeah, It was absolutely wonderful!! :D I wanna go back now!

Mary said...

You look fantastically badass.
DIG the white fishnets!

lisa @ luxe said...

so love those shoes!!!

kaitlyn said...

love your shoes!

Denise L said...

i love the printed top and of course the shoe!

visit me sometime

Trixy said...

Love it!

Nath said...

Hello !
Thanks for you comment on my blog !
And yes I love Paris too, very beautiful.

Y Me encanta mucho tu blog ;)

... I tried lol
I learned spanish at school but I really want to do it again and way better lol

Marian said...

honey how are you? you look great! loving the t-shirt dress and it works with those shoes. hope your well.

G said...

love the shoes and the bag

Anonymous said...

awesome outfit, I love the tee

what a cute long t-shirt, it goes great with the bag and the shoes. I like the tights also, but I prefer black fishnet ones

Anonymous said...


Mel said...

gooooooooorgeous i love it alll!!! xx

The bag looks great! LLGxx

penelope said...

LOVE your top and shoes!! Totally rad!!

Jei said...

Love the heels & the bag, dear! You also pull off white stockings quite well! =D

WTF said...

Te amo la ropa de usted--Like my spanish? My mom would be so proud--I absolutely love the t-shirt as dress look. KUDOS xxX

i love how you paired the white fishnets w/the black heels. it looks really cool.

nice bags

ooh fun look - very rock and roll!

tanya said...

those are some seriously hot shoes, mama! :-)

The heels rock!

freeTEYme said...

the bag and the sandals with that dress is so unexpected but you pulled it off.



Krystal said...

these photos are gorgeous! x

M said...

Adorei o teu look, muito gira:)

amazing shoes!!!

Camilla said...

dios mio.... eres muy guapa!

love the outfit girl!! <3

Camilla said...

(thanks for you e-mail btw :) )

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-a gorgeous dress/tee, looking lovely my dear!

Para não variar adoro os sapatos e a mala...

PUNKIE said...

I love this shoes! the outfit is sooo cute!

LoveMore said...

rocking the house down here SU! love it. the sandals and top look fabulous! :)xx LM

<3 the bag and the shoes

Joelyne said...

how do u get allll these gorgeous shoeessssssss?????? love them!