"If I was a rich girl..."

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"... na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, naaa... see, I'd have all the money in the world, if I was a wealthy girl..."
Gwen Stefani



Sources: net-a-porter; Topshop; Accessorize; ASOS; Ebay; Beverly Heels; Forever 21

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L-O-V-E this post!!! You should do more of these. I love it.

Diva said...

amei o little black dress.
So cute!!!


Meg said...

If I was a rich girl, we could totally be ultra-stylish friends! Such cool looks!

Karen said...

holy i am loving that red military inspired jacket...!!
- Karen




great sets, loved them! :]


Charmaine said...

all of those shoes... are SOOOOOO sick... if only i was a rich girl... lalalala!

phamzy said...

those clothing and shoes are amazing!


The Voguette said...

omgg i loveeee that sheer black sparkly tank!! ahh i would wear it everywhere!!

great outfits!!

im linking you! <3

algumas roupas são lindas...

Cool post, love all the outfits, especially the first set of three and the first one in the last set!

Marta said...

Adorei! Não consigo escolher o melhor :)

Mas onde é que há uma Topshop?? Estou farta de ver coisas dessa loja mas nunca vi cá nenhuma!!

Emily said...

OH MY GOD I loveeee that outfit in the top right! The sweater and shorts are amazing! I'd kill for that sweater. Great post =)

Catarina Motta said...

Adoro estes posts, adoro ver peças de roupa e acessórios combinados.
São todos maravilhosos, mas o primeiro é o meu preferido.

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-fabulous sets my dear, I'd happily have it all, LOL!

ai ai se eu tivesse muito dinheiro tb comprava isso tudo e muiiiiito mais...

obrigado por passares no meu blog... gostava de ter mais tempo para actualizar mas com aulas e estágio é dificil... agora só mesmo no fim de semana...



alice said...

Wow, thank you for the tips!

alice said...

Wow, thank you for the tips!

ellevictoire said...

i love putting together my outfits too! yours look amazing - i think i like the first one best of all :)

coco said...

Fabulous post. I love the Balmain shoes and the whole look around them. I want all of these. x x x

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i want that white Balenciaga bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mi said...

Só a musica da Gwen já é fantástica... Então esses outfits são de chorar (por não podermos comprar tudo, claro). If I was a rich girl I'd have them all in my closet :)

Gorgeous combinatin, I'd wear each one!!

Eri said...

WOW all those picks are si inspiring, if I were a welthy girl I certainly would buy all that.
Can you please tell me where is that last tee sirt from the one that looks like an x ray ? I want one so badly!!!!

Anonymous said...

Gostei imenso das combinações ! Ai e o euromilhões que nunca mais nos sai !lolol


The Seeker said...

Love the heels, not much the wedge boots. And the military inspired jacket is just gorgeous!!!!


thanks su!!!
i see chloe, a wang, loubs...prada heels??
anwyas, great selections... but i'm sure you can find cheaper versions of all of those ! :) thou quality is the utmost. :)

andrea xooxx
Life In Technicolor.

G said...

bem, os looks criados sao um espectaculo :)


Kate said...

great sets, the shoes are all amazing.

I love all the outfits, can't choose one.

Ah. what eye candy & so very kate! plus it really makes me want to go shopping.

on a side note, i've loved all of your previous outfit posts. you've got the model off duty/ rocker style down perfectly:)

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!!!

Loved to take a look at all your lovely posts!!!

Sanxeri said...

Adoro o terceiro conjuntinho. :)Adoro calçoes.

Os sapatinhos é que nao sao bem bem o meu estilo.

Tens bom gosto. :P

Pandorix said...



Carolina said...

Eu gosto de todos os conjuntos, não consigo escolher um preferido!
Adorei o post :)
Um beijo da Carolina

Oooooooh I adore the outfits you have put together; the shoes are especially fantastic!


Eri said...

Thanks ever so much sweetie, I were so helpful, gonna try to make there asap.
See you soon.

syd vicious said...

Great outfits!!

Trixy said...

So glamorous.

Gwen Stefani would be soooo proud of you! Fab selection!!

Raquel said...

todas as peças vermelhas são fantásticas!! :) se eu tivesse todo o dinheiro do mundo comprava tanta coisa!!
obrigada pelo comment.
bom fim de semana!!

a. said...

#1 #2 #3 and #7 are faves!

Anonymous said...

I like the way you mix expensive clothes with affordable ones!
Great sets.

freeTEYme said...

Oh Su, I am so there with you!

Fashionology said...

Thanx for you sweet comment! I love your blog as well! this post is amazing, very inspirational! I have added you to my favorite blogs list! <3

Fashionology said...

Wow thank you such my for putting me on your 'Girls With Style' list! <3

janettaylor said...

Fabulous selection and I love those Balenciaga sandals and Marni platforms. Yummy!

Have a great weekend darling: Janet

Fabulous Sets!!!
BTW...I received these Balmain studded heels from
Luisaviarome about a month ago and they are the most uncomfortable heels I have in my closet.. ;:)


Anna said...

The items are fab! but I don't know if I like the combinations.... bit normal (oh anna shut up hahah), btw great blog (:

Marianne said...

I adore them all

G said...

I really like the last 2 outfits and all the shoes, oh and the shorts lol

The shoes in this post are great, I want them all. And love your LBD and Aldo boots from previous post!

check out my style too at

Adorei todos os looks, em especial o do vestido vermelho. :)

so agree with you, if i win the lottery i'd buy all these!! :)

LO-VE this post sweetie!
OOOH amazing!


yiqin; said...

Ah I wish I was a rich girl!

F Blog said...

I love allll of these! Especially all the shoes!!
Great post!

Amazing post! So many wonderful things.

"If I was a rich girl"... I would buy all of these fabulous shoes and I guess everuthing else lol (:

dapper kid said...

I am in love with the last three, and that first outfit looks sooo beautiful :)

the first 3 are very stylish :) I also like all the shoes.

J. Smith said...

My favourites are #4 and #8

all of the outfits you achived to from are awesome

Mouthwash said...

Hi! how have you been? Thank you so much for your kind comments. :)

I absolutely love the first 3 and 6th outfit that you put together! I would wear those in an absolute heartbeat! (the shoes are so killer!)


natalie said...

hey girl love youre blog! //natalie,sweden

Anonymous said...

Hey - great post!! I need the white Emma Cook boots - and definitely want the acid wash Alexander Wang Bag - Love Kate x


Lauren said...

I have fallen in love with the charcoal acid wash elastic waist short shorts! Where are they from???

tanya said...

those cuttoffs with the sequins top...just divine!! officially am in love :-)

cute post. i really like the silver feather jacket on top.

Id love all of it!!!



LoveMore said...

my golly GOSH! did you make all these! you are a style queen!!! love them all - can't choose a fav! xxx bel

Monika said...

oh these are so good. especially the platform boots - they remind me of ziggy stardust - david bowie - which can only be a good thing, huh? :)

PUNKIE said...

aaaah if I was rich... I'll probably buy all this things too! :D

Bella said...

Uhhh, yeah, so I'll take all of this!!


awesome post! great selections! :)

Gracie said...

Top row, middle ensemble.

I need this outfit right now.

Thanks for putting this up, they are all brilliant!


Natasha said...

i love every one of those outfits!


I love that song! (^_^) Great Fashion finds! x

Anonymous said...

Amei os 3 primeiros!
Boas escolhas!