Studs and Spikes - Chapas e Pontas Afiadas

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Black coat - Benetton
Top - Bershka
Shorts - Zara
Belt - Zara
Bag - Guess
Ring - Street store
Bracelets - Gothic Store
Sandals - ASOS
Nail polisher - Chanel Le Vernis (483 Vendetta)
Casaco preto - Benetton
Top - Bershka
Calções - Zara
Cinto - Zara
Mala - Guess
Anél - Loja de rua
Pulseiras - Loja de artigos góticos
Botas - ASOS
Verniz - Chanel Le Vernis (483 Vendetta)

Sources/Fonte: My own photos; Fotos pessoais

52 comentários:

Dana said...

Awesome shoes!!!

that is such a cute top!! :D


freeTEYme said...

So edgy, the jacket balanced it all out. cute!

I love that shirt.

LOVE the T shirt. So stylish. I shot something like it a few years ago for an editorial fashion story but this is actually way nicer! LLGxx

Karafina said...

love all the studs in this outfit! the top is killer!

nuheila said...

i love this outfit and pictures are so cool!!!

Gostei muito da t-shirt!!:))
E a malinha (lol) parece-me tb muito giraaa!!:PP

sandálias lindas lindas! (como sempre ;))

sandra said...

extra stud are always great touch!

Bonnie Klyde said...

This outfit is hot. I love it!


fabulous shoes! loving all the jewellery too :)

Diva said...

amei os sapatos :)
Lindos, lindos, lindos :)

Infelizmente, Diva nãopercebe nada de fazer compras online ou talvez felizmente ;)


Najeema said...

Cute! Even with all the studs and black, it's chic, not scary :)

mandi said...

perfect, i love studs and you look incredible in them! :)

Mary said...

Those are si bad ass
you are a rock star!

Anonymous said...

love your sandals. great outfit

dana isabel said...

fantastical shoes!

tanya said...

those shoes! those shoes! I'm in love :-)

omg, gorgeous sandals! love it.

choogal said...

(L) os teus shoes !! Adoro o teu outfit tb, tão chic rock :)


Amanda said...

love the shoes!!!

Stompface said...

Weeeee loads of studs.
cute cute outfit.

great photos too.
love the black and white.


Cate said...

Oh Su :)

You are a rock chick.
Even though the pictures are black and white, I figure you must be in a park or something in the third picture? I am looking forward to spring and when I will be able to sit in parks again too.
This look looks so good on you!
Wow, you got the beacelets from a gothic shop? I think that's awesome, it's more authentic than if you had just bought them at H&M or something.
And that Vendetta nail varnish... I saw it in a magazine and I think it's awesome... But at the moment I don't have so much "spare" money, and anyway I have too many nail varnishes... :)


Wow! I love the sandals and all those studs!!!

M said...

Adorei todo o outfit, lindo, adoro chapas e pontas afiadas:)

Anonymous said...

great look

a. said...

Amazing outfit and great black and white photos. I really like the sandals and the top.

cool studs and spikes hehe I also love clothes and accessories like that! fabulous rock chic look!

Awesome outfit!!!

Anonymous said...

Those shoes are killers!

Eri said...

Those shoes are amazing!

Franco said...

you are going emmo!

Cris Lazoru said...

Love the look, those shoes are kickass


janettaylor said...

Those shoes are WOW and Ur studded top is coooool! haha!

xoxo: Janet

G said...

Beautiful shoes (: amazing 4th photo (the top plus the shorts and accessories)

Anonymous said...

tenho um top igual :)

Mi said...

Amei as sandálias :)

alice said...

amazing shoes!

very nice outfit!

"vendetta" sounds fetish, but it rocks!

Great look. Love the studs!

Raquel said...

gosto principalmente da t-shirt! xx

coco said...

I love those shoes. They make this look extra special.

Anonymous said...

love the top and the shoes. I think those will probably look better with no tights.

J. Smith said...

cool photos, cool look

I love your almost "punk" look! The third photo rocks!

penelope said...

Love your bag and your top!! SO fab!! And I love Vendetta too!! I've been wearing it for weeks now! (Yes, I know it's bad; but I'm addicted! Have been applying, and reapplying!)

Trixy said...


TeeEmCee said...

Great shoes - I am going to embark on a DIY studs project soon

Anonymous said...

cool top

I <3 studs and spikes

diddee said...

hell yeah! i've never seen anyone wear that many studs at once without looking over the top. nice work!!! =]