This is why I love Rodarte - É por isto que eu adoro Rodarte

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Bonnie Klyde said...

I adore Rodarte! The way they've used knitwear looks like the Science of Sleep on crack! They've mastered the distressed look.

nice and artistic collection !

alice said...

so autentic!

Rodarte have fabulous collections :) from the cool shoes to the beautiful dresses, I love it all!
Coco Rocha looks so cute in the photos!

Anonymous said...

fantastic post, Rodarte is amazing. Have a nice weekend :)

a. said...

I adore all the knit dresses and shoes

Eri said...

Great pictures! That is why we all love Rodarte.

WendyB said...

Fabulous work. Where is it sold, anyway? I feel like I've never seen it "live."

andrea muniz said...

Adorei os looks em tom de nude e as leggings vazadinhas!!Incriveis!!!bjssss

G said...

Rodarte has always amazing collectins :) alternative but beautiful

The Seeker said...

Sorry, but I'm thinking what would they say if someone would send a picture to mini-saia with a Rodarte look... lol

Pity that I have no legs to those leggings ;)

Hope you're having a great weekend, gorgeous you.


The Seeker: haha I would love to see that ;) they don't even know what Rodarte is I bet lol and they don't have enough style or knowledge to understand a beautiful work/piece of "art" like these!
You know what? Let them "talk to the hand" ;)

Love it too!

Allie said...

Rodarte is wearable art. I adore it all. Its high fashion yet still effortless and easy to wear on the street. Definitely one of my favorites.

freeteyme said...

love it! the laser cut leggings are genius!

Winnie said...

Love them too, the leggings and the skeleton creations. Simply gorgeous!

Chrissy said...

Great photos and amazing clothes. I absolutely love the dress and leggings on the last model. I wish I owned that outfit!



the maisies said...

rodarte just wears their creativity on their sleeves, or spiderweb tights as it would be!

I adore the skeleton tops!

Anonymous said...

eu quero um tricot Rodarte! tudo é tão criativo e diferente, lindo! e amei essa blusa preta ( - a segunda foto)

adorei seu blog =)

Kathy said...

mpf. love rodarte too!


C. said...

at first it looks trushy, but in the end it is... ART!!!! I SO like them all!

Jei said...

LalalLOVE this. I don't think I can ever grow tired of this collection :).

xoxo, Jei

RODADTE, la mejor de todos... por seguro...

your blog is my daily inspiration every day.. you don't but random pix like the other.. there is a real research.. Ill add you to my fav

bonne nuit

Lindissimas as fotos!!:))

Viajante said...

Olá Cara Amiga

Obrigado pelo seu comentário. De facto eu não podia ficar calado perante tanta maldade.
Mas é este o mundo em que vivemos e temos de ter "jogo de cintura" para que mesmo que os cães ladrem a caravana passe.
Como diz Fernando Pessoa: "...pedras no caminho?, vou guardá-las para no fim contruir um castelo".
Quero tambem agradece-lhe o apoio e carinho que diariamente tem dado à Seeker, tem sido muito importante.
Muitas felicidades para si e para o seu blog

Um abraço

O Viajante

coco said...

The last pic is so cool. I adore Coco and I adore Rodarte.

Marian said...

the detail shots are just delish, i love Rodarte for its amazing attention to detail.
muah x Marian.

Krystal said...

i love this

Franco said...

Wow I love that!! the models are a bit too skinny though, but the clothes are to die for.

i guess this is why WE ALL LOVE RODARTE! :)

janettaylor said...



boubou said...

wow collection incredibly gorgeous !!
love love visiting your blog dear :)
thanks for sharing these pictures :)
a bientot

Boubou xx

Mimi said...

LOVE Rodarte!!!


J. Smith said...

This Spring/Summer Rodarte Collection is beautiful and very creative.

I love the knit dresses

Rodarte collections are always sources of inspiration

S* said...

Na na na. Não gosto. demasiado excentrico para mim! :P

Javiera said...

love it!

The article is great.

I will return here often.

Thx. See U.