Kate Moss’s Summer Topshop Collection - Colecção de Verão da Kate Moss para a Topshop

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Kate Moss’s Summer line for Topshop launches today. Offerings include the usual tops and shorts. I adore Kate's Style, but I don't quite like everything in this Collection. See my choices bellow.
A Colecção de Verão da Kate Moss para a Topshop vai ser lançada hoje. De entre as várias peças voltamos a encontrar os tops e calções já habituais nas suas colecções. Eu adoro o estilo da Kate, mas não consigo gostar de todas as peças desta Colecção. Vejam as minhas escolhas abaixo.

What about you guys. Do you like any of these pieces?
E vocês, gostam de algumas destas peças?
British Vogue

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G said...

Eu n posso é ver mais nada :) lol. quem me dera ter um ama top shop perto.. by the way, moras nos US?

WendyB said...

I actually like that cream-ish dress in the top row.

Meg said...

I love the studded sandals and that beautiful black dress!

Mimi said...

It's wonderful, there is a couple of questionable items but they're fabulous none the less


Actually, i like this more than the one she releazed in april. I didnt buy anything then. but from this,,i could,, these are different looking..more unique

Michelle Yue said...

interesting, although nothing worth buying in my opinion. :P

Love it!

M. and O. said...

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Come On !

fantásticas!!! Lindas algumas peças!

FrouFrouu said...

love the first two, but not so sure about the rest. no doubt i'll be too poor for any of them anyway haha

- frouu/ nadia

Jen said...

I never really like all of Kate Moss's collections. Love that sequin dress though! x

alter muffin said...

There are some strange dresses in this collection!:) I like the black dress in the center the most!:)

Penelope said...

I would have to say YES to that peach; ruffle dress which you dislike! And that awesome; sequin like black dress! It's so gorgeous!

Bella said...

I love this post! There were actually a few KM pieces I would love to own... I'm still tossing the idea around to see if I'm willing and able. xxx

P.S. Hope you'll stop by and enter the chickdowntown.com CURRENT/ELLIOTT jeans giveaway.

Eri said...

Definetely yes to the black one with leather circles.

Anonymous said...

no no no yes yes
no no yes yes yes
yes yes no yes yes

Great picks!

Tiffany said...

I like your choices. I think the only one I'd get is the black dress on the top left.

Catarina Motta said...

Gostos de quase todas as peças, principalmente as de cor preta.

Not my favourite collection! Though the black dress is gorge.

a. said...

I really like most of the pieces, but if I had to choose one I'd go for the black vest!

G said...

I love everything (I love Kate's collections)

The Seeker said...

As minhas escolhas...
#1, #5, #10, #12



I like everything especially the cute bikini

Kristin said...

I am in love with those studded flats!!

J. Smith said...

Great collection (again)

haha the other "Moss". I love the Collection.

Looooove the jumpsuit, it's very "disco"

myvogue said...

Reviewing the fashion blogs lately everyone seems CRAZY about topshop and Kate Moss. I love what she is wearing on those celebrity events, however so far didn't like even a single piece of her collections. Just can't understand what so fashion about her clothes???

Bituca said...

antes de mais, gostei bastante do teu blog :)

e já agora para responder a tua pergunta gostei:

5, 7, 10 e 12 (está por ordem)

Natty said...

OMG i cant believe it.... there is really nothing new under the sun the rainbow denim, Ksubi used to sell those seasons ago....crazy stuff