Kaya Scodelario - Effy Stonem "Skins"

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Kaya Scodelario is 17 years old and was born in Paddington, London. She is best known for her role as Effy Stonem in the E4 drama Skins. The series is a teen drama that follows a group of teenagers as they grow up (between the ages of 16 to 18) from Bristol, England. “Skins” is a controversial series because it focuses on the teenagers agitated lives of partying, alcohol, drugs and sex.
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Kaya Scodelario tem 17 anos e nasceu em Paddington, Londres. É conhecida por interpretar a personagem Effy Stonem na série inglesa Skins. Esta série inglesa, do canal de televisão E4, narra a história de um grupo de amigos entre os 16 e os 18 anos que vivem em Bristol, Inglaterra. Esta série é polémica, pois retrata a vida agitada dos adolescentes britânicos, nas festas (com muito álcool, drogas e sexo à mistura).
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Kaya is half Brazilian, speaks fluent Portuguese and she was a student at the Islington Arts and Media School.
Kaya tem descendência Brasileira, fala fluentemente Português e frequentou a Islington Arts and Media School.

Scodelario and Lisa Backwell are the only actresses from the original cast to return to the third season.
Scodelario e Lisa Backwell são as únicas actrizes do elenco original de “Skins” a participar na 3ª temporada.


Besides being an actress, Kaya is also a model and has a contract with Models 1 in London.
Para além de actriz, Kaya é também modelo e tem contrato com a agência Models 1 em Londres.







For "Skins" trailer and DVD's click here (Para ver o trailer e os DVD's carregue aqui): Skins TV Series
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Eri said...



She's such a pretty girl and you managed to get some really cool and gorgeous pictures here.
Once more fashion wise you couldn't be any more spot on, to my taste.
Love all the looks and again thanks ever so much for the tee tips, I went to topshop the other day and got one, I was so happy thanks to you!
Super obrigada

Alice X said...

Ugh i LOOVE her. she is stunning and i love the show although i miss the people from the first two seasons.

Mary said...

I'm so happy you did a post on her - she is absolutely beautiful and skins is the best!! I loved her role in season 2, and of course her lead in season 3.

Thank you so much!! :)

Ohhh I really love those Jimmy Choo boots, gahhh! :)


Bella said...

You rock... that's all there is to it! Awesome post, I'm seriously loving every single aspect of this.

Last week I recieved an e-mail from Stylecaster to join the community... but was wondering if you'd had any issues with photo uploads?

love xxx

love the top shop dress

gah, she's gorgeouss
& i just might have to go out and buy those ripped jeans

gah, she's gorgeouss
& i just might have to go out and buy those ripped jeans

tanya said...

she is SO GORGEOUS! What a great post--I also loved all the accessories you picked, YUM :-)

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there- a fab post my dear, love the Jimmy Choo boots and Sid and Nancy tee!!

Xris Falagil said...

Me gusta mucho la mirada que tiene, pero la veo muy slim, demasiado para la edad que tiene, esperemos que no vaya a más!


man..she's gorge. but you know what i love most about skins is... DEV PATEL!!! he is too cute. seriously. hehe....
thanks for the stylecaster link!
hope youre well!

andrea xooxx
Life In Technicolor.

a miuda é gira :) essa série dá em que canal? eu nao tenho muito tempo para ver TV e neste momento a unica série que consigo ver é a The City no canal MTV todas as quintas as 22h30... as outras sérias dão tarde e infelizmente tenho que me deitar cedito :-S

beijinhos querida****


PinkBow said...

such a cool character. thanks for your sweet comment su, happy easter to you xx

Bonnie Klyde said...

Her style is so amazing! I love the Kate Moss for Topshop dress and the La Perla bra, great picks.


goodness she is stunning.

the crumpet girls

Miuccia said...

Great post! Never noticed how pretty she is. And I love love love Skins.

LoveMore said...

WOW this post was perfect and SO so good! the time put into this was well worth it! much loved!

she is gorg, great style too! and i WANT those Jimmy Choo booties!!

thanks for this love and for your comments :)

love bel xxxxxxxx

Wow! Amazing post!
She is gorgeous! Love the photos!
And the leather jacket is so beautiful!

Claudia said...

love this and all the cloths are amazing

Anonymous said...

She's bloody hot!

Both Kaya and Effy (her character) have such a cool style!
Also very cool of you to set all the outfits!

Mimi said...

Lovely girl, and I love her style!!!

Great heads up on this fashionista's rock n roll look


Fashionology said...

Wow this is an explosion of inspiration!!! I love every single piece you have chosen!!! <3

Jenny H. said...

incredible post.
i want everything you posted!

i really like your blog.

wow i loved this!

oh she is a stunnner!! such flawlesss style!

freeTEYme said...

curious now to see skins. Terrific post!

E said...

I haven't seen this show but I feel like I need to watch. I love this girl's style and you picked those outfits perfectly!

Penelope said...

She's absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!! I'm rushing for time now; but I'll def come back and see this post in detail!

Heyla said...

Great post! I absolutely LOVE Kaya and dedicated some posts to her myself,she seems so nice in interviews.I think she has future in acting plus she's SO beautiful that I'd love to see her on more fashion-related things. Love the way they dress Effy on Skins,specially this third season.

Long live Miss Scodelario, did you know her real surname is Humphrey?


wow! I adore your blog! so much eye candy.


coco said...

I really hate Skins but I really really like the looks you have put together. She is a very pretty girl.

Não sei se acontece apenas no meu computador, mas quando abro a tua página as imagens aparecem cortadas no lado direito do ecran.
É um bocado estranho por isso só acontece no post If I was a rich girl e agora neste último que colocaste...


alice said...

I adore these inspirational posts!
And her style is perfect - rock chic! I'm kinda like her ..

Lauren said...

Kaya is pretty cool! I love her style.

Ai que coisinhas tão lindas e que bem que ficavam no meu closet!!:)))

Dana said...


Thanks a lot for letting me know if you have new posts but don't worry! I visit your blog gladly everytime I can!

Great post!

a. said...

she is gorge and she is very stylish. I love "skins" ;)

Gosto muito desta série e adoro o estilo da personagem da kaya, se bem que o estilo "real" dela também é giríssimo.

A La Mode said...

Oh god I love her and I don't even like skins, she is incredible

LML said...

i have heard that show is better than gossip girl! i need to get a hold of it! maybe netflix?

LML said...

i have heard that show is better than gossip girl! i need to get a hold of it! maybe netflix?

Sanxeri said...

Um bocado magrita, a menina. Mas é gira sim senhora.

Mas giros, giros, são os modelitos que escolheste. ;)

katie d said...

thanks for your comment!

she is sooo pretty and this post was so awesomely put together!! i just bought boots like the ones in her first picture (not Jimmy Choo of course, though I wish...)

Anonymous said...

Excelente post, que pinta !


Trixy said...

so rocker-chic and glam, love it.

Acho que nunca vi a menina nem a série!

Winnie said...

I feel like I should join all the fans and start watching skins myself!

Kate said...

She's soooooooooo cool! Skins is one of my favourite tv shows.
The Maison Martin Margiela Top/dress is beautiful, I also like the Kate Moss dress and the Jimmy Choo biker boots.
Great post, great picks!

Kaya is adorable while "Effy" is a rock and roll chic hehe but both have a great sense of style.
I adore all the pieces you chose, that Topshop "Syd and Nancy" top is awesome, I have one myself :P
I bet you posted about her because from what I see on your outfit posts, you are kinda like her, am I right?! You're a rock chic too I believe!
Great Post Su, well done!

Franco said...

wow I like here, she seems badass.

Mi said...

A série Skins é hilariante! Muito sex, drugs & rock'n'roll mesmo.
Ela é girissima.

She is gorgeousss...I always enjoy your long & detailed posts darling!
~XO as always*

G said...

Effy is my favourite character, she's so cool!
Thanks for posting about her, because I don't usually see blogs with posts about Skins or about Kaya.

Mafalda said...

Não conhecia o teu blog, mas é super giro e interessante ao mesmo tempo.
Gosto muito das tuas fotos pessoais de outfits (porque não mostras a cara? deves ser super gira!), gosto dos outfits e peças que combinas e escolhes das várias lojas online, também gosto destes posts sobre modelos/actores/Designers.
Gosto da série skins e acho a Kaya muito gira e estilosa ;)
Fiquei rendida ao teu blog.

Juliet said...

I've only seen the first season of skins, and i didn't know there was so much behind her.

the modeling is gorgeous!

juliet xxx

Effy is cool and has great outfits but I also like Cassie's style and outfits!
You gotta do a post on her too :P

Jaime said...

Effy the badass/gorgeous girl! I want her clothes badly.

Marian said...

Yummy post, think the cast(past and present) of that show are so talented.
liking how you pieced that first outfit together.
Looks better than the orginal!

she is stunning and has fab clothes.

G said...

gostei dos looks que montaste..

sei que n posso exigir nada, mas gostava que postasses mais frequentemente :S adoro o teu cantinho :)


Gisela said...

Adoro esta série :) visito muito o site dos skins brasil!
Concordo com o comentário de cima, era legal se você postasse mais vezes ;)

J. Smith said...

Skins is fun to watch to.

Zarna said...

great post!!!

thanks for stopping by my blog,

so many great thing in this post, love the outfits you've picket out & she's gorgeous!!

Vera said...

Gostei do blog. =) Vou voltar a passar por cá. E vou agora espreitar o StyleCaster! =)


This post is just too full of WIN I'm melting. I love the teenagers quote, and the sid and nancy shirt. I now have to make it a to-do and watch the skins.

Kiss, China L.

She's gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

i love the necklaces!
kellymcohen@hotmail.com- New York- USA

Felicia said...

ahhhh i LOVE SKINS!
I just finished watching the 3rd season and Effy was amazing, particularly her and Freddie - so adorable. I especially loved the leather jacket she wears throughout specifically in the last episode, shes great.
Fantastic post lovely. xxxx

DaisyChain said...

I live in Bristol and have watched filming for skins before. I also went to a secret party for the first season which was pretty ace.
Love Effy.

The Voguette said...

that last girl is sooo adorable! great picks!

The Voguette

Ashford said...

i signed up for stylecaster too!

frances said...

season 1 was SO much more realistic than 3.
she's gorgeous though. x

Mash said...

love this post so muchhhhhhh <3 plus you choose great clothes ,accessories,make up...
xoxo darling

love it!

love your blog...realy amazing!
exchange links?

lara <3

Natacha said...

She's so pretty!

"Effie" is beautiful and these are great photos of her. (^_^)

ryder said...

she looks like imogen morris clark doesnt she?

I want those jimmy choo biker boots so much!!!
BJS *keep it stylish*

Lux Lisbon said...

Vejo a série e achoa optima!a miúda é girissima!kiss

Anonymous said...

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Daniela said...

Wow! She´s just beautiful!
she´s the most beautiful woman in the world...But i like she with brown hair, i dont like the black hair
anyway she´s beautiful
hey¡ this blog can be better if you translate it in spanish¡
i speak spanish so it will be better¡

skins is the best! I love effy<3

I think she has future in acting plus she's SO beautiful that I'd love to see her on more fashion-related things. Love the way they dress Effy on Skins,specially this third season.

Dżarma said...

thank you for this post :) she is amazing

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