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Karla's new haircut!
Isn't she totally cool?! I've been letting my hair grow since a while ago, because the last two years I had a short haircut (something like Twiggy meets Edie Sedgwick), but now after seeing Karla I just want to rush to the hairdresser to have my hair cut like hers!
O novo corte de cabelo da Karla!
Ela tem um look tão fixe, não tem?! Eu tenho estado a deixar crescer o meu cabelo, porque nos últimos 2 anos usei o cabelo curto (algo tipo Twiggy / Edie Sedgwick), mas depois de ver o novo corte da Karla, só me apetece ir a correr para o cabeleireiro para fazer um corte igual!
Thanks Karla for letting me post your photos, you are a sweetheart! xoxo
Obrigada karla por me deixares usar as tuas fotos, és muito querida! xoxo
Sources/Fontes: Karla's photos; Fotos da Karla

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that haircut is gorgeous on her!
glad you liked that photo of ringo too--it's my current favorite :)

Mimi said...

Totally in love with it!


S.Elisabeth said...

As cheesy as this adjective is going to sound... She look's fierce.

freeTEYme said...

Her hair cut is so edgy but she pulled it off. Would love to see in short hair =)

tanya said...

I'm loving that haircut--she can really pull it off flawlessly!

S.I.Q. said...

i love her haircut... i wish it looked good on me!

-best current model
-unusual shoes of 09

i love a short haircut like that - so edgy, so stylish!

I totally love her style!

Zakuro said...

Cute and Sesy♥

This reminded me of Rihanna and Kelis;)

kirstyb said...

Not many people in the world can pull off a hair style like this. However she does look awesome xoxox

I love Karla's style and haircut! she can pull it off :)

I like her hair better now. But I don't think everyone can pull an haircut like this.

Elá está, aliás, ela é fantástica! ;D

Miss Pu said...

Love it!

Mas para mim não dava... eu não fico bem in short hair :(


BB&HH said...

We are back.
Brand new blog.
BB&HH 2.0.

seeya =)

Catarina Motta said...

Fica-lhe muito bem, mas a mim iria ficar pavoroso! Nem consigo imaginar :)

PinkBow said...

she does totally suit this look, i think a lot of guts are needed though!

J. Smith said...

yeah she has guts! hehe

Anonymous said...

gosto do cabelo e do colar da foto em baixo (à esq.)

Stacy said...

i love the half-there half-shaved look! she's beautiful!

Marian said...

The cut is great on her as it suits her gorge face. she totally carries off.
missed your posts dear.
cant wait to catch up on them.
muah x

Bella said...

Anyone who can pull off a hawk is awesome in my book!

Charmaine said...

she totally rocks it!

A la Femme said...
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coco said...

It is such a cool cut, I really really like it.

Sydnie said...

I adore Karla! I do love her hair ... it's so stylish! You have a great blog, by the way!


I guess she can really pull off this look...Stylish! ~XO*

Karla has an amazing sense of style! She's stylish, cool and beautiful.
That haircut suits her perfectly.

Carlota said...

Gosto do penteado, mas não me imagino a usar. É como se costuma dizer, "não é para quem quer, é para quem pode".

a. said...

wow how cool!

what a cool cut!

G said...

Karla rocks!

grace said...

i love when bloggers show love for other bloggers! so good

Many bloggers are an inspiration to me (I love what they write or dress, etc)!


she can definately pull off the short hair!!!! Stunning!

karla said...

forgot to thank you for the feature, so THANKS! :)

Diva said...

O meu está assim...



Lauren said...

Love the hair, I could do something like that!

Gisela said...

ela é o maximo!

Diva said...


já lhe respondi...



boubou said...

ive added you on my links ;)
boubou xx