Eye makeup - Maquilhagem para os olhos

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Today I'm posting about my eye makeup and products. Before I start let me say that I wear contact lenses, I don't have anything against glasses, but I really prefer to wear lenses, because they are very comfortable and no one can tell that you are wearing them. My favourite brand isAcuvue Oasys from Johnson & Johnson.
Hoje vou falar da minha maquilhagem e produtos para os olhos. Eu uso lentes de contacto. Não tenho nada contra o uso de óculos, mas prefiro usar lentes, porque são muito confortáveis e ninguém sabe que as estou a usar. A minha marca preferida é a Acuvue Oasys da Johnson & Johnson.

Eye makeup (Maquilhagem para os olhos)

1- After I put my lenses, I put a little bit of eye gel. I'm trying a sampler from Chanel, the Beauté Initiale Eye (Energizing Multi-Protection Eye Gel) and if I like it I'll buy it for sure.
2- Then I put my Chanel Lift Lumiére Concealer (shade: Beige Lumière).
3- I also like to highlight my eyes and eyelids so I use an highlighter pen to reduce the appearance of fine lines, to lighten the dark circles and banish any signs of fatigue. I have one from Chanel (Éclat Lumiére Highlighter Face Pen - shade: Beige Rosé) and another from Yves Saint Laurent (Touche Éclat Radiant Touch - shade: Luminous Ivory).
4- To finish I put my Exceptionnel de Chanel Mascara (shade: Smoky Noir).
5- I also bought this Chanel Ombre D'Eau Fluid Eyeshadow (shade: Rivage 70), but I only use it now and then (when I go out or something like that).
6- Oh, I also have this Illuminating Tweezer from Sephora. The bright built-in light illuminates the area to be tweezed, while the slanted precision edge grabs every hair. Housed in a sturdy metal case, which contains a mirror, it can go anywhere.
1- Depois de colocar as lentes ponho um pouco de gel para os olhos. Ando a experimentar uma amostra da Chanel, a Beauté Initiale Eye (Energizing Multi-Protection Eye Gel); se gostar compro quase de certeza.
2- De seguida ponho um pouco de tapa olheiras, o Chanel Lift Lumiére Concealer (cor: Beige Lumière).
3- Como gosto de iluminar certas partes do rosto, neste caso os olhos e as pálpebras, uso uma caneta iluminadora que ajuda a esconder as pequenas rugas dos olhos, assim como zonas mais escuras e o ar cansado. Eu tenho uma da Chanel (Éclat Lumiére Highlighter Face Pen - cor: Beige Rosé) e outra da Yves Saint Laurent (Touche Éclat Radiant Touch - cor: Luminous Ivory).
4- Para terminar coloco o meu rimel Exceptionnel de Chanel Mascara (cor: Smoky Noir).
5- Também comprei uma sombra, a Chanel Ombre D'Eau Fluid Eyeshadow (cor: Rivage 70), mas uso apenas às vezes (quando vou sair ou algo do género).
6- É verdade, encontrei na Sephora uma Illuminating Tweezer e tive que comprar. É uma pinça para as sobrancelhas (e não só), com luz integrada que também trás uma caixinha com espelho. É pequena e fácil de transportar.
Sources/Fonte: My own photos; Fotos pessoais

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Pepa Xavier said...

Tenho alguns desses produtos! mas são tão estupidamente caros...

I wear lenses, but never tried those. Gonna check out the links!
WOW you have such great makeup products (sooooo expensive, but sooooo fabulous). Do you prefer the Chanel products or YSL's?

Anonymous said...

Bemmmmm que produtos fantásticos. Que inveja! hehe

Najeema said...

Ooh, tell us more about the Chanel mascara! I love Chanel makeup in general- it's fantastic quality!

Georgie said said...

All that fantastic chanel make up. I am VERY jealous.

a. said...

I have the same exceptionnel chanel mascara and I love it. Same shade too.

Anonymous said...

great products, I gotta try that eyeshadow, it looks cool.

choogal said...

Por acaso tb queria comprar uma Illuminating Tweezer , se n é indiscrição, quanto te custou a tua?


Uso alguns dos productos que tens aí e são óptimos!!:))

I love Chanel's makeup, I adore their bronzer, face powder and of course... lip glosses! =]


Cate said...

Hey Su!!!

Really, you're wearing contact lenses? I'm so scared of them :) I wear glasses.
Hey, I have the same mascara from Chanel! I love Chanel make-up. Lucky you, you have so much of it!
And those tweezers sound good... I'm thinking about getting my eyebrows done by a professional.

Thanks for your comments: First off, about KATE MOSS STYLE. It wasn't me who made that blog private. I can't see it either, I wasn't invited to see it and I was thrown off the "team", so I don't know exactly what happened either. Maybe I will get to know exactly what happened, maybe not :-8 :-(
Thanks also for commenting on the NIRVANA Cd, it was one of the bright things in my life at the moment...

Lots of Love,

To Fashionable Carousel:
- It depends on the products, but usually I buy Chanel! I know it's expensive but it lasts longer, the products are great and smell lovely!

To Cate:
- I have the tweezer for emergencys lol because I always get my eyebrows done by a professional.

To Choogal:
- The Illuminating Tweezer cost me about 20$?!! I'm not sure.

I have the same YSL's Radiant Touch and it's pretty good.

coco said...

All the Chanel products look so pretty. I'm more of a Dior girl though for makeup.

Anonymous said...

Chanel products are great, but I also like MAC.
I wear lenses too hehe.

G said...

I have the same Chanel concealer and I like it a lot. I also have Dior products.

Meg said...

I love your collection of Chanel makeup!

I love the YSL eclat. It does wonders I think! I also use a Chanel foundation, Vitalumiere, thats very good.

Hmm Chanel sent me the mascara pre-launch but I didn't like it all - it dried out very quickly. LLGxx

Anonymous said...

Os produtos parecem todos muito bons, mas infelizmente eu não tenho dinheiro para marcas tão caras :( compro de supermercado.

J. Smith said...

I don't wear makeup lol but I imagine those must be good, because Chanel is a fantastic brand.

I love the Sephora tweezers... so useful.

freeTEYme said...

i have not tried Chanel, but im tempted to try their concealer. Dior works really well for me.

Bonnie Klyde said...

Chanel's products are so amazing! I love their mascara!


tanya said...

very nice! Chanel is one of my favorite beauty brands--especially for their glosses!

karla said...

I wear acuvue contact lenses too! I've always wanted to try colored ones, but I'm afraid of looking like an alien or something.

Anonymous said...

I wear lenses too, like you and Karla but mine are green.
Great makeup products, I'm so jealous.

ohhhhhh I love Chanel, I have that eyeshadow too but in another shade.

I've been meaning to try out the Acuvue Oasis lenses for a while now. Glad to hear they work for you!

In Yr Fshn said...

I wish we could see the finished product :)

I love Chanel make-up too... such lovely shades and excellent quality.

Mi said...

Isso é q é investimento em maquilhagem ;)
Eu fico-me por marcas mais acessiveis como Bourjois, Yves Rocher, L'oreal...

WOW! Utilizas muchos productos para los ojos!

Winnie said...

I want to try lenses as I wear glasses a lot too.

Looks like you're a chanel fan, I've never used Chanel, I prefer MAC.

Meg said...

Hello again. I just wanted to let you know there's a little something for you on my blog.

hanna said...

Thanks for your email!

my oh my, what an enviable make-up collection :D

Kira Fashion said...

Lentes de Contato são super divertidas, especialmente as coloridas :)

Beijos e beijos!

little fawn. said...

of course i will! i can't believe i forgot, i'm ever so sorry D:

these products all look wonderful :( if only i had the funds to buy anything other than drug store make up! i keep spending all my money on food and books, haha :) x

M said...

Olá! Gostei muito do teu post.
Adoro os produtos Chanel e Dior, são os meu preferidos.

HEK said...

Whitout my YSL highlighter I look completely tragic, such a must.

Charmaine said...

I wear contacts too.. and i hate wearing glasses. your makeup routine is amazing!

hahha me too, how's that for an idea? Balmain sleepwear!! =]


Austere said...

I don't wear makeup, but I've tried the chanel mascara and I loved it. Nice post.

i've added u hun!
i also use acuve contacts but not the moisturizing one altho i should cus my eyes get soo dry..
but i remember it being like twice more.. ah, i should still get it next tym since its my dad whos paying for it anyways hahaa

i absolutely love beauty posts like these! i wear glasses as i find contacts are too dry but will def try this brand! :)


Ediot said...

i would probably also wear contacts if my vision wasnt as good as it is.. its fun to swap eyecolour sometime aswell.. i love makeup.. im addicted to macs cosmetics..
have a great weekend

very fancy eye makeup! im sure it looks great

Mimi said...

I am such a makeup junkie, love your tips and makeup collection!


BlueKlein said...

you just reminded me I've run out of Touche Éclat!!

gotta buy!


Dana said...

Great finds! I love them all!

Miuccia said...

Ola e obrigada pelo comentário. :)
Muito bom post, excelentes sugestões. Ando à procura de uma boa Illuminating Tweezer, quando tiver mais dinheiro talvez siga a tua sugestão. :)

LoveMore said...

great tips and info here doll! love how you have edited too :)

much love lmxxx

hummmmmmmm I want those too

I am going to buy these.

Annette said...

I like your collection of Chanel makeup.! Well, I too love to wear contact lenses.