Do you believe in Vampires? - Acreditas em Vampiros?

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Sources/Fontes: net-a-porter; Supermodels; Jak & Jil; Vogue Paris;

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Eri said...

Love your selection as usual. D&G, Jil Sander and Westwood are my favourites.

o cor de rosa esta lindo :)



pink dress pink dress pink dress!!!

great post ^^

nao acredito. mas que eles há, há...

Mimi said...

Lovely picks!

Hmm I am not sure I believe, but you never know these days. I havent read the Twilight or even seen the movie but as long as vampires look like Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner I believe!


Pepa Xavier said...

Aquele vestido Notte by Marchesa é um sonho!!

Miranda said...

so good

hanna said...

ok, the black gang is way TOO cool. so inspired by all the textures :D

Adorei o post! Mas aquela imagem com sangue faz um bocado de impressão...


J. Smith said...

I love this post, so dark but so cool at the same time! great work :)
You really understand fashion and you really have great ideas for posts!

Catarina Motta said...

Lindo! haha super "scary" mas com classe, estilo e beleza :)
Adorei todas as imagens; está muito bem feito e imaginado!

Wonderfull dress....

boubou said...

oh yes i saw them on jak and jil blog ; their looks are so amazing and incredible at the same time :)

happy monday !!

Boubou xx

oh dear. steal those black dress for me pleaseee.. =)

sandra said...

first one is sock! but kind of hot at the same this black dramatic clothes...

Raquel said...

sim foi muito divertido :D

o marchesa é lindo!!
boa semana xx

The pink dress is furious !!!!!

frances said...

just love Jil Sander fringing, it's too perfect! x

VW dresses are always so amazing!! :)

a. said...

Pretty awesome post! Creepy but "bloody" stylish :P

Dana said...

Hello dear S!

That Ungaro dress is justs gorgeous!!!



Bonnie Klyde said...

Great selection! I love all of those designers. Thanks for the comment!

dapper kid said...

The Jil Sander and Ungaro dresses are absolutely stunning!! And the pink Notte by Marchesa is sooo beautiful, and I do love that photo :) I remember seeing the full set of those bloodied photographs, shocking but beautiful.

S.I.Q. said...

great post!!

-make your own shoes

Thank you for your comment!
Those are some great pictures, somewhere between the lines of 'hot' and 'disturbing' hahah!
Love it!


dark, sexy and cool

OMFG this post is really amazing!!! are you a sidekick??
you inspired me for my next project thanks thanks thanks

exchange links

bonnne nuit
la chauve-souris

the red dress is stunning!

Amazing post and fabulous selection of dresses!

coco said...

Great post. And about the above post, I don't think I will be reading Lauren's book. Seemed a little bit naff from the bit I read.

I have always been horridly facinated by vampire, I rejoiced at the release of Twilight!

Carolina said...

Obrigada pelo comentário no meu blog! Gostei muito do seu blog também! Voltarei aqui com certeza ;)

The Seeker said...

Love the pink dress, but probably would make me "balofa"... lol ;)

Those five are great!!!!


kirstyb said...

I'm kinds loving this post. The photos are amazing xoxoxo

The Seeker said...

Su, minha linda!!!!!!!
OBRIGADO!!!! Por todo o apoio, nem sabes o que significa para mim...
Vou-te contar um segredo... ;) eu já te sigo, mas no bloglovin', desde que ele apareceu lol...

È uma honra para mim estar nos teus links e já já vais estar nos meus, dear.

Mais uma vez obrigado por tudo.

Beijos grandes, and keep in touch :D ok?

C. said...

this NOTTE BY MARCHESA pink dress is amazing!

definately a fashion stament! Bright, bold but not too extravagant!

Super collection!
I dream about the Marchesa dress. It would make me sweet as a cupcake:)

This post totally rocks! So dark, so cool. You chose fab images and fab looks!

G said...

Great, great post! I love the images and the clothing. Are you a stylist?

Diva said...

se acredito?!
Claro que sim, pena ainda nao ter encontrado a minha...


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