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White top (I cut it myself) - Bershka, Black long top - Friday's Project, Black faux leather pants - Pimkie, Black sandals - Lanidor, Nails - Chanel Le Vernis (483 Vendetta).
Top branco (cortado por mim) - Bershka, Top preto comprido - Friday's Project, Calças pretas em pele falsa - Pimkie, Sandálias pretas - Lanidor, Verniz - Chanel Le Vernis (483 Vendetta).

I want to send a big thank you to iole in fashion, for letting me know that the Italian Velvet Magazine (a publication about fashion, lifestyle, design, etc) mentioned The Stiletto Effect in one of its articles. The article is about bloggers, blog addiction and on how blogs/bloggers can influence fashion!
Quero agradecer à iole in fashion, por me ter dito que a Revista Italiana Velvet (que é uma publicação sobre moda, estilos de vida, design, entre outros) mencionou o The Stiletto Effect num dos seus artigos. O artigo é sobre bloggers/blogs e como estes conseguem influenciar o mundo da moda!

Sources/Fonte: My own photos; Fotos pessoais
The sandals look blue in the photos, but they are black! (As sandálias parecem azuis nas fotos mas são pretas).

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Najeema said...

Awesome outfit, and great job chopping up the shirt. You look great!

Diva said...

adorei as sandálias :)
Só existem em azul?


freeTEYme said...

Wow! Congratulations on the magazine article!

kaitlyn said...


you did an amazing job on the white top! the trousers & the shoes are so stunning! :)

Nike said...

love the outfit, you look gorgeous.

Marian said...

Darling you look great! love the DIY t-shirt and the shoes rock! what a gorge pair honey!
have a great day.
muah xx

Wow! Love the outfit! The leather pants are amazing!

Parabéns pelo artigo na revista!! Estás famosaa!!hihihi :)))
Mas é mais que merecido o teu blog é mega mega fashion!!:)))

Wow!! Grande look!
Realmente as sandálias parecem azuis. Se são pretas, gosto muito mais!

G said...

Antes de mais parabens pelo artigo na revista!!

Em relação ao outfit: ADOREI! É preciso ter-se 'pernas' para estas calças ;) ficam-te a matar!!!

Beijinhos :) - G

Sim, minha Kikinhas linda do coração, são pretas!

Love everything about your outfit, the top, the pants, the fabulous shoes and even the background with the stars.

Parabéns. Tu mereces. O look está um máximo. Tenho umas calças iguais ;b

thanks for the email. I love the DIY shirts... a MUST DO this weekend.

Anonymous said...

awesome outfit, love the pants.

Mi said...

Love the white shirt! That outfit is really cool.

Anonymous said...

once a "rock chic", always a "rock chic"!

rocker pants paired with classy shoes and a ripped white top = wow

Bella said...

That's great, congrats on the magazine mention!!!!

And I love the rocker vibes of this look... you've styled it perfectly.

Liquid leggings.
Those heels.

Damn good combination! xxx

Camilla said...

Can I please be you for a day (or longer)?


[thanks for the e-mail! i'm really busy these days with lots of school stuff, so i try not to get distracted by blogspot too much. almost holidays though, so i'll update soon! thanks again; wouldn't have wanted to have missed out on this!!]

Kira Fashion said...

Amo as leggings!

Beijos e beijos!!

elsa said...

Congrats on the article! And I love what you did with your tee, and your sandals! Beijos ;)

Penelope said...

LOVE your outfit! And all the layerings! Your shoes are awesome! And strangely, they LOOK blue!

Congrats on the mention in the magazine! You totally deserve it!

And thanks for the comment on my blog! Really appreciated it!

Penelope said...

LOVE your outfit! And all the layerings! Your shoes are awesome! And strangely, they LOOK blue!

Congrats on the mention in the magazine! You totally deserve it!

And thanks for the comment on my blog! Really appreciated it!

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-fabulous outfit my dear!

Love it¡ you got it¡

J. Smith said...

couldn't agree more with the title of this post ;) you're a star! very fashionable ;)

love the distressed tank :oD

syd vicious said...

Hot outfit! Lovin' the shoes a lot!

sandalecas fantásticas!!!!

Anonymous said...

@ volver:

almodovar - movies are soooooo fantastic!!"todo sobre me madre" is one of my favourites!!! he is a very prospective one^^

Lillian said...

The shirt speaks for itself and with the stilltoes its very vibrant.:) oooh..comment me now.

Diva said...

não quero ser maçadora mas as argolas em metal são douradas, right?


Raquel said...

adoro as sandalias!!!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! O meu outfit preferido até agora :) parabéns pela referência na revista, é mais q merecida :)


ah! what an honor! you look great! so hxc

Rosanna said...

love your heels!!!!


Congrats on the mag mention, that's really awesome!
What a vibrant and cool outfit. The heels are killers!

Anonymous said...

I have similar pants (:
Fab sandals

coco said...

I'm really loving these shoes. What a great look. And it's cool to see heels with chain deatail over all the studs around. Though I do love studs.

you look fantastic!! i love :D

This is awesome cant believe you cut it yourself! good job!

a. said...

another fantastic outfit; cool pants, awesome top and killers sandals.
congrats on the mag article.

Anonymous said...

congratulations on the magazine mention! great outfit; great 4th photo!

Franco said...

i love gow since the shirt is ripped you think the leggins go all the way up. i like it

you are too cool and stylish to be true!

Lara said...

your sandals are really pretty

Rachie-Pie said...

cool outfit, but your shoes hits the nail on the head!!love it!

Charmaine said...

very cool cutout shirt.. i must start experimentings and try it for myself!!

Love the outfit! Great job on the DIY!

Cate said...

Hi Su!
I love those leggings you're wearing, I want some like that too!
That's a cool curtain behind you. It matches your outfit!
Oh, the trousers are from Pimkie? We have Pimkie here too, I might check out if they still have the trousers! If you don't mind, of course?
That Vendetta nail varnish looks very nice too. I also thought about buying it.. But I'll have to see how much money I have left... hehe.
I loved it how you wrote BLACK sandals in bigger letters, to emphasize that they're black and not blue... hehe.
That's cool that you were mentioned in an article! I'll be going to Italy in a week, so maybe I can buy the magazine there then!


Love the slashed top!

Kathy said...

que preciosidad de plataformas!
un besito

LoveMore said...

looking fabulous! i love the basic black and white look here...and the slashed top is great!

hope you had a fab weekend..xxx LM

janettaylor said...

I totally love Ur sandals! OMG!

xoxo: Janet

nice tights!!!

Andy said...

I like that top!
great job ;)

new post on my blog
check it out


Mimi said...

Love the liquid leggings! Sex kitten/bad girl look :]


Great combination of ribbed t-shirt, black leggings and strappy heels.

You look great.

E said...

you know, that t-shirt almost has a Gareth Pugh look to it with the black behind it.

freeTEYme said...

another cool outfit! even the way you cut your shirt shows art in it. And the sandals are just lovely!

I love your self cut shirt, very lovely. Your shoes are to die for as well. Adore the nail color of course, and above all adore you.

KISS, China L.

Bonnie Klyde said...

I love liquid leggings! and your shoes are lovely. Thanks for the comment!


Fashionology said...

WOW!!! great DIY!!! and those shoes are amazing!!! Thanx for your sweet comment! <3

G said...

I like liquid pants a lot and those rock on you! Great heels and top.

Jei said...

Love how you slashed the shirts. & your shoes do look blue, but it looks pretty cool! :D

xoxo, Jei

Georgie said said...

such amazing shoes. I love them.

Juliet said...

Your blog seems great! the shirt is amazing!

juliet xxx

dapper kid said...

I LOVE your shoes and that top looks fantastic! And congratulations on the magazine mention!!

"SM CHIC-issimes" leggings AND high-arched unveiling of exquisite toes = Sexy/Bewitching effect !!!
ps: Sincere Congratulations for the "Velvet's consecration" !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

Meg said...


Sorry I was MIA, I've been running around trying to find a job for when i graduate (no luck yet), but I hopefully will be back for good. How are you?

Mouthwash said...

i love the shirt and shoes!

Alecca Rox said...

wow! great look girl, rock on.

Miss Pu said...

Nice t-work :)

beijo beijo Su!

Lizzy said...

AHH so cute! You are totally rocking those shoes! Love love love the blog!


Secret Agent said...

Wow. Brave outfit. Looks great. You definitely pulled it off.

Denise said...

cool. i especially love the shoe.

Xris Falagil said...

Me encantan los leggins y las sandalias!!


Imelda said...

Lovely outfit!! and I love the shoes!

leyandrea13 said...

SU!!! its been too long!!!
loving your DIY... i could never do that! but i really wanna get something fringed, like etro fw09!
anyways, those shoes are pretty damn amazing, i love them! great outfit. glad youre back and posting!

andrea oxoxx
Life In Technicolor.

Qrida desafio e selinhos lá no estaminé!!:))

Dana said...

Wooow, those leggins are awesome!

Kay said...

Great job on the top, it looks really professional! Congratulations on the mention in the article as well (:

PUNKIE said...

WOW! I love this outfit!