Taylor Momsen - Jenny Humphrey “Gossip Girl”

21:33 Susana Rodrigues 66 Comments

Taylor Michel Momsen was born on July 26th 1993, in Missouri, United States. She is an actress, a model (she signed to IMG Models) and also a singer (she will release her first debut album later this year, and she said it will be like “Punk-Rock”). She began acting professionally at age three, but she is most known by portraying the character Jenny Humphrey on the television series “Gossip Girl”.
Taylor Michel Momsen nasceu a 26 de Julho de 1993, no Estado Americano do Missouri. É actriz, modelo (tem um contrato com a IMG Models) e também cantora (vai lançar o seu albúm de estreia ainda este ano e segundo a mesma o estilo de música é tipo “Punk-Rock”). Taylor Começou a representar profissionalmente com apenas 3 anos, mas foi através da personagem Jenny Humphrey da série televisiva “Gossip Girl”, que se tornou mais conhecida do público.










66 comentários:

a. said...

I love her cool rock chic outfits very much, you have great clothes and accessories here!
I love all the sets, especially the 1st one :)

Catarina Motta said...

Amei as roupas (:
Adoro a série "Gossip Girl". Acho que tanto a Taylor como a "Jenny" têm muito estilo.

Chrissy said...

Her outfits are always so much fun. I especially love the hot pink shoes.

tina_mbc said...

I see a possible style icon emerging...excellent post!

Pepa Xavier said...

Irrita-me o facto de ela estar sempre com o mesmo estilo de casaco - boring!

she's a great girl and she have a great look !

Anonymous said...

I am in love with her look, apart from the pink outfit, which is scarily remiscent of weird early '90's Courtney Love.

Bonnie Klyde said...

Her style is so choice! I love it.

freeTEYme said...

rock and class in one! great picks on the outfits too!

Thanks for posting this. So many people keep mentioning Serena's and Blair's style, but I like the punk rock vibe Taylor has in her role as Jenny in GG. Great collages of all the items you posted!

Jacket said...

i almost like your outfits better than hers...aside from that incredible pink mini!

love your blog!


myvogue said...

Nice outfits...almost all of them. I like Jenny's style much more than Blear's or Sarina's :)

Gracie said...

Taylor is a doll! Love her style.


S.I.Q. said...

love it! thanks!

-NEW Met Costume Institute Gala photos

ryder said...

this is a cool post. i loved it a lot. i lterally observed every item there is here. cause i love this girl. i remmeber when i saw her test for the first time i thought it was img's star heidi mount. she is great. and i even started watching gg 'cause of her and crawford :D

Miss Patito said...

Wow, vaya reportaje exhaustivo! Enhorabuena por tu blog.

Miuccia said...

This girl is absolutely amazing! She isn't a style icon in the making, she already is a style icon.
Go little Jenny!

Anonymous said...

Belo look o desta menina...

jamie clare said...

i loved her rock-chic transformation - - - so much more than the old pristine jenny humphrey. now i want to see every outfit!

Fashionology said...

GREAT collage! I love her look! the emma cook for topshop boots are so amazing!!! <3

yiqin; said...

Not a fan of her but I can't deny she has good style & is rocking that hair!

In Vogue said...

A miúda tem muito estilo!

Eri said...

Very well sourced, fabulous collage!

Trixy said...

I love her in the grey tweed!

Kate said...

She's bloody cool!

She's totally cool and stylish (I wanna be her) ;)
I prefer the real Taylor rock outfits to the sweet Jenny ones.

J. Smith said...

All sets are very well put together, especially the first and last ones

Os vestidos e o trench são lindos lindos...ver se encontro na H&M e na TopShop!!:))

Catarina said...

Gosto muito desta série! A Taylor é giríssima e tem muito estilo :)

G said...

She's too cool :)
I adore that Sass&Bide dress/top

Carlota said...

Ela é gira e veste-se muito bem, dentro do estilo casual/rock.
Gosto muito do contraste da mini saia rosa choque com as meias de rede pretas e o outfit na neve é muito giro também.

Great coverage for a post. I love that girl. She dresses so cool on GG Season 2 but I loved her hair better in Season 1.... :)


love the jacket!!!

F Blog said...

Wow, great post! I love the outfit with the bright pink skirt!!!

Penelope said...

Some of her outfits are great! But I can't get over how; she dresses much older than she really is!

And her hair is just; ):

Prefer the other 2 GG though; Leighton and Blake are so naturally pretty;

I agree with the comment above, it's like she's trying to look older, but I like that style :)

M said...

Gosto de alguns outfit's com que aparece mas não esqueçamos que apenas tem 16 anos...

tem coisas giraças! mas sempre o mesmo casaco lol

Penelope and Juliette: yeah maybe she's still young, but that doesn't mean that she has no style! it just proves that at age 16/17 a girl/boy can already have a great sense of style!
I love her :) great post!

Oh btw, loving the Burberry boots above!

Jen said...

I love her all black outfits with the bright pink skirt and shoes x

hanna said...

great recreations of jenny's looks :D

shes 15 or 16 and i love her style, its so rock which i love!

LoveMore said...

geeee wizz GIRL this post is so so amazing! i love both her AND her characters style. so much i want here it hurts me! haha.

and yes sorry no more outfit posts for the time being..maybe one day i will do them again..but for now..none :(
thanks though honey!

hope you are well!

xxx bel

janettaylor said...

Lovely selection. I love all of them!


Bella said...

Every outfit is wonderful... she has some pretty wicked style for a girl who started off as little Cindy Lou Who!

And I love that she paired the EC boots with neon. xx

prettyneons said...

Whoop, whoop I heart her---she is like my 'girl crush' ha ha!!
PeAce & BoWs...
prettyneons X

Sanxeri said...

Adorei o estilo da menina. Mesmo fashion.

Great style and great picks! BTW, the Burberry boots are HOT!

i love those black and white photos of her! gorgeous

Vanessa said...

nunca fui muita fan da taylor, mais agora estou gostando do estilo dela!

Lauren said...

Taylor is a hottie, love all her choices of outfits and your picks!
those Burberry boots are fabulous.

Posh said...

I love her style, everything she wears is amazing. <3

Gisela said...

Adoro ver a GG, a Taylor tem roupas lindas!

miky said...

i love the roky look!!!


Vern P said...

hot post! she's been rocking some badass looks lately. xoxo, v

Stacy said...

love her style! she dresses much more maturely than average 15 year olds


Omg Thanks so much for posting this...We love little Jenny H. on Gossip Girl...The outfits are effortlessly fly, pulled together perfectly!


Eva Ana said...

wow! you put a lot of work in this blog!

i love it!

love, EA


gosto muito desse estilo dela!
rock'n roll forever!!!

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