hoodie + heels = why not? - capuz + saltos = porque não?

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Hoodie - Pepe Jeans
T-shirt - Street market in China

Shorts - Levi's
Belt - Zara
Ring - Street store
Boots - ALDO
Nail polisher - Chanel Le Vernis (483 Vendetta)
Capuz - Pepe Jeans

T-shirt - Mercado de rua na China
Calções - Levi's
Cinto - Zara
Anél - Loja de rua
Botas -
Verniz - Chanel Le Vernis (483 Vendetta)

Sources/Fonte: My own photos; Fotos pessoais

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Bonnie Klyde said...

I love shorts and tights! It's such an awesome look! Thanks for the comment darling!


Aiiii as botas sao lindaaaaaaaas!
Ok... pronto pronto.
eu adoro capuz...

Annabelle said...

those shoes are amazing! like the idea of hodie and heels too.

Só podiam ser Aldo são lindasssssssssssssss!

nao fica nada mal!

Rak said...

OMG são lindas!!!!! as botas! são maravilhosas!!!! o conjunto todo está amazing!!!!

Cris Lazoru said...

Cute short! And I love the ring


Cris Lazoru said...

Cute short! And I love the ring


Cris Lazoru said...

Cute short! And I love the ring


Meg said...

Very edgy look!

Krystal said...

i like it!

Trixy said...

WHY NOT?! I love it. Gorgeous, as always!

a. said...

wow beautiful wedges, I'm in love. Great outfit, I really like that look: hoodie + wedges = cool!

I gotta buy those boots, they rock! Love that outfit, you are brilliant!

Anonymous said...

how cool is that? I would never think of pairing those 2! That's hot.

oi!!! quero mt experimentar o vendetta... parece incrível mesmo! bjs, querida, e feliz dia da mulher!!!

Marian said...

you look great honey! love the heels. rock on ;o)
muah x

Rita said...

Hello!!! Vim cá só para te dizer que te linkei no meu blog... he he he


omg i want these boots now!!!! they look fersoha on you, pretty lady


X Hanna

Vanessa. said...


E não é que ficou mesmo bem??:))

Anonymous said...

Não é o meu estilo mas gosto de ver, a ti fica-te mesmo bem :)


sophielina said...

Those shoes are seriously amazing, perfect wedges! Too bad Aldo doesn't ship to Finland :(

+ thanks for ur comment!


tanya said...

those shoes are absurd--I LOVE them!!!

Love the wedges and you look very cool with that outfit!

G said...

great look, you can really pull it! awesome shoes!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. Great style, great outfit, AMAZING SHOES :P

Austere said...

Those boots are gorgeous. This probably my favorite look of yours.

Jen said...

Aaaah so jealous of the boots! They're amazing xxx

Najeema said...

This is such a great outfit! The boots look leather in the picture- maybe it's just me?

nice look ;) gostei! kiss*

La Couturier said...

I love your shoes!

La C.

those have to be seriously the most killer shoes EVER !!

and thank youuu =]


freeTEYme said...

really cool outfit and those lace up wedges are hot!

Lauren said...

i love how you post in both english and portuguese, great blog! take a look at mine: denimlaceandsilk.blogspot.com


I kinda freaking love this! thanks for the comment hun

Georgie said said...

Anything with those heels will look fantastic! I love them. And great outfit :-)

love the outfit, it's casual but the wedges give it something special!
great look.

PUNKIE said...

gorgeous! this boots are amazing! I'm desparate because Aldo doesn't ships to Italy :(

J. Smith said...

what a cool outfit! only you to pair a hoodie with those beautiful shoes :)

Eva said...

shorts with tights is a very good combination! you look nice there, and i love the dark purple nail colour.. lovely :)

PinkBow said...

those wedges are just fantastic, thanks for the mail xoxo

Adorei! Os sapatos sao fantasticos, Aldo? Acho que os perdi.

Amei os shorts tb.


Bels said...

Looks fine to me! Thanks for the comment! XOXO

Anonymous said...

Those shoes are fab! I´d say heels to anything! :)

Andy said...

awwwwwww i love these booties so much :)
check out my new post


erikas said...

Wicked shoes and those shorts are gorgeous too!:)

Jessica said...

you look amazingg! i have shoes like that only mine are heels and not wedges! maybe i'll make a post about them soon.

Franco said...

I love oversized hoodies!!

do I play online games? well there was one time when I played the free version of world of warcraft for a week, but that's it.
if i had money and a labtop i would so be an online player, but i'm not.

Diva said...


Amei as botas, lindas!!!!


LoveMore said...

ohhh sooo BADASS HOTTIE! love love this outfit! especially the shoes and ring! tops it right off. you look great!

thanks for your always lovely comments, you are a gem!

love LM xxx

Nath said...

LOVE the syle !!
Really good ;)

coco said...

The ring is amazing. It reminds me of the one of Olsens designed, I think it was for Elizabeth & James but maybe it was The Row, I'm not sure.
And the heels are really cool as well. Very French Vogue editor.

Perfection, darling! Love your nail polish and boots!


penelope said...

LOVE your ripped shorts and your SHOES!! They're so wonderful!

One last thing; I don't know if you're into soccer; but I just realised that Christiano Ronaldo comes from the same city as you! LUCKY GIRL!

prettyneons said...

whoa boot's and top i loves a lot!!
Peace and Bows...

Miuccia said...

Yeah, why not? It's a great idea ;)
(obrigada pelo comment).

Mi said...

Essas botas são um espanto!

Yeah¡ and those boots are casual,why not?Love the look¡

SOS! said...

cool shoes!
xx-LJ from SOS!

What Not & I said...

Those boots are to die for!!

This outfit rocks (I want those wedges)

Anonymous said...

I adore those shoes, omg.

I love the first photo.

It looked like an editorial layout.

Anonymous said...

I have these boots - they are FAB and I wear them with literally EVERYThing at the minute - Kate (www.fashion-thrombosis.com) x