My lipsticks - Os meus batons

20:24 Susana Rodrigues 22 Comments

First photo ( from left to right) - Primeira foto (da esquerda para a direita)
Yves Saint Laurent "Rouge Volupté" Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick SPF 15 (#4 Sweet Honey) - click here to see
Dior Addict Lip Maximizer (Collagen Active Lip-Gloss) - click here to see
Chanel "Rouge Allure" Luminous Satin Lip Colour (#9 Lover) - click
here to see


Source/Fonte: My own photos; Fotos pessoais

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Mimi said...

Ooh la la the Dior lip gloss looks so pretty


The Seeker said...

I have something for you on my blog.
Please go and check it.


And I’ll be back…

a escolha é sempre dificil.

Pois é ;) mas escolhendo prefiro ir a Glastonbury!
É brutal!!!

Jenny H. said...

great picture.

i loveee the dior one.

lovely blog :)

YSL n. 12 <3<3<3

obrigada plos parabéns e por me dares a conhecer o teu blog!

Beautiful post and blog too!

que batons mais poderosos!! amo essas marcas, sao perfeitos!!

bjos Fabi!!

Tiffany said...

all such pretty packaging!

Dana said...

Ooooh, how glamorous!!

Is it there yet dear? The other girls got theirs already, but I guess they're closer to Mexico.



tina_mbc said...

I see some excellent choices there! :) xx

so in love with that YSL..
LOve it. so glamour. =)

WendyB said...

The Chanel looks like something I might like.

Bella said...

I love these shots... and honestly, I love the way a tube of lipstick can be so appealing even when you're not wearing it. xxx

The Seeker said...

Sou uma mulher de batons... lol, até parece que tenho muitos, não tenho, só 4, mas adoro um batom!!!!
Mesmo que seja só por um bocadinho é tão sexy....



the lip gloss colour is so pretty!

Gracinha said...

Tenho este da Dior :) Beijinhos

I've missed you and your blog terribly. It sucks when I have so much school work and a job and some side projects to read and follow up on some of my darling bloggers, like yourself. I'll be reading through all the bits I missed today. So far you are totally winning my heart <3

KISS, China L.

S* said...

Hum... gosto das cores!

Diva said...

Diva adora Chanel Rouge Allure Passion!

Sou ultra fã!

Bisou para si